Monday, June 25, 2007

Top Tix Topics

Every Monday news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see what all the buzz is in the attacktix online community.

This week's top 3:
#1 - Is attacktix dying off? A poll by attacktixrulz followed by some slightly heated arguments can be found in this thread. Come voice your opinion here and show your support for the lines. We can only hope that speculation is just that - speculation! A more general companion thread , complete with a link to a Q/A with Hasbro from on this same topic, can also be found here.

#2 - Hasbro - a simple title but an extensive thread about all things attacktix related (and some not) by Hasbro. It's a feel good thread complete with the latest & greatest things Hasbro has done - including the R2-KT.

#3 - Repaints, Retools, and Rereleases - an extensive article by grievous about all the rehashes in our attacktix. An interesting read and discussion piece!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Two Tix Forward: Now Playing

Now Playing

Man cannot live on 'Tix alone. Or, at least, I know I can't. I've been hooked on games for almost 14 years now, and I don't see any end in site. Here's a quick look at the other games causing diversions in my life right now...

Star Wars PocketModel TCG - WizKids Games

Take a credit card, cut out little pieces, build classic Star Wars ships, battle. This game probably is even a little more complicated than it needs to be...I'm kind of winging my own rules for it to keep it nice and easy. But hey, the ships DO look kind of cool. And the price point is actually pretty good on this one...two sheets of ships (with from 1 to 4 ships on each sheet), rules and some of the cards, not bad at all. Oh, and the super mini micro dice...just in case. The best part is that the price is right, and the models look good. The downside...the cards seem like a needless complication.

Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game - Wizards of the Coast

Take a credit card, cut out little pieces, build a Transformer, battle. Deja Vu all over again. This game is very straight forward, and plays a little bit like advanced Rock/Paper/Scissors. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun, and it does feature the movie style characters, which is very nice. The vehicle modes tend to look better than the robot modes, but that may be neither here than there. Tip of the day...collect two of each character so you can "hot swap" them when they transform...makes it go a LOT faster. Pros: Cool vehicle modes Cons: some robot modes hard to "see" correctly.

Star Wars Miniatures - Wizards of the Coast

Smaller and a little more tactical than 'tix, this minis game has been growing on me. Ba da bing! Out today are the two packs for 5 bucks...a much better price point in my mind. It's interesting that a booster of this game (two minis and two cards) costs the same as a booster of 'Tix, which has two action figures. Best Part: Great variety of figure sizes, tactics Worst Part: price point on standard boosters a bit too high for my taste.

Magic the Gathering - Wizards of the Coast

The original, the grand-daddy collectible game. I collect the paper cards, but play online, so I get to double dip on this one. The current "block" has been a lot of fun, with a Past/Present/Future theme and interesting takes on alternate cards in each of the three newest sets. The upcoming 10th edition looks to be a great jumping on point for new players..the first black bordered base set since the first Alpha/Beta releases. Yay to being the first and probably still the best CCG, Nay to having to split my resources between virtual and paper cards.

HeroScape - Milton Bradley

I've been lazily collecting the main game, and playing occasionally, but I'm really stoked for the soon to be coming Marvel release. The real strength of the game lies in the excellent hex terrain, which lends itself to a lot of creativity. The core set of the main game is about to reboot as well, another good jumping on point. Props to the hex style character cards with built in beginner and advanced stats, Slops to some of the odd price points.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Top Tix Topics

Top Tix Topics

Every Monday news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see what all the buzz is in the attacktix online community.

This week's top 3:

#1: Ultimate Galactic Showdown Tournament in California next Monday, June 25 3pm-6pm. Check out the details in this thread or on the MySpace Page.

#2: Hulk Home Game - Spice up your Attacktix Hulk figure with some cool house rules from boardee Big Bace Mace. Let us know if you've tried these in a game out or what you think of 'em!

#3: Turbomagnus Custom Thread. This thread is 12 pages long, which attests to the cool figures Turbo makes. Featured this week is the Night-Camo Biker Scout.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Two Tix Forward: Tix X-Change

Tix X-Change

Attacktix is a collectible/tradeable figure game...and as a result, odds are you are going to end up with a few extra figures...either duplicates of figures you only wanted one of (say, Spider-Man) or maybe you just wanted to collect a certain class of figures, like Chromes. What to do with the rest?

There's always eBay...and sure there are those that call it "evilBay" instead...but I've found eBay to be a GREAT resource for game both a buyer and a seller. But today I want to focus on two other options.

The first is another obvious figures. If you are lucky enough to have a few people to play with locally, you probably already do some trading amongst yourselves. Keep in mind that Joe's site also provides a fantastic trading venue. The user regulated feedback is a great way to gauge the security of your trades in advance, and you're dealing mostly with other fans of the game that are looking to find the right pieces to fill out a squad or to close out their collection. Trading, even online, is a great community builder for the gives you "something to do" with your figures even beyond playing and collecting. Trading amongst other fans is a great way to build relationships within the gaming community, because it's an avenue to build up concrete trust amongst virtual strangers. I've also seen a lot of trading and lending at the various tournaments I've attended, and I think this also proves that trading is a great community builder. I know that for me, trading was my primary route to collecting the last few pieces of the first few Star Wars sets, and also a way for me to unload the Chrome figures that I wasn't trying to collect at the time. It's always interesting to see how different figures are valued differently within the community, and chromes in particular are an interesting case. They provide another level or tier of collecting, and allow non-chrome collectors to possibly leverage some great trades.

The second option I'd recommend figures away. What? Yeah yeah, here me out. I don't mean giving figures away to random kids on the street...I mean, give figures to your friends that DON'T play (yet). Yes, you bought them to begin with...but they're extra, right? Consider it an investment in future gaming. If you can hook one of your friends with free figures, you might have just "bought" yourself another opponent that you'll have fun playing games with and against. I have yet to find any of my friends that I've given figures to that haven't liked the game. I'm guessing, if you like the game enough to collect extras, your friends should have enough in common with you to enjoy the game as well. If you do go this route, consider giving away teams, and not just randome figs, or maybe just a handful of your friends favorite characters.

Whatever you do with your extra figures, I encourage you to view them as an opportunity to do more with your game. Good trades should make both sides happy, and giving figs away to friends is a cheap way to get more out of the game you love already.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Top Tix Topics

Every Monday news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see what all the buzz is in the attacktix online community.

This week's top 3:

#1: Attacktix Wika Request thread - help the Attacktix community grow by reading about our efforts to make an official Wikipedia Attacktix sector. Click on the link by grievous to add a comment so we can make this a reality. We also have a new sub-board dedicated to this hot topic!

#2: Fantastic Four team hopes - Great discussion about the hopes for a Fantastic Four team for the game of attacktix.

#3: Transformers 3-D Card Game discussion - While this is not attacktix related, this is a hot topic about the new 3-D card game out by Hasbro. Like it? Hate it? Interested in learning more? Check out this thread! You can also discuss booster pulls here as well.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Two Tix Forward: Zone vs. Tilt

Zone vs. Tilt

Being "In the Zone" is pretty much cliche by now, but it still is the best way to describe a certain way you feel in competition...when everything is going your way, when you feel like you CAN'T you're invincible. Usually people only use this as a sports analogy, but I feel it's an appropriate term in any competition.

For example...when I was a junior in High School, I was in a Water Polo tournament up in Ann Arbor, MI. Traditionally, we had struggled in Ann Arbor (but always played well in Lansing...go figure.) Anyway, the whole drive to the event I had the headphones going, Metallica I'm sure, and I was psyched. During the game...I was in the zone. Everyone around me seemed to be moving slower...the net seemed huge...I couldn't hardly miss. I scored 6 points in the first half. Keep in mind, a normal final score for a Water Polo match might be something like 5 - 4. But again, I was in the zone.

A couple of years ago I was at Origins playing HeroClix and it happened again. I was playing in small Battle Royal events...essentially an 8 man event where only the last person with figures standing survives. I think I won 3 out of the 5 events I played that day, coming in 2nd and 3rd the other two times. The zone opened up around me....I saw every option my opponents had clearly...I made no mental strategy felt impeccable, and my luck rolled along with me. In one match...I took one hit period during the entire ordeal, while dispatching my opponents left and right.

Then...there is Tilt. Tilt is that opposite feeling...when you've lost control, and you mentally spiral away from any sort of competitive edge. And just like the Zone...the tilt can visit you in any form of competition, whether it be sport or game.

I remember playing in a Gus Macker (a 3 on 3 basketball tournament)...probably as a freshman in college. We were in the first game...and we were being outplayed. But instead of trying to raise my own level of play, I just started getting mad instead...mad that I was missing shots, mad that the guy I was covering couldn't miss. As I let my emotions go sour...I played worse, not better, and we lost big time.

A gaming instance of tilt occurred in the finals of a WWE Raw Deal tournament a few years back...I had played well all day, and my first opponent in the finals should have been a favorable match-up for me. But, within the first turn, he had some good plays, I had some bad ones, and I lost my mental game just like that. Instead of playing on and trying to salvage the game intelligently, I simply "played it out" and lost in short order.

So...bringing this does it relate to playing Attacktix? Obviously zone and tilt can happen in ' Tix play as well. Hopefully you don't find yourself on tilt when playing fun games with your friends. But...if you ever attend a tournament, don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling the pressure of competition. If you're in a tournament, and you find yourself in the zone...congrats, you're probably going to win a lot of games.

But what if you're on tilt? What if anything can you do to pull yourself out of that spiral? There are a couple of things I would suggest. One, be aware of your emotions during the game...if you find yourself getting mad, you are probably heading towards tilt. Missing attacks and losing games happens, but getting mad at your opponent for playing well won't help your mindset. If you find yourself getting worked up in a negative way, take a mental time out, count backwards from 10, take a couple of deep breaths, refocus on the task at hand. Another thing that helps, if one of your friends is watching your game and sees you heading towards tilt, have them say something to you to try and snap you out of it...a simple "hey, it's just one missed attack, there's a lot of game left" coming from a good friend might be all it takes for you to decompress and move on. And finally, if you get blown out in a game and you feel worked up in a negative way afterwards...the worst thing you can do is take that negativity in with you to the next game. Take the time between matches to instead reflect on what you can better next time, and analyze your opponents plays and see what you can learn going forward.

Attacktix is a contest like any other...if you invest yourself in game-play, it is sure to have an impact on your emotions. But it is a game, and it should be fun...never lose sight of that.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Top Tix Topics

We have so much news, pictures and discussion from CIV it's hard not to include those topics in this weeks top tix topics. The main threads remain stickied though, so I think I'll include other discussions not related to C4 this week.

Top three this week:

Definition of Defeated - an interesting clarification thread that has people in a lively discussion over the semantics of the word "defeated" as it relates to the game of Attacktix.

6-2-07 "more than meets the eye" - come discuss the latest release of Transformers movie figures and the lack of TF movie attacktix (bummer) in this thread by our mod Malform

Superfly's Tournament of Champions June 9 - Superfly will be having a nice, family-friendly tournament June 9 in Cincinnati. If you are live near there come check out this thread!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Custom Attacktix: Striker Thing

This is just a quick modification I made a while ago to my Thing! Early protoypes show that Thing could swivel at the waist, so it shouldn't be too hard to have a true Hasbro copy of this figure! Fingers crossed!

JoeAttacktix Images from Celebration IV


Star Wars

Photos by Dolly

Friday, June 01, 2007's Brian Wilk Interview

Star Wars Celebration IV was an excellent source of news and excitement for Star Wars fans! A new Brian Wilk interview was spotted on You can check out the full interview here, but here is an interesting, and short, clip!

Two Tix Forward: Deck Building

Deck Building

If you are reading this on Friday or over the weeekend, take heart in the fact that I am busy deck building. Oh no, not the fun kind of deck building that involves CCG cards...I mean good old fashioned carpentry work building a deck. Rest assured, I'd rather be building decks of cards, or better still, building new Attacktix squads.

The number of different squads you can build, even at 100 points, is a staggering number. AND, that number grows exponentially as each set is released. Think about it like this, just taking into account point can make a team of ten 10 pointers, eight 10 pointers and one 20, seven 10 pointers and one 30, six 10 pointers and one 40 or two 20's, even five 10 pointers and one 50 once some of the newer figs are get the idea. Then you multiply all of those variations with the different numbers of figures available at each point gets a little nuts real fast. You could spend years just trying to make up each different squad, playing it in one game, then building a new squad and playing that once, and on and on and on.

But of course, some squads work better than others. All Medic Droids and R2's? Eh, not so great. But because any attacking figure has an inherent can play most any figures together and have some chance at victory. The odds are always better when the powers work together, but hey, the beauty of the game is that you can mix and match your favorite characters from across the different universes and give it a go. Today I also want to talk about squad building and scenarios. Anyone at TixCon probably saw "The Bar With No Name" setup we had, in a way it's own scenario thanks to the large amount of terrain provided by the setup. But there are other ways to run scenarios without needing much in the way of props, let's look at three examples.

Mirror Master - Not just the name of a cool Flash villain, Mirror Master as a scenario or format involves players using identical teams to duke it out. Players could agree on teams beforehand, or even have a third party pick a team that both players need to play. Maybe in Marvel it's a battle against your own evil clones, or in Star Wars a clash between two squads have have split their allegiance. Whatever the dramatic backdrop, this easy to run scenario removes the squad building element as difference in strategies, and allows players to focus solely on superior tactics. In a tournament format, this would work well for a small side event, with the squads being a surprise to all players.

Bob the Stormtrooper - This scenario works best in games where players are using a lot of Troopers or army builder type figs in any universe. The ideal setup would be something like this, build a squad of all say, Stormtroopers with a Heavy Stormtrooper or two. Now, secretly choose one of the Stormtroopers to be "Bob", or Mike or Elizabeth...the idea is, this Stormtrooper is unique, but your opponent doesn't know that yet. Mark the bottom of the base with a small pieces of tape or other label. Then choose a new special power for that figure that works "If Black". I'd tend to not use simply something like "Recover > Any", because let's face it, that's boring. This is your chance to get creative, or use one of your favorite powers on a low cost fig that normally wouldn't have it. Write this power down on a hidden slip of paper. Then, play your game like normal, but when "Bob" is defeated, reveal his new special power.

The Great Wall of Attacktix - The standard Attacktix game uses no terrain, making formations the key to group movement and providing the best cover for the figs you are trying to defend. The Great Wall scenario changes that. Chris on the design team pointed out that Jenga blocks are the perfect size and weight to use as terrain in 'Tix games. As a scenario, start out with each player building a six Jenga brick wall on the board. Then, on your turn, you may give up an attack to place two more bricks adjacent to one of your figures. Not only does this continually change the landscape, but it really allows you to play defense and offense if you plan your wall right.

OK, so there are some ideas to chew on. If you haven't ever tried a scenario, I recommend giving it a go. You'd be surprised at how even the smallest rules changes effect the way you play the game, and how much more you will appreciate it.

Two Tix Forward
is a new weekly column by webhead, member of the Attacktix design team. Check in every Friday to see what is new! Click here to see all of webhead's articles.