Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mr. Attacktix Speaks: A Quick (and Much Needed) Interview with Brian Wilk

by: JayDouble

I was finally able to run down Brian today and talk to him for a few minutes. I didn't get to everyone's question because I went straight to point. (I'm paraphrasing the conversation so don't take it as the final word.)

JD: Where's the newest series of Attacktix?

BW: The date for their release is to be determined, but they should be coming out.

JD: What does the future hold for Attacktix?

BW: After the the latest series is released, Attacktix will go on hiatus. The reason being is we want to retool how the product is communicated to the public. Wizards of the Coast along with Hasbro will be involved with this.

The game play will stay, they just want to work on how to market the game properly. It's a game that is for kids. So does it belong in the game aisle like Heroscape, with the cards like Magic, or in the aisle with the action figures? The niche they're aiming for is getting the parents or players of Magic, D&D etc. to play with the younger crowd.

They realize other companies are looking to get into it also, i.e. Mattel with DC. They look at this as being good. Competition creates great products and if DC's game has similar rules to Attacktix even better.

Another note:

As far as a "Master Rulebook" of rules goes he likes the idea of it. He also likes the idea of what the community as a whole is doing. First there were the rules from Hasbro, but the community took it a step further. Brian compared it to a source code for the computer, they put out the code and we're just tweaking it.

If you are not sure what "the community is doing" be sure to check out the fan created and edited, Wiki!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Away Message

Sorry I've been away so much. Fortunately, I haven't missed much Attacktix news. There have been reports of Series 2 Marvel starters at K-Mart, as well as the Series 5 Star Wars starter & Series 2 Transformers starter.

I will be away again on vacation till early next week. Look for the return of Top Tix Topics. Until then you can always chat on our messageboard!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Top Tix Topics

Every Monday news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see the buzz-worthy threads in the Attacktix online community.

#1 - How high would you go and what would it be? - A thread started by Superfly about the highest point figure you'd use in tournament play. Is a Mega too big? 40 point figures over-costed? Come discuss your tournament teams that include high point figures.

#2 - Who is your favorite "bad" figure? - Be it padme, jawas, force blast figures, what attacktix are just plain fun to play with but are kind of weak for winning. Discuss here in this thread by Cona Chris!

#3 - And, finally, a general thread about the Transformers movie. Come discuss what you thought of the #1 film of this past weekend. (where are the movie attacktix?)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Two Tix Forward: Point Man

Point Man

If I had to narrow it down to the single most important thing I do when it comes to working on Attacktix figures, that would have to be getting the points right. No matter how great a figure is, if it costs too much, it won't see much play. If a decent figure costs too little, it's declared "broken" and gets played to the exclusion of other like figures. Sometimes it's a fine line.

The first thing I usually do when working on a new set is work out the point costs for all of the figures. They certainly aren't set in stone right off the bat, but by roughing them out, I get an idea of what the power level of each figure should be when I'm done. I thought it might be worthwhile for you today to share some of the thinking that goes into this process, to talk about how I see the different point costs from a design point of view. On with the show...

10 Pointers - These are often easy to pick out...typically, especially in Star Wars and Transformers, these are the "army builders", the low rung Trooper types. Stromtroopers...probably always going to be 10 points unless they are a commander or some other Specialist type. It's a little more difficult in Marvel, but I've found that some of the more human figures can fit at 10 points (see Elektra), or, in the case of the Avengers Spider-Man, it's an opportunity to show relative power level versus the rest of the team. In any case, a 10 point figure should feel like they are in a supporting roll, and might need a more powerful figure anchoring their team.

20 Pointers - A step up from the 10 pointers, at 20 points a figure might have better stats, weapons, or defense, than a 10 point figure. On the curve, a 20 pointer should be solid, and should round out a team nicely. 20 Pointers often feel like tweeners...sharing a number of traits with both 10 and 30 pointers. They also tend to feel that way in design...figures that just don't feel right at 10 or 30 points...they usually find their home at 20. Probably the hardest point distinction to make.

30 Pointers - Bread and butter. A 30 pointer needs to be able to front a team and hold it's own with about anyone. Many figs can "work" at 30 points...we've seen 30 point versions of many main characters across the various universes. 30 points figures are by far the easiest to "find" in a set, yet, the hardest to keep in check in terms of relative power level.

40 Pointers - These are the big guns. At 40 points, you should be able to build your team around this figure. Typically reserved for premiere characters...see also Vader, Prime, and Hulk. This is also the stomping ground of figures with experimental attacks and powers, flight, and huge projectiles. Nearly the top of the food chain.

50 Pointers - What do you do with a 40 pointer that gets a powerful effect to boot? Bump them up to 50 of course. This is the absolute height of the standard figure point costs.

60 - 100 Pointers - The exclusive realm of the Megas, and fodder for a whole topic all it's own.

So that's it this time, just a basic look at how I see point costs IN GENERAL. Sometime in the future we'll talk about The Curve and how it has changed over time. Over and out. - B

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tournament at Botcon 2007

Some pictures have been posted of the tournament that was held at Botcon this past weekend. It has been rumored that the latest Transformers attacktix sets were given as prizes. If any one has more pictures or has the new transformers in their hands let me know!

Check out the pictures of the tournament here on the Botcon website.