Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Starters Showing Up at Walmarts and Toys R Us

The Attacktix Website has informed the public that the Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Origins Set is now in stores.

Marvel Starters and Ghost Rider Starter Sets have also been spotted at Toys R Us. For a complete listing of sightings, or to add your own sighting, check out the forum.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Attacktix Shows Up in David Willis' Shortpacked & Attacktix BGG Contest

I emailed David a few times to see some Attacktix in his strips. Finally, we have our first Attacktix strip. I encourage all the Attacktix fans to send him an email, and ask for more!

You can check out his site here.

Also, of note, Attacktix is also advertising on BoardGameGeek. They are running a contest on there as well, so head over and check it out!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Wolverine

Marvel Attacktix: Wolverine #M1-9

Marvel Attacktix: Wolverine

DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Recover (X-Men)
ATTACK TYPE: Prodder (Claws)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare
EFFECT: Rage (X-Men)

"Rage" - If you have another X-Men in play, once per turn after defeating a Leader this figure may move six Tix and make additional attack.

Joe's Notes:
Wolverine is the only Prodder in the new Marvel Series. We have seen Tusken Raiders and Skyblast with a Prod Attack and they usually have the same stats as a Striker, but without the possibility of a multi-kill. This figure corrects that by giving you the chance to make an extra kill if you defeat a Leader. Wolverine and his Feral Rage can charge ahead 6 Tix and kill again.

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Marvel Release Party at USF

This past weekend, we hosted a Marvel Attacktix Release Party at USF in Tampa, Florida, unfortunately the figures have only been spotted in Iowa and Missouri. We had a small turn out after advertising locally at the Tampa Comic Con and the Demolition Comic retail chain.

The feedback was excellent, and once Marvel Attacktix are in stores they will definitely catch the eye of anyone in the toy aisle. Joe Allard, from Design Devil did wonderful work on the booster cover art, and we should have an interview with him on this site very soon.

The event location was also a great one, we have three projectors going at once. On the main screen we showed the Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2, and on the two side screens we ran the Attacktix Demo DVD, so that we could explain the rules to newer players. We gave out a few prizes, and once Marvel Attacktix are in the stores, we will run the event again in order to give out some long awaited Marvel Attacktix awards!

Setting up the tables and projectors! Ultimate Avengers makes an excellent background for Marvel Attacktix.

We sorted out the teams, and even had some Star Wars and Transformers teams to choose from. Mystique made it a habit of stealing the 40 Point Optimus Prime whenever she died.

Some of us stayed around at the end for a large three-way battle.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and I hope to see you again next time!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Civil War Scenario


In the Marvel Universe a Civil War is being waged, and heroes are forced to take sides. As the heroes clash, villains are drafted to the cause, and the lines between "good guys" and "bad guys" have never been grayer...

In this scenario, players control one of the two factions in the Marvel Civil War, those under the command of SHIELD, or those loyal to the Secret Avengers.

Choosing Sides: Players can decide randomly which side they will take, or take turns playing each side. The special rules for each side are found below.

Draft: (optional) Players open two boosters and put those four figures in a draft pile. The first player would pick a figure, then the second player would pick two figures, leaving the fourth figure to the player who picked first. Reverse the pick order each round of drafting. Starters can be drafted in the same manner as the four figures from two boosters.

Setup: If played as a Draft, players should agree on a squad limit that will allow both players to field similar sized squads. Otherwise, players should use 200-point squads with 100-point back-ups. As always, multiples of the same characters are permitted. (You never know who might have been cloned, or who might be impersonating whom!)

Special Rules: The normal rules of play are in effect, except where noted below.

First Blood...the Fall of Goliath - Players may use 3 attack actions per turn until there is at least one figure in either defeated area.

New Thunderbolts - The Sinister Syndicate and Avengers Classes are interchangeable. (For example, Rally – Sinister Syndicate could be used to Rally an Avenger instead.)

Negative Zone Prison - The Secret Avengers player cannot Rally unless they also have a Leader figure in play.

Choice of Registration - The SHIELD player cannot Recruit unless they also have a Leader figure in play.

Soul of the Spider - At the beginning of each players turn, they may choose any of their figures in play and place them in the Defeated Area, then choose a character named Spider-Man from any Defeated Area and put him into play in their starting area.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Ghost Rider

Marvel Attacktix: Ghost Rider #GR-1

Marvel Attacktix Wallow

DEFENSE: Mega Base
SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Ghost Rider)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter/Striker (Large Missile/Chains)
RARITY: Mega - Rare

Brett's Notes:
Here we have a kind of unique Mega, it's fast, has both types of attacks, Launcher and Striker, and has a rather cool and unique sculpt. The power for this mean machine is rather straight forward...Recruit - Ghost Rider. The idea is, even if you trash his bike, you might still have to face the rider himself.

Joe's Notes:
Another customized missile: fireball! This Mega is going to be very popular, and with two attacks, a Striker and a Launcher, Ghost Rider may see a lot of action. The chains are coiled in his right hand and ready to strike, while the gun has a nice height advantage over his opponents! With a speed of 10 AND a shooting Fireball Ghost rider will be a serious threat. Similar to the Boga, his targets are in the center of his rear wheel, meaning you will have to get close to take this guy down!

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Attacktix Banner on CartoonNetwork.com

Attacktix is advertising on the Cartoon Network website, as well during the daily programming. Look for the banner below on CartoonNetwork.com. The link to Attacktix.com has been disabled in the banner below.

Look for the one below on Board Game Geek If you check out the real one, you will see the drop down options for WATCH and BATTLE. It is really awesome!

Skyscraper banners also have been spotted on Board Game Geek. Click here to check it out in a new window.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Wallow

Marvel Attacktix: Wallow #GR-1

Marvel Attacktix Wallow

DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Attacktback (Hidden)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Large Missile)
RARITY: Starter - Rare

Brett's Notes:
Wallow rounds out the Hidden faction in the Ghost Rider sub-set. Nearly identical play wise to Abigor, Wallow brings redundancy to the Hidden faction. As a second trooper in the faction, there is plenty of room to add Hidden characters to a Trooper based squad. His unique water blast projectile is also a great asset, carrying the weight of a medium missile with the smaller tip of a small missile.

Joe's Notes:
Wallow is another Trooper for the Hidden. The basic theme through the hidden would be the elements, of which Wallow represents water. I know very little about this character, and far less about his role in the movie. However, it would be no surprise that Blackheart would be surrounded by Troopers, as he would not consider any ally his equal. Wallow's bullet is most interesting, as it is molded like a water stream... I will be excited to see how the bullet fares in battle!

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Star Wars Lando Attacktix Spotted on eBay

A prototype of Lando Calrissian appeared on eBay. This follows the recent sightings of Dengar, Kit Fisto and others.


Lando! Plus tons of Marvel Protos...