Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Attacktix Riddle of the Day #2

So last time we learned you could end up with a whooping 25 figures in play in a standard 100 point tournament game.

Today's question, posed by webhead is this:
"What is the highest number of total Tix your figures could move in a single turn?"

Standard 100 point squads with 50 point backups.
Any legal team building configuration.
Any currently released figures (SW, SW2, SW3).

Check out the forum for the latest answers, or add your own

Monday, May 29, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Attacktix Riddle of the Day

Today's question, posed by webhead is this:
"What is the most figures you could have in play in a standard 100 point tournament team?"

Standard 100 point tournament rules would allow 100 points in play, and 50 points in back-up.
Only one Silver Tournament figure is allowed per team, and only one Gold Based Figure.
No Megas allowed.
Answers based on figures from Star Wars Series 1 through 3, along with all Tournament and Exclusive Figures allowed by tournament rules.

Click here for the answer!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Attacktix Release Date Getting Closer

I just got off the phone with a very helpful representative from Hasbro. She explained the official release date for Star Wars/Transformers Attacktix and the Intergalactic Showdown Packs are "June." There is no specific date in June, though Star Wars fans are familiar with boxes stamped "Do not put on shelves until..."

It was also explained that stores like Wal-Mart get their shipments direct from the overseas manufacturer. There are three distribution hubs they are shipped to, and then sent out to YOUR store from there. These hubs should get their stock in June, and then they will ship to stores. Some stores may not receive them if they have an overstock of Series 3, or Starters. This differs by store, but explains why some Wal-Marts have them and others do not.

Ultimately, there is no way of knowing when your local stores will get them in, but the month is coming fast. Kay-Bee Toys usually gets a manifest the day before they trucks come in. On a slow day you may be able to get a manager to take a look. Toys R' Us also has a similar system, and I believe their computers can check more advanced dates. Once June hits, call around, or stop by your local stores and be sure to ask! If you get any information be sure to post it here!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Attacktix Contest X - Win a $25 HasbroToyShop Giftcard

Since everyone loves an easy contest... and most of you don't mind free money... I am making Attacktix Contest X one of the easiest contests yet, for a great prize.

ONE winner chosen at random will receive a $25 giftcard to HasbroToyShop.com


What do you need to do to win?


The only person to have access to your emails will be me! I will not sell them, or give them away. I will use them to announce release dates, new contests and prizes, and conventions and tournaments. I imagine news will go out about once a month, or whenever there IS news :)

You can unsuscribe anytime you like, information is available in your join email. But please don't, because Mailing List members may be automatically enrolled in future contests, and honestly your support will keep this site and JoeAttacktix alive and full of contests!

Deadline to enter is June 10th. That should give you plenty of time! Winner will be drawn shortly after! You can join the Mailing List after June 10th, to be considered for prizes in the future.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Transformers and Star Wars Attacktix Images Released

Get the first peek at the latest figures to hit shelves in June. Click images below to see full size.


The Transformer Series 1 Starter has both versions of Skyblast, (rumored to have the new "Transform" power) and long with Dirtboss and Overhaul. The Autobot/Decepticon ratio is a bit off, but it may be balancing out the ratio of the complete Series. Starscream looks deadly, and I can not wait to try out the Prodder on Ransack. Looks like the bike version of Ransack will use his front fork to eat up the Autobots. Sorry, I couldn't resist.


The new 10 Point Greedo will make him a steal. He has the value of a common Trooper, with the gun of Han and Chewie. Han and Chewie are, again, 20 point figures, and the Boba rounds out the Starter Set Bounty Hunter team weighing in at 30 points. The production shots of Princess Leia and the cannon look GREAT! What will that string do, besides limit her range? And finally, the Clone Wars painted Gunship is an excellent addition to Attacktix. Will it mean MORE Extended Universe characters?

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Attacktix Demonstration at Tampa Comic Con

Today was a busy day. Attacktix got a prime location on the convention floor outside the main hall, next to the Florida 501st, Vader's Fist Stormtroopers. The costumed Jedi and Sith troopers brought a lot of attention to our table and hours of fun. We had drawings for Jabbas, AT-RTs and Series 3 Starter Sets. We also gave out a bunch of Series 2 and Series 3 figures to anyone who played us in a demo, win or lose!

The event was a major success. So much so that we have enough interest to host an Attacktix Tournament at the next convention and we were invited to the Toys R' Us Transformers Fan Day in July. I will have more details soon.

Here are some pictures of our set-up.

One of the 501st let me try on his helmet. It had four PC fans and a working microphone/ headset inside... very cool stuff. For more information on those guys, check out their Florida 501st website. We were very fortunate to have such a pleasant neighboring table. Also is a picture of my wife, Sapphira, posing with our table.

Here are some images of the convention. We had lots of people who had never heard of Attacktix before and some who brought their own figures. Princess Leia enjoyed playing as well.

It ended up being a very busy day which was great. We only managed to get one of our winners to stay around for a picture. He left the convention with a free Jabba Mega!

Special thanks to Tim Gordon and his staff for the great spot and the wonderful time.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Attacktix Pictures: Intergalactic Showdown, Transformers Series 1 and Star Wars Series 4

Hasbro released some promotional pictures of the latest waves of Attacktix, slated for June.

The Star Wars Starter Set featured here has reissues of Han (now with brown pants), Chewie, Boba Fett (with silver trimmed backpack) and Greedo (with darker vest)... where is the variation on Chewie? Looks like the Darth, Luke, Ben and Tusken set was dropped, or this is a second Starter Set. The Transformers Starter looks like it now has both versions of Skyblast, Overhaul and Dirtboss. Scorponok, Demolishor and Omnicon seem to have been dropped from the Starters.

The Intergalactic Showdown Pack now lets us see that they will have GOLD bases, like those from the exclusive Wal-Mart Battle Pack. These should be some phenomenal powers if they follow suit from Ki, Shaak and Nute.

The Transformers Megas look just like we expected after seeing Toy Fair, but the Star Wars Mega is a different story. We knew we would be getting a figure packed with the Gunship, and the repaint is nice, but we had NO idea Hasbro would repaint the Gunship in the style of the Clone Wars animated series. Very nice job.

The Boosters are pilfer-proof and should help keep out booster bandits! But what is officially inside is still the BIGGEST mystery of all!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Attacktix Hits New Zealand

Reported by: Jay Jovellanos

On the Hasbro New Zealand website, Attacktix are making a splash! A contest is available to all NZers to win some Attacktix prizes. I went through the contest link, just to see which Series and which prizes they were giving away. Although I did not learn for certain what the prizes are, I was alerted today that I won!

Luckily, I did not give my address, so the prize will pass on to someone more needy, but this IS interesting information. Last time I checked, a posting in March 2005 on mousedroid.com reported that Attacktix will not be released in Australia. Since I assume that Attacktix are produced just a few inches North of Australia (I measured on my screen) that they would make it there sometime, but all I can tell is New Zealand will get them first.

So, if you live in NZ give it a shot! I hope Attacktix slowly spread across the globe!