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Web of Webhead - Top 05 of '05

web of webhead Episode III: Top 05 of '05

Welcome back to web of webhead. Our first two installments covered two of the factions in Star Wars Attacktix (SWAX), the Droid Army and the Wookiees. This time around I’m going to give you my picks for the top five figures of 2005, encompassing Series 1, Series 2, the Megas, the Battle Pack and Battle Case. Keep in mind these are MY opinions, and I hope this encourages discussion. Let’s get it on!

Honorable Mention:

Clone Sergeant (SW/35)

The Clone Sergeant is the figure exclusive to the Battle Case, and hence, is something of a chase figure due to the fact that the Battle Case is both hard to find in some places, and sort of expensive to collect in multiples. The Clone Sergeant makes the list because he has the fastest speed of any Launcher in the game, by a good amount. You can say that the Republic Gunship in theory moves faster and shoots, but that’s an apples to oranges comparison. No other figure on a round base that shoots comes close to his speed. His special is remarkably flexible as well, as it works with Clone Troopers by name, not by class, giving you a lot of flexibility when team building. However, in the end you have a 20 point figure on a small base with a small missile, which keeps him out of the top five proper.

Number Five:

Destroyer Droid (SW/19)2)

The Droideka is an imposing figure on the battlefield, the only regular sized figure to offer two launcher attacks for one. A Destroyer Droid lets you “cheat” the game limitations by getting in at least one extra attack each turn as long as he is in play. Speaking of staying in play, it has a better than one in three chance of returning right back to your starting area upon defeat as long as one of his droid buddies is around, which is probably better than the Recover power from a Launcher’s point of view. The fact that the Destroyer Droid has only small missiles keeps him from being higher on the list.

Number Four:

Mace Windu (SW/19)

The Series 1 Striker Mace was the one figure singled out by the game's designer as perhaps being made too strong. A 30 point figure on a large base, with a decent chance at Recovering, Mace is a very solid attacker that is hard to take out. The only thing keeping Mace this far down the list is his slow speed, with more and more 12 speed strikers out there, a 10 speed striker just seems a little passé.

Number Three:

Ki-Adi Mundi (SW/G2)2)

The new Gold Based Ki-Adi is getting a lot of hype right now, and rightfully so. A fast, cheap Jedi striker on a medium base, Ki-Adi is aggressively costed for his base stats. However, when you add in one of the best, if not the best Special Powers in the game, you get an outstanding figure. The threat of a possible TRIPLE Jedi Attackback makes Ki-Adi the number one target in most games he appears in, allowing you to develop the rest of your figures accordingly.

Number Two:

General Grievous (SW/28) & (SW/T3)

Grievous is a powerful precision shooter, with the best missile in the game. More to the point, Grievous is the BEST shooter in the game in my opinion. He has a good cost, a powerful attack, and one of the better specials in the game coupled with nearly 50/50 odds, there isn’t much more to say about Grievous except that if you can get the Tournament version, you get all of this for 10 less points. A steal.

Number One:

Darth Vader (SW/16)

This is the one pick that I’m sure most people will agree with. “Armored” Vader is quite simply a force to be reckoned with. One of two fastest figures in the game at 14 speed, Vader is probably “broken” when it comes to any Capture the Flag scenario. Add to that his weight and base size, making him harder to topple, and cap it off with a special that lets him Recover almost 2/3’s of the time, and you have the best, most aggressive striker in the game combined with being about the hardest to kill. Not much more left to say about that.

More Best Of:

Best Mega: AT-RT (SW/37), at 4 attacks per turn, this lone figure doubles your normal number of shots, allowing you to get five attacks in a turn if you wish. Oh, and his special could let him bring in his little brother, the Destroyer Droid in a pinch.

Best Wookiee: Tarfful (SW/29), the king of all Wookiees, the Vader of Wookiees, whatever you call him, he’s a beast.

Best Separatist: Cone Commander (SW/34), this starter figure is a well rounded shooter, with an extremely high chance of giving one of your Troopers *cough* Destroyer Droid *cough* a free shot.

Best Empire: Scout Trooper (SW/4)2), soon to be upstaged to be sure, but a decent “filler” character that benefits your Troopers, and has an above average special power ratio for 10 pointers.

Best Rebel: Luke Skywalker (SW/29)2) is one of the best figs in the game... no, really. Probably my “number seven” pick, he has great speed, a great mid sized base for a low cost, and a good chance of having his very versatile special “go off”.

Best Bounty Hunter: Bossk (SW/13)2) has probably the number one best special in the game. Unfortunately, it won’t come up very often, leaving a fairly basic (though left handed) shooter.

Best 10 Pointer: Grievous Bodyguard (SW/6)2), with speed enough to keep pace with all but the fastest strikers, and a good special that fires off fairly frequently for the cost, an all around good figure for the points.

Best non-booster product: Wal-Mart exclusive Battle Pack, a great bargain with a Series 2 booster (about 7 – 8 bucks), a Republic Gunship (about 10 bucks) and three nice Gold Based figs, all for around 20 dollars. A great set for someone first getting into the game.

Best starter: Series 1 (Vader versus Kenobi). This of all the starters I like best because it gets right down to the crux of Episode III and gives you the major players, a great introduction to the game.

That’s it for this year. As good as this year was, I have a feeling the Sophomore year of Attacktix will really tell the tale, with Series 3 on the horizon and Transformers Attacktix on it’s way, it should be a good one. See you next time!

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In response to webhead's post, Stephen would also like to add HIS best of list.

Honorable mention: Yoda (SW/30)
If you're a person who likes to play a defensive striker game, Yoda is your guy. His defense is excellent, being very hard to knock down form all but a few Tix away, and his special power means death for the figure that strikes him down more than three-fourths of the time. His speed is also excellent, which allows you to control the playing field with him against all but the fastest strikers. However, his awkward strike tends to "top off" opponents' figures, rather than propel them in a straight line. Thus, it's harder to pull off multiple kills with Yoda than with other strikers, particularly if his hand is glued to his lightsaber.

Fifth place: Destroyer Droid (SW/19)2)
Because the Destroyer Droid has an extra-stable tripod stance, two missile shooters, and a Trooper Attacktix class, it makes a fabulous support figure for a Droid Army team. Why only a Droid Army team? Because it has about a one-third chance of returning to the starting line only if a Droid Army figure remains standing on its team. However, its 40 point cost, combined with its firing only small missiles, makes it an awfully expensive bit of laser-bait. Especially because the skinny panel joining its arm and legs is a guaranteed push-down target that can let even a small missile shooter take down the Destroyer Droid from 15 Tix away.

Fourth place: Gold-based Ki-Adi-Mundi (SW/G2)2)
Yes, Ki-Adi-Mundi's refurbishment is by far the best of the three in the Battle Pack. Not only does his special power get upgraded in power and probability, but his movement gets bumped up 2 Tix, adding a needed burst of speed to this powerful striker. In contrast, gold-based Nute Gunray's special power upgrade (though a lovely add to the Droid Army) is still wedded to a small missile shooter. Nevertheless, a three-Jedi Attackback is only useful if there are a) up to three Jedis b) in good attack range. Thus, you'll need to keep gold-based Ki-Adi-Mundi out of the range of your opponent's attacks for at least one turn (and possibly two or three) so that his special power won't be triggered prematurely, thus wasting his speed. Alternatively, he might make a good back-line figure in a striker unit – but then, the figures in front of him might be decimated before his special power becomes useful. Plus, his saber hand still tends to snap off at the wrist; unfortunately, Hasbro didn't glue it in any better than they did in the Series 1 issue.

Third place: General Grievous (SW/28) & (SW/T3)
This guy's a monster on the battlefield. His wide-hitting bolt is to be feared, and his amazing ankle flexibility allows him to bend forward or backward so that he's almost parallel with the playing field, allowing him to aim and fire around figures or terrain that would otherwise block his shot. Plus, at 30 points, he doesn't break the point bank on 100-point squads. And to top it off, his Attackback special power lets a couple of Droid Army figures take their revenge, should their Captain fall. However, the same provisos about Ki-Adi-Mundi's special power apply here, making General Grievous an obvious target for opening salvos from your opponent, particularly if he's left alone on the starting line. The trigger on his gun is also awkwardly recessed into the gun itself, making firing an issue for those who aren't used to it. The Tournament edition General Grievous knocks 10 points off his cost, but it also knocks 2 Tix off his speed, which makes him perhaps the least advantageous Tournament figure compared to the regular figure.

Number two: Obi-Wan Kenobi (SW/38)2)
When I saw the special power probabilities on the Series 2 Mace starter, I grew rather pessimistic that Series 2 Starter Kenobi's Recover power would have anything close to a 50% probability of coming up. However, when it was posted that his Recover power was only 8% less probable to come up than Series 1 Starter Kenobi's Sacrifice power, and the orange Clone Trooper in the starter set had a more probable Jedi Attackback, I got a bunch of these starter sets for myself. With his saber pointed inward, this 30-pointer Jedi Warrior can knock down as many figures as Mace Windu, and his Recover probability (which requires only a lowly, cheap Trooper to activate) is slightly higher than even Armored Vader's! So why is he only number two on this list?

Number one: Darth Vader (SW/16)
Because only 10 more points and a slight hit to the Recover probability buys you a bigger base, a more substantial figure, 2 more Tix of movement (making him the fastest figure in the game), and a longer and more powerful strike. Armored Vader's Recover special power also requires only a Trooper to activate, which he can leave behind while he charges through your enemy's lines, knocking them down mercilessly while taking hits from small missiles with impunity. For now, this guy is the striker to include at least one of in a squad, particularly if he's paired with another fast, lower point striker (Starter 2 Kenobi, perhaps? Count Dooku?).

Best of the Rest

Best Mega: Republic Gunship (SW/31)2)
Not only does it offer a portable large missile launcher, it lets you transport a figure across the battlefield. Furthermore, the new targeting mechanism makes it harder (but not impossible) to take down with a single attack. The new targets are also not prone to popping back into place (like the AT-RT's and Boga's) after they've been knocked down. They seem to be so successful that they'll be used on the Jabba the Hutt Mega for Series 3.

Best Republic: Medic Droid (SW/20)2)
A unique figure that brings any figures of yours back from the dead. This figure's unique action is almost guaranteed not to break – and even if it does, you can just use a counter or something similar to keep track of when to bring a figure back – no need to play the booster return lottery with Hasbro! However, this may not be terribly useful in 100-point games without figures surrounding it to protect it.

Best Rebel: Luke Skywalker (SW/29)2)
Yes, his foot is covered in something, but that something helps to keep him up, even with direct shots at his base. Plus, he gives the nascent Rebel team a lot of mobility from the start and a relatively cheap yet effective striker.

Best Wookiee: Tarfful (SW/29)
The paw with the most punch, the Wookiee with the wickedest whap, the longest-lasting Leader (medium-probability Recover special power): It's Tarfful, an indispensible Wookiee team anchor.

Best Separatist: Palpatine (SW/17)
Hard to knock down, equipped a unique Force blast and a medium-probability Recover special power that belies his Sith origins, and featuring a fixed firing angle, Palpy is a great figure to learn about the basics of (Force blast) Attacktix shooting. Plus, if he's knocked down on his right side, his Force blast might just have a nasty surprise for your figures that lie in front of him!

Best Empire: Royal Guard (SW/07)2)
The Empire is probably the weakest team so far; expect this to change greatly in Series 3. The Royal Guard wins over the first Imperial Vader because of its higher speed, lower cost, and better special power (Rescue vs. Force Push?!?).

Best Bounty Hunter: Boba Fett (SW/30)2)
It's almost hard to take this figure seriously, particularly if Tion Medon has snuck up behind him and is about to give him a nice thwack on the bottom. Still, his low center of gravity when he's bent down makes him hard to knock over (like Yoda), and his Capture special power is more probable than Bossk's. Furthermore, if you have some Specialist Scout Troopers on your team (or some other Bounty Hunters), his special power will act just like Bossk's.

Best 10 point figure: Jedi Knight (SW/01)2)
My prejudice may be showing through on this one, but hear me out. Unlike the Series 1 or 2 Grievous Bodyguards, 10 Jedi Knights' Attackback special powers work together when thrown together in a squad. Furthermore, their strike is more powerful than that of a Grievous Bodyguard, and they're just as fast as a Series 1 Grievous Bodyguard. If you get these guys swarming together in two flanks of five (or four, if your opponent goes first and knocks two off the starting line), you've got a force that's nearly unstoppable if you peel off attackers from one flank and keep the other flank formed up tightly.

Best novelty product: Wal-Mart Battle Pack
A Republic Gunship ($9.96), a Series 2 booster pack ($6.97), and three gold-based figures (at least $9.99 on eBay) for between $18-$22? What a great way to introduce the game to newbies! Even the two-for-one Series 2 booster Mega Packs won't give you as thorough an introduction to the game as the Battle Pack (though they're better for building armies or building up trade bait).

Best starter: Series 1 (Kenobi vs. Vader)
Though individual figures in Series 2 starters (Mace starter Clone Commander, Starter 2 Kenobi) might be better than individual figures in the Series 1 starter, this first starter pack gives some decently powered figures on both sides of the Star Wars universe to start up epic battles. I have 6 of them, at least.

Worst figures: 30 point, small missile shooters without gold bases
Without some incredibly potent and probable special powers, these figures will almost always be relegated to the trade/dust heap. They can't knock much down from a distance, and they tend to be built so that they're not too hard to knock down. Series 1 had three of these clunkers (Padme Amidala, Bail Organa, Nute Gunray), and Series 2 had only one (Princess Leia). C'mon, Hasbro! Do you think politicians can't handle powerful guns for some reason? Give the ladies, senator, and viceroy some credit. Give 'em either the big guns or the big special powers if they've got a big point cost. The gold-based Nute Gunray did the latter, which would make me happy enough to play him in the rear of a Droid Army squad. As for the rest of these...well, let's just say I won't be playing a Senate team featuring the fearsomely bad Padme-Bail-Leia trio anytime soon.

Darth Sidious #25-2 Tips and Tricks

Darth Sidious #25-2
Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Sith or Separatist)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Darth Sidious is a bit slow in advancing up the field, but if you're able to strike in spite of his hanging robes, he can smack your opponent's figures down quite effectively. You can also rotate his left arm immediately in front of or behind his head so that his robe doesn't impact your swing nearly as much.

Sidious's ability to Recover from being taken down makes him a formidable enemy, particularly given its high probability of coming up and its ability to use either Sith or Separatist figures to bring Sidious back from being defeated. As long as you've got a team of naughty figures supporting him, Sidious may be a force on the playing field for quite a while.

Tip for attacking with Darth Sidious:
Darth Sidious's flowing sleeves can be a pain in the rear. They droop down and can impair proper striking technique in a nasty way. Thus, I highly recommend rotating Sidious's arms up to get his sleeves out of the way. Put his left hand behind his head so that his left sleeve sticks almost straight up, and align the hilt of his saber with his neck. He'll only knock down a couple of figures in a four-figure group (or 30- and 40-point strikers and Force blasters) this way, but it makes for a robe-free strike. If you can get your right hand's fingers out of the way of his striking sleeve, align the hilt of his saber with his waist line (or a bit lower); he can knock down four tightly-packed 30- and 40-point strikers and Force blasters this way.

Sidious is the Sithergizer bunny: he keeps going and going and going...with lots of different figures that will support him. Make sure you have as many Sith and Separatist figures on Sidious's team to give him the best chance of popping right back up after being knocked down.

Tips for attacking Darth Sidious:
Sidious isn't quite as solid as his Series 2 apprentice. At 10 Tix, a small missile or Force blast to the upper chest or head will take him down. From 15 Tix away, a well-aimed large missile or Force blast to his top half. A really well-aimed small missile to Sidious's chest can also take him down; however, small missile attacks are likely to be more successful from 5-10 Tix away. It'll take a half-power swing from a striker to knock him down, though a quarter-power swing will scoot him across the table around 5 Tix.

To be sure about taking Sidious down, you'll have to eliminate the Sith and Separatist forces on his team. Fortunately, his slow speed (for a striker) will help ensure that he can take on your strikers only when you're ready for him. Thus, you might want to keep a shooter force back to pick off Sith or Separatist figures on Sidious's team, then close a striker team in for the kill when only Sidious and another figure is left on the team.

Alternative Strategies
Sidious might make an ideal anchor for a second-wave part of a team. If you team him up with Darth Maul, or Series 1 Darth Vader with some Troopers surrounding Sidious, you'll have a team that'll take great advantage of synergistic special powers. Keep a guard of shooters around Sidious to make sure his Recover power doesn't get called upon to act too many times before making a final, devastating series of strikes against an opponent.

Of course, you could always let Sidious lumber his way up the playing field, daring your opponent to take him out. If you back him up with another striker or two, he'll be harder to knock down, and he'll be ready to wade his way through your opponent's figures with relative impunity.

R2-D2 #21-2 Tips and Tricks

R2-D2 #21-2
Reviewer: Webhead

SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Rebel)
EFFECT: Numer of Attacks Random(1-4)

R2 is one of Star Wars most recognizable figures, and for a good reason…it’s the only character that is in all six movies in exactly the same form.

We all know that this R2 doesn’t have an attack, so, does his Effect and Special Power make up for it? Let’s see…

Tip for attacking with R2-D2:
Moving right along…

Tips for attacking R2-D2:
R2’s effect reads as follows: "At start of your turn, you may press R2’s Top. Window shows number of attacks you can make this turn." Pretty straight forward. First, a note, that when you press the antenna, the wheel starts to spin, when you release the antenna, the wheel stops and locks into place. To my mind, only once the antenna is released and the wheel locked do you have your number, as the wheel may stop spinning on it’s own and stop between two numbers.

So, the rulebook claims that you have a 50-50 chance of R2 giving you more attacks for your turn. But is this accurate? Not really, let me explain why. According to the Attacktix Autopsy: R2 that Joe has done, it has been revealed that the wheel in R2 has six numbers on it, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, and 4 (not in that order). There is no indication that anything would make one number come up more than another. So, let’s divide those numbers into three categories. The first category is “Less attacks than normal” (the two 1’s), the second is “The normal number of attacks” (the two 2’s), and the third is “More attacks than normal” (the 3 and 4). “That’s great,” you say, “but what does it all mean?” What is means is this, if you use R2 every turn, one third of the time you will lose attacks, one third of the time he will have no effect on the game at all, and one third of the time he will give you a positivie, more attacks than normal. Now, is it worth having a 10 point figure that can only help you out a third of your time? It really all depends on whether or not you feel lucky, and whether you have a team that can take full advantage of the added attacks. If you spin a 1 on the first turn when all you have is a single launcher that can attack anyway, you haven’t lost anything, but you haven’t gained anything either. Now, if it’s the end-game, and you can wipe out your opponent if you could just get a third attack in, maybe R2 can come through for you. Or maybe he’d spin a 1 again and lose it for you, it’s all a roll of the dice.

Alternative Strategies
R2 can make an interesting piece of “mobile terrain”, he is short enough that some Strikers can attack right over the top of him, knocking over the figure behind him. Don’t be afraid to move R2 out into the field, any attacks spent on him are ones that aren’t targetting your own attackers.

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Luke Skywalker #29-2 Tips and Tricks

Luke Skywalker #29-2
Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Attackback (Republic or Rebel)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Luke Skywalker looks like he's stepped in something...unpleasant. However, he's a surprisingly good striker, especially for only 20 points. He also plays nicely with either the Republic or Rebel teams, which makes him a useful addition to either faction.

Tip for attacking with Luke Skywalker:
Like Kit Fisto, Luke Skywalker's saber can be used to strike at chest level, or in front of or behind his right hip. Using the front-hip strike often allows for the most power in his strike, and he can take out 3-4 of 4 tightly packed 40-point Force blasters with it.

Luke's special power creates a nice link between the PT and OT, as he can grant either the Republic or Rebel figures on your team a free move and attack.

Tips for attacking Luke Skywalker:
At 10 Tix away, a small missile to his chest or back will knock him down. At 15 Tix away, a large missile or Force blast to the back or base will take him down; however, these shots to the chest are less likely to knock him down. Also, a quarter-power swing will often suffice to knock him down with a striker.

Luke's cosmopolitan special power allows a wide range of figures to benefit from it, so you'll likely not want to try timing a Luke kill – unless, of course, he advances on you quickly and leaves figures behind that can't take maximal advantage of his special power! Thus, he might make a good target for a first volley of shots a the beginning of the game.

Alternative Strategies
That said, with Luke Skywalker leading a forward squad of Republic or Rebel strikers or faster shooters against your opponent, you might be able to close quickly enough so that if Luke gets knocked down, his special power will ensure that he's avenged. And if he's not knocked down, he'll be able to wreak quite a bit of havoc on your opponent's forces with his powerful strike.

In any case, you probably don't want to leave Luke as part of a rear guard squad (unless, of course, it contains a substantial number of Republic or Rebel figures). If he gets knocked down in the back of the field, his high-probability special power won't do much good.

Darth Maul #26-2 Tips and Tricks

Darth Maul #26-2
Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Vengeance (Jedi if have Leader)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Dual-Bladed Lightsaber)

Darth Maul is perhaps a less power figure than his dual-bladed lightsaber might suggest. However, he still has two different modes of striking that have significant consequences both for the kinds of combination shots you can perform and for his ability to withstand attacks.

His special power will make your Jedi rue the day they ever saw Maul about half of the time, but only if Maul has a Leader supporting his attacks. Thus, his Master...err...Leader will be a prime target for attacks.

Tip for attacking with Darth Maul:
Darth Maul's double-bladed saber positioned at the chest level requires some more advanced striking skill than a novice may possess. When I try to strike with my left hand in its normal striker support position, the left side of Maul's saber hits the knuckles of my left hand before the saber has much of a chance to whip around much in its strike. Hence, I have to hold Maul's base much lower, with my hand almost flat against his base. In this way, I can strike down 3 of 4 tightly grouped 40-point Force blasters with the right side of Maul's saber. You might be able to claim an additional figure if there's a way for you to snake the left blade of Maul's saber behind the back of a 30-point or lower figure of your opponent's.

If you're less familiar with striking (or just can't get Maul's saber to work for you), you may want to keep his saber lifted over his head and strike with the right side of the saber alone. This is a somewhat less powerful strike than when his saber is at chest level, but it will still take out 3 of 4 tightly grouped 40-point Force blasters. If you use this strike on a single figure, the figure will be sent spinning head over heels and popped upward somewhat (like with Darth Vader's overhand strike, but not as far up in the air). This can interfere with doing straight combination kills, but it can make for some interesting trick combinations (e.g., skipping one figure over another to hit a third, more valuable figure farther behind the second one).

Tips for attacking Darth Maul:
Darth Maul's vulnerability depends greatly on the position of his saber. With his saber raised above his head, at 10 Tix away, a small missile to his back (but not his chest) will knock him down. At 15 Tix away, a large missile or Force blast to the back or chest will take him down nicely. Additionally, a Force blast to the saber he holds on his right side will often be sufficient to twirl him down, even at 15 Tix. Also, a quarter-power swing will often suffice to knock him down with a striker.

However, if his saber is down at chest level, a small missile even at 5 Tix away will likely not be able to knock him down, no matter where it's aimed. Furthermore, only at 5 Tix away can a large missile have a strong chance of taking him down. At 10 Tix away, a Force blast can take him down, but from 15 Tix away, unless you can get a *really* lucky shot on his lightsaber, even a Force blaster can't take him down with his saber at chest level. Furthermore, you'll need at least a half-power swing to strike him down.

Maul's special power will ensure that your favorite Jedi is toast about half of the time...but only if your opponent has a Leader in play. Thus, to protect the Jedi on your squad, you should take out your opponent's Leaders before taking on Maul. However, if Maul's on the field, you might also want to limit the number of Jedi in your squad.

Alternative Strategies
Darth Maul's strong defensive capabilities make him a useful choice for a first-line striker, particularly with his saber down at chest level. When properly used, he can maraud through your non-Jedi opponents, and when he is knocked down, he can exact his Vengeance on the peskiest Jedi on the field for your opponent. Just make sure you have a Leader left on your team!

However, his slower speed might make him suited for the lead of a secondary advancing squad (perhaps protecting a Leader in the rear). You might then want his saber extended above his head to put some spin on your opponent's figures as they crash into each other, once they've been spread out by an initial attacking force.

Transformers Attacktix - First Look

Thanks to the Transformers World 2005 forum. Attacktix Tactics will always be covering any and all news in the Attacktix world, so if you have any more info about these prototypes, please leave a comment below!

Attacktix Transformers Battle figure game
24 different figures available.
Available June 2006.
Works with Star Wars Attacktix.

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New Series 3 ATTACKTIX Coming in January 2006


New Series 3 ATTACKTIX Coming in January 2006 - Awesome new battle figures with amazing new powers!

Introducing Series 3 ATTACKTIX, the awesome battle figure game!

Series 3 includes a brand-new Starter Set, containing two exclusive figures with powers you won’t find anywhere else, plus a hidden common figure from the Booster Packs. The Series 3 Starter Set includes:

  • Luke Skywalker with Force Blast attack and Rescue ability
  • Darth Vader with Lightsaber attack and Sacrifice ability
  • Captain Antilles with Launcher attack and Rally ability
  • Imperial Officer with Launcher attack and Charge ability

New Series 3 Booster Packs are coming as well, with a cool new look! Be on the lookout for three different packaging versions. Series 3 features 30 new, classic Star Wars trilogy ATTACKTIX battle figures with new powers. Each Booster Pack includes three randomly-selected figures – one common, one rare and one super rare figure. And keep your eyes out for those ultra rare silver bases!

Download the ATTACKTIX play guide and see all 30 ATTACKTIX Wave 3 booster pack figures and rarity checklist!

The new ATTACKTIX Series 3 Battle Master features awesome launching powers! Jabba the Hutt shoots marbles at your enemies and features a Recruit ability when defeated – if the ATTACKTIX window is white, put a Bounty Hunter into play from your back-ups!

ATTACKTIX Starter Sets, Booster Packs and Battle Masters are available where action figures are sold.