Monday, June 25, 2007

Top Tix Topics

Every Monday news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see what all the buzz is in the attacktix online community.

This week's top 3:
#1 - Is attacktix dying off? A poll by attacktixrulz followed by some slightly heated arguments can be found in this thread. Come voice your opinion here and show your support for the lines. We can only hope that speculation is just that - speculation! A more general companion thread , complete with a link to a Q/A with Hasbro from on this same topic, can also be found here.

#2 - Hasbro - a simple title but an extensive thread about all things attacktix related (and some not) by Hasbro. It's a feel good thread complete with the latest & greatest things Hasbro has done - including the R2-KT.

#3 - Repaints, Retools, and Rereleases - an extensive article by grievous about all the rehashes in our attacktix. An interesting read and discussion piece!

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