Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hopes of DC and Halo Attacktix May Be Gone For Now

February 1, 2007 (SEATTLE) - WizKids Inc., creator of runaway hit games like HeroClix® and Pirates of the Spanish Main™, announced today its agreement with Bungie Studios and Microsoft to develop a new collectable miniatures game (CMG) called Halo® ActionClix™.

The Halo ActionClix, CMG brings the incredible content of the Halo universe
to the tabletop via the award-winning Clix miniatures game engine. Players
familiar with HeroClix and HorrorClix™ will be able to jump right into the
action and enjoy brand-new game mechanics, including weapon swaps, figure
respawning and vehicle-based combat.

"Expanding the Halo universe into the Clix CMG world is a perfect fit for
the franchise," said Brian Jarrard, director of Franchise and Community
Affairs at Bungie Studios. "WizKids’ commitment to quality and authentic
detail ensures that these new Halo ActionClix figures will appeal to
collectors and CMG players alike."

The first Halo ActionClix set will feature more than 80 unique miniature
figures from the Halo universe, including preview content from Halo 3. A
number of vehicle packs are also being produced, including a big surprise
planned for San Diego Comic-Con this July. Figures will be sold in
randomized Booster Packs. The vehicles and a Starter Game will be sold in a
diorama display format.

"We are proud to be associated with a great brand like Halo," said Lax
Chandra, WizKids® president. "We are always looking for ways to push the
envelope with our games and content. The phenomenal Halo video game play
and universe provided us with an excellent spring board for innovation in
tabletop miniatures gaming. We are very excited about this release."

The Halo ActionClix CMG is expected to be released at retail in September
2007, with special Prerelease figures available at San Diego Comic-Con July
26 - 29, and at Gen Con Indy August 16 - 19.

And from dvandom

DC Battle League
Mattel is out to cash in on the Attacktix thing with their own line of DC "Battle League" figures, to judge from the Toy Fair pictures (courtesy of Toy News International...not very good shots, ASM will probably better pics soon). So, now you can have Batgirl and Harley Quinn fight it out. ;) Looks like there's a new sort of attack figure, using a whiplashing post to have flying or jumping figures smack into targets.

Marvel Series 2 and Spider-Man 3 Movie Attacktix at Toy Fair 2007

Click here to see images of the new Marvel Series 2 Attacktix

Toy Fair 2007 is underway in New York... lots of Attacktix to see. JoeAttacktix will get them all posted here once we sort through all the photos that will pop up over the next few days.

As far as non-Attacktix stuff that is awesome. Spider-Spud looks GREAT... can't wait for him to hang with Artoo and the Bad Spuds. The SPI-DOG will be a welcome replacement to the pink i-Dog we currently have. Those Spider-Man 3 Superhero Squadron are JUST what I have been waiting for. Two series of the Marvel versions of Intergalactic Heroes and no Spider-Man... of course he was coming. And they are adorable! I must get them all!

Finally, Marvel Heroscape! If you love Marvel Attacktix, and you want something a little more D&D dice rolling action, be sure to pick up Marvel HEROSCAPE as soon as you see it. And if you live in Tampa you better by it before I do!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Attacktix Press Release from Toy Fair 2007


PAWTUCKET, R.I. (February 2007) – In the ultimate battle between intergalactic heroes and villains, which characters would join forces? And, which side would win? Would DOCTOR DOOM be able to take down OPTIMUS PRIME and OBI WAN KENOBI? Or, would SPIDER-MAN join forces with LUKE SKYWALKER and BUMBLEBEE to overcome the power of DARTH VADER? These scenarios are just a few that can be played out by fans of Hasbro’s ATTACKTIX Battle Figure Game, which will expand in 2007 to feature a diversified superhero character lineup, in the quest to be the last one standing.

Superheroes and villains from the MARVEL universe, including the upcoming GHOST RIDER and SPIDER-MAN 3 feature films, will join the dozens of STAR WARS™ and TRANSFORMERS characters currently available. Additionally, new characters from STAR WARS and the TRANSFORMERS feature film will be introduced throughout the year.

Hasbro’s ATTACKTIX game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Kids plan their strategy, build their squad of figures, plot their moves and attack with one simple goal: to outlast their opponent. With no game board or dice, ATTACKTIX can be played on any flat surface, at anytime. Each of the collectible figures stands on a patented game base that features all of the game play information needed as well as revealing secret powers. The innovative movement system enables kids to move their figures in numerous combinations, providing for enhanced strategy and a new game each time they play. Also, multiple levels of strategy are built in to vary game play even further.

Highlights of Hasbro’s ATTACKTIX line include:


(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 6 & up; SPIDER-MAN 3 Tournament Set available Spring 2007; TRANSFORMERS Tournament Set available Fall 2007)

New in 2007, ATTACKTIX TOURNAMENT SETS bring an added level of excitement to the widely popular ATTACKTIX game. Based on the upcoming major motion pictures TRANSFORMERS and SPIDER-MAN 3, the Tournament Sets will include four exclusive figures in each pack and each figure will feature distinct strengths that will enhance competition on the battlefield.


(Approximate Retail Price: $9.99; Ages: 6 & up; STAR WARS and TRANSFORMERS Starter Sets available now; MARVEL Starter Sets available Spring 2007)

The Starter Set is great for those new to ATTACKTIX as it provides a launching point for building a solid squad. Each set contains four figures, each with unique powers. Two of the figures in each pack are exclusive to the Starter Sets. Building on the success of the STAR WARS and TRANSFORMERS Starter Sets, Hasbro is launching the MARVEL Starter Set in 2007. MARVEL Starter Sets – such as the GHOST RIDER Starter Set – feature some of the most popular characters from MARVEL comics and MARVEL-based movies.


(Approximate Retail Price: $4.99; Ages: 6 & up; STAR WARS and TRANSFORMERS Booster Packs available now; MARVEL Booster Packs available Spring 2007)

Players can increase the power and strength of their ATTACKTIX battle figure forces with the addition of figures in ATTACKTIX Booster Packs. STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS and the new MARVEL HEROES booster packs will include two figures – one rare and one super-rare. Each pack is blind, making the discovery of figures in the pack part of the excitement. The STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS and MARVEL ATTACKTIX lines include 18 figures in each complete set. Collect them all to build the ultimate squad or to trade with friends.


(Approximate Retail Price: $12.99; Ages: 6 & up; STAR WARS and TRANSFORMERS Battle Master Assortments available now; MARVEL Battle Master Assortments available Spring 2007)

ATTACKTIX BATTLE MASTER figures are twice as large as the average ATTACKTIX battle figure and bring more action to battles with bigger attacks, increased power, and stronger defenses – making them more difficult to defeat. For example, the AT-RT launches four missiles! Each BATTLE MASTER comes with a regular battle figure so that players can stage a battle right out of the box. In 2007, MARVEL battle masters will bring a new, more powerful dimension to fans’ battle line-ups.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

JoeAttacktix Exclusive Interview with Joe Allard of Design Devil

JoeAttacktix managed to snag an exclusive interview with the current cover artist for Attacktix. Be sure to check it out, and also check out Joe's site!

Q: I see you have a packed portfolio on, featuring a wide variety of projects. What are some of your favorite projects?

That's a tough question...I'm really enjoying the Attacktix artwork I've been doing for Hasbro, and I'm not just saying that because this is an Attacktix website!

Honestly, I get to draw some of my favorite characters and toys that I played with as a child, and that is just super cool.

Recently I've been enjoying working on a line of Busts and Action Figures for the new Battlestar Galactica series. I'm a big fan of the show, so it's been a blast.

As far as past projects, I'd have to say all of the Star Wars products I did for Applause during the Episode 1 madness.

That was a unique experience actually. After designing about 2/3 of the product line, I was promoted to Creative Manager, and was able to also direct the sculpting, painting and manufacturing side of things.

Usually after I hand off a design, I have no control over what comes next. Fortunately on the EP 1 products, I was able to stay in control during the entire production and make sure they turned out exactly how I imagined.

Q: Did you have any favorite comics/toy heroes growing up that you were excited to get a chance to add your own style to the latest incarnation?

Yes, for sure. Star Wars is probably at the top of the list.

With all of the Star Wars products I worked on in the past, everything was photo-realistic and had to be completely character correct.

Working on the Attacktix line however, Hasbro wanted a more stylized and animated look to the Artwork, so I have a bit more freedom to infuse some of my own energy and loosen up a bit. It's been really refreshing and a lot of fun.

I've also recently finished artwork for the next series of boosters... but we have to keep those under wraps for now... stay tuned.

Q: You designed the IG Showdown packaging. Now that Attacktix has Transformers versus Star Wars versus Marvel, who would you choose for a three characters battle royale (one from each license)?

Man, another tough one! I'd have to go Boba Fett vs. Iron Man vs. Starscream, or actually, how about Vader vs. Galactus vs. Unicron! That would be insane.

The IG Showdown was so much fun to work on. When I got the call for the project, and heard it was Star Wars vs. Transformers, I was pretty excited.

Hasbro told me which characters to illustrate for the package sides, but when it came to the background insert, they were open to ideas.

I thought the composition of the Death Star facing off against Cybertron would be really cool. For the foreground I went with a Tattooine like setting meeting a Cybertron like city. I think it came off pretty well. The toys looked cool displayed in front of it...and that is the most important thing as far as toy packaging goes.

I just want to clarify; I don't actually design the packaging itself. I am providing all of the character art that is used on the packaging.

Basically I'm illustrating the front or "cover" of the package. The images that hopefully convey some fun and excitement, and make you want to buy that toy!

The guys at Hasbro have done a killer job with the actual packaging design. Working with Rob and Kevin and everyone at Hasbro has been really great.

Q: I know you have had a few products in the toy and game aisles, does the excitement of seeing your own work sitting of the shelf ever get old?

Never. I still love to walk down the isle and see my work. I still take frequent trips to Toys R Us just to see what's on the shelf.

I mostly see the end result of the toys that I designed, and I love that, but it is especially cool to see my actual artwork on the front of the Attacktix packages.

Much of my toy design work goes unseen by the public, but with the packaging artwork, it's right there on the isle for everyone to see. Killer.

Q: Do you play Attacktix?

Is that a challenge!? You're on! Actually, I have not yet had a chance to play a real game, but I'm looking forward to it! Currently I just shoot at stuff on my shelves... and my cat.

Q: What line/license would you hope they choose to add on so you can draw the cover? If it happened, who would appear on the cover?

Now that's an easy one... Yo Joe!! G.I Joe is by far the one I am waiting for most. For the cover art, I'd have to go with Duke vs. Cobra Commander or Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow. Either of those would be killer to draw.


Well, not really! This is only part one... be sure to check back for even more info from Joe about taking the package art from concept to finished product!