Monday, December 10, 2007

AttacktiXmas Contest

Attacktix Photo Contest...Win Tournament Figures!

Here's the deal...we are looking for the best Attacktix photos. That's it. They can be serious, funny, artistic, or entertaining. To enter this contest, respond to this post with your best Attacktix photos. Each participant can enter up to three photos for consideration. (Please post in the Attacktix FORUM.) We'll accept entries for 10 days, and then the staff here at will narrow the field down to a number of finalists (between 5 and 10 depending on the number of entries). At that point everyone will get a chance to vote for the winners.

And what do the winners get? I'm glad you asked!

3rd place will receive a Boba Fett Tournament Figure

2nd place will receive a set of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Tournament Figures

1st place will receive a set of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Tournament Figures

Prizes will be mailed out the week after the winners are announced.

And that's it for now...if you have any questions...please feel free to ask in a post. Get those digital cameras warmed up and ready to go!