Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Civil War Scenario


In the Marvel Universe a Civil War is being waged, and heroes are forced to take sides. As the heroes clash, villains are drafted to the cause, and the lines between "good guys" and "bad guys" have never been grayer...

In this scenario, players control one of the two factions in the Marvel Civil War, those under the command of SHIELD, or those loyal to the Secret Avengers.

Choosing Sides: Players can decide randomly which side they will take, or take turns playing each side. The special rules for each side are found below.

Draft: (optional) Players open two boosters and put those four figures in a draft pile. The first player would pick a figure, then the second player would pick two figures, leaving the fourth figure to the player who picked first. Reverse the pick order each round of drafting. Starters can be drafted in the same manner as the four figures from two boosters.

Setup: If played as a Draft, players should agree on a squad limit that will allow both players to field similar sized squads. Otherwise, players should use 200-point squads with 100-point back-ups. As always, multiples of the same characters are permitted. (You never know who might have been cloned, or who might be impersonating whom!)

Special Rules: The normal rules of play are in effect, except where noted below.

First Blood...the Fall of Goliath - Players may use 3 attack actions per turn until there is at least one figure in either defeated area.

New Thunderbolts - The Sinister Syndicate and Avengers Classes are interchangeable. (For example, Rally – Sinister Syndicate could be used to Rally an Avenger instead.)

Negative Zone Prison - The Secret Avengers player cannot Rally unless they also have a Leader figure in play.

Choice of Registration - The SHIELD player cannot Recruit unless they also have a Leader figure in play.

Soul of the Spider - At the beginning of each players turn, they may choose any of their figures in play and place them in the Defeated Area, then choose a character named Spider-Man from any Defeated Area and put him into play in their starting area.

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Gideon said...

Cool! I love it! But it's sad that there are no more Marvel to prieview. I thought there was going to be a jabbing Wolverine.