Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Attacktix Riddle of the Day #2

So last time we learned you could end up with a whooping 25 figures in play in a standard 100 point tournament game.

Today's question, posed by webhead is this:
"What is the highest number of total Tix your figures could move in a single turn?"

Standard 100 point squads with 50 point backups.
Any legal team building configuration.
Any currently released figures (SW, SW2, SW3).

Check out the forum for the latest answers, or add your own


General Grievous said...

Opponents Starting Squad:
2x Imperial Clone Trooper
4x Gold-Based Ki-Adi-Mundi

Your Starting Squad:
1x Medic Droid
1x S2 Bossk
2x Gold-Based Ki-Adi-Mundi

Bossk comes up white, takes KAM, revived by droid 4 times.

Opponent's Squad at start of turn:
2x Imperial Clone Trooper

Your Squad at start of turn:
6x Gold KAM
1x Bossk
1x Medic Droid

Your Turn:
Move all figures for 86 tix.
Bossk shoots Gold KAM, who is white. Move 3 KAMs for 36 tix. Use one of the attacks to use a KAM to hit another KAM for 36 tix. Repeat until you have only 1 KAM left, all of which come up white. That equals (36+36+36+24+12)=230 tix. Combined with original 86 tix, that equals a grand total of 316 tix.

General Grievous said...

I had accidentley already added the original 86 moving tix to the bonus KAM tix. The actual answer would be 230.

Also, if the "killing your own figures for powers" thing is against tournament rules then this entire thing is a house of cards.