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Attacktix Tournament at MegaCon in Orlando, FL

Some early exciting news!

There will be an Attacktix Tournament at MegaCon, complete with Attacktix Prizes!

If you wish to be put on the list early, email me at Please label the subject as your e-mail ATTACKTIX TOURNAMENT so I don't miss it. Bring a 100-point team, with 50 points (maximum) in back-ups. I will also have some blind 100-point teams for use, with no back-up.

Details are still up in the air, but most likely signups will be by the WotC table, or near the gaming section. Entry will be free and there will be PRIZES for the winners! Depending on number of signups, we will have 2 groups, young and not young. But we will still need to limit it to 16 per group, like Hasbro.

More details to follow!

February 24th - 26th, 2006 In Orlando, Florida

Show Hours
Friday 1pm - 7pm (advance ticket purchasers get in at 12pm)
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Attacktix Series 3 Starters Now in Target


Madison, WI
Tampa, FL
Schaumburg, IL
Pasadena, CA
Rockford, IL
Grafton, WI
Toledo, OH
Houston, TX

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Attacktix Series 3 Starters on eBay!

Series 3 is starting to show up in stores! Please leave a comment if you find some near you!

Series 3 Starter on Ebay Speculates on Marvel Attacktix

This question was covered in Question Mark #202

Q: How well is the Attacktix line doing? Rumors have had it doing really well (Series 3 and beyond), and on the brink of disaster (canceling products like a new Battle Case), obviously it can't be both. Any news on this? -Brett "webhead817"

A: It was a while ago, but the Hasbro team was quite enthusiastic and pleased with how well the Attacktix line was doing. I noticed the second series sold pretty well during the holidays; pegs went from full to empty in decent time. At this point things seem a little slow (pegs are full again, not a whole lot of movement), but that's natural for this time of year. The third series in coming up, a new Jabba the Hutt Battle Masters figure, there's talk of additional lines for both Transformers and G.I. Joe. A very good chance we'll see a line generated for the Marvel Universe given the latest news. There's really nothing out there right now that leads me to believe the line is moving anywhere other than forward. Hopefully we'll get a chance to speak with the team about the line at Toy Fair next month, but for now it seems things are looking good.

As for a 'new' Battle Case being cancelled, it's kinda inconsequential. The original Battle Case was a latecomer to most stores, but has since shown up en masse at Target. It doesn't appear to be a huge part of the game, if Hasbro is still working on selling that first edition, it doesn't make sense to rush a second case into production. We'll ask about that too though...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pre-Order Series 3 at Entertainment Earth

Pre-order Series 3, and get them as SOON as they come out. Pre-release date says "MARCH" but sent out Battle Cases early, so hopefully these follow suit.

Jabba Mega

Booster CASE

Single Booster $9.99

Other online stores list the release date in "FEBRUARY". My guess is that January is still the release date. Large suppliers will get them first (retails like Wal*Mart and Target) and smaller online stores may not get them until end of January or earlier February. So, March may be a "Promise Late, Delivery Early" strategy.

All I know for sure is that once they are in stores, you will find out here!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Series 3 Matrix Revealed. New Powers Disclosed!

Series 3 release is getting closer and closer. Please leave a comment here if you have found some boosters already!

The (almost) complete Series 3 Matrix is here! Scroll to the bottom for the latest figures!
I'll get the percentages up once we have them in hand (or feel free to write in).

New Powers in Series 3 include:

EVADE. Your opponent may not attack any of your (CLASS) figures on their next turn.
CHARGE. Free move for up to (NUMBER) of your (CLASS).

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hasbro Explains Re-use of Tools and Re-molds

Reported by: Jay Jovellanos

Along with the release of the Series 3 Attacktix Checklist, was talk of re-issued figures. Why does Hasbro need to release the exact same mold, over and over, when the game is meant to be collectible, and released in limited series?

I managed to get a hold of a Hasbro Public Relations member, who was happy to discuss the reasons why they do what they do:

Tooling, the process of providing a factory with machinery (mold) in preparation for production, is required for every figure. There are two main reasons why Hasbro may have to re-use their tooling.

The first reason is the ever looming issue of cost. Tools are expensive, really expensive. Again, remember, the term "tools" refers to the cast of each figure, not the equipment in your tool box. As volumes increase and the brand gets stronger you will see less and less tools being re-used as capacities are increased. The re-used tools help defer the costs of doing new characters and designs. Remember, there are costs at every stage of design, from paper to product.

Second, there is always a demand for the core characters. Although there are many collectors out there acquiring a complete set of every series, there are always new comers to the game. Every new kid getting into the game in a later series, will still want the desirable core characters. To quote a phrase used in the television industry, "It is only a repeat if you have already seen it. If not its new to you."

In time, these characters will be made better and with new attacks, but as we concentrate on adding newer characters we will put in some core characters to be able to maximize our line. We will always try to make the figure that is re-issued identical in sculpt only. So every re-issued figure will have a new power and improved stats based on game play and feedback. Depending on the figure, a new look or paint job may be appropriate as well.

Attacktix had a great inaugural year and broke ALL expectations. This means more money, more commercials and more awareness in 2006. This also means LESS re-using of molds, and more unique characters to fill your battlefield!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Attacktix Series 3 Checklist is HERE!

Finally, after nearly two months of being teased with broken links, we now have a working PDF!

1. Stormtrooper
2. TIE Pilot
3. Tusken Raider
4. Rebel Trooper
5. X-wing Pilot

6. Sandtrooper
7. Bossk (Same Mold)
8. Death Star Gunner
9. Imperial Officer
10. Jawa
11. Greedo
12. Captain Antilles
13. Tusken Sniper
14. Princess Leia (Same Mold)
15. Chewbacca

16. Hammerhead
17. Heavy Stormtrooper
18. Boba Fett (Same Mold)
19. Tusken Warlord
20. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
21. Luke Skywalker (Same Mold)
22. Han Solo (Same Mold)
23. Darth Vader
24. Jawa Warlord
25. C-3P0
26. Biggs Darklighter
27. Wedge
28. Luke as Stormtrooper
29. Han Solo as Stromtrooper
30. R2-Q5 (R2-D2 Repaint)

31. Luke Skywalker
32. Darth Vader
33. Captain Antilles
34. Imperial Officer

35. Jabba the Hutt

New Effects for Series 3

R2-Q5. When you begin any turn, you can press the button on R2-Q5. The wheel will spin and stop on green or red. If it lands on green, you can move any ONE of your TROOPERS up to twice its distance!

Han Solo & Luke as Stormtrooper. These heroes are powerful in disguise! Whenever Princess Leia is in play, you may attack with on of these figures - without using up any of your attack actions!