Monday, May 01, 2006

Attacktix Hits New Zealand

Reported by: Jay Jovellanos

On the Hasbro New Zealand website, Attacktix are making a splash! A contest is available to all NZers to win some Attacktix prizes. I went through the contest link, just to see which Series and which prizes they were giving away. Although I did not learn for certain what the prizes are, I was alerted today that I won!

Luckily, I did not give my address, so the prize will pass on to someone more needy, but this IS interesting information. Last time I checked, a posting in March 2005 on reported that Attacktix will not be released in Australia. Since I assume that Attacktix are produced just a few inches North of Australia (I measured on my screen) that they would make it there sometime, but all I can tell is New Zealand will get them first.

So, if you live in NZ give it a shot! I hope Attacktix slowly spread across the globe!


YodaBreaker said...

Indeed, apparently you'd only be eligible to win if you resided in New Zealand (according to the Terms and Conditions of the contest).

Anonymous said...

You could give me the prize, I live in New Zealand I just learned about attacktix and I have to say I LOVE IT! Im having trouble finding the hasbro NZ website though, any ideas?