Thursday, March 29, 2007

Attacktix Transformers Series 2 Starter Now Available

Transformers Series 2 Starters are available NOW! You get G1 versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron as well as Energon Landquake and a Comic-Con style Cybertron Skywarp.

As we get cases of Attacktix from Entertainment Earth, that's where this came from. As far as we know it hasn't shown up in brick and mortar yet, but you can order one online-- or wait.

Each figure has a spring-loaded attack-- basically, all are firing projectiles except Landquake, who has this claw thing. Which is pretty cool.

It ships in an assortment with a companion Star Wars set featuring Chewbacca and Han Solo (Hoth gear) as well as Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. So Attacktix still has a lot of product on the way, it seems. I'm especially fond of the Legends-style Skywarp in this set.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Designer Notes: When Wampas Attack(tix)

From Web of Webhead

The Battle Master for the forthcoming Star Wars Attacktix Series 5 is arriving now for those that pre-ordered it from certain e-tailers. This mighty figure is of course the Wampa…packed with the Hoth version of Luke…

Attacktix Wampa

Designed concurrently with Series 5, this mega pack is the first of the Star Wars figures I’ve worked on to arrive on the scene. The Wampa gets very little screen time in the original ESB, and gets slightly more play in the Special Edition. Either way you cut it (ouch) there’s not a lot of canon to work with. However…the sculptors did an AWESOME job yet again, creating a great figure that feels more like a statue. I struggled a bit with powering the mighty snow beast…but I finally settled on Battle Cry…it seemed oh so fitting for this creature of the snow - matching his thunderous roar. As we found, when attacked, a Wampa can call for aid from his fellow snow beasts. In a large enough point game, a pack of Wampas would be quite the threat to contend with.

Luke was another story…I took the specific storyline element from this scene, Luke’s rescue by Han, and expanded it. This is a pivotal character building moment for Han, where we see his true grit shine through and his determination to risk his own live to save a friend. I could have easily gone the Rescue - If Han Soloroute, but I felt instead the need to expand that condition out, to allow you to play what if. What if Luke was rescued by the X-Men’s Beast instead? What if he was rescued by Starscream? True to form, the Hoth version of Han is a Captain (you’ll find him and Chewie in the Starter), so Luke’s Rescue - If Captain will work just fine in a storyline game. However, if you’re crossing universes (and really, why aren’t you?), you’ll be sure to find plenty of solid Captain figures to support this strategy in game. Enjoy! - B

Monday, March 26, 2007

Attacktix UK: Win Attacktix Battle Masters

Click here to enter!

Win Attacktix Battle Masters

Competition closes on 9:00am Saturday 31st March 2007
Win one of ten Battle Masters packs
Win one of ten Battle Masters packs

Attacktix - The battle everybody wants to see!

For decades kids have deliberated endlessly in the playground, presenting evidence for and against some of the toughest characters known to man. Yet until now the question has never been answered. Who would be the last man standing if all of the superheroes in the world contested a huge battle?

Attacktix can make it happen and finally kids can discover who the toughest, bravest superhero of all time is. With Attacktix, Spiderman can challenge Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker can team up with Optimus Prime, Stormtroopers can skirmish with Transformers and The Hulk can take on Wolverine! Anything is possible!

Attacktix is a revolutionary action figure battling game with one simple goal: To be the last man standing. Each figure has a maximum number of moves similar to a piece in a game of chess and can be played on various levels for all abilities. Kids must think strategically about where to move their figures and who to pair them up against.

And to find our who is truly the hardest hero in the universe kids can get down to Toys R Us at Tilling Road in Brent Cross on 31 March 2007 to see the Attacktix UK Tour in action!

All you have to do is to answer this simple question:

Which branch of Toys R Us can kids see the Attacktix Tour in action?

Competition prize:
10 winners will each win a Battle Masters pack.

Competition rules:

  • Employees of Newsquest (London) Ltd and their families and anyone else connected with this promotion are not eligible to enter.
  • Prizes are not transferable and there are no cash alternatives.
  • The editor’s decision is final.
  • Friday, March 23, 2007

    Transformer Movie Attacktix Megatron and Scorponok Megas!



    A powerful addition to your squad, awesome MEGATRON and SCORPONOK battle figures can help bring exciting action to your next ATTACKTIX battle! Obliterate your opponent's ranks when you launch the MEGATRON battle figure's two missiles! Knock down rivals with the SCORPONOK figure's jabbing action! You'll want these figures to be a part of your strategy, because in ATTACKTIX, THE LAST ONE STANDING WINS

    ATTACKTIX Battle Figure Game: TRANSFORMERS Tournament Set

    Lead an ATTACKTIX squad into battle and knock down your opponent's troops with real attack moves like launching missiles, swinging smashes and more! Each of the four figures in this tournament set comes with unique attack features and awesome styling that's made to collect or trade!
    Select your troops and plan your strategy! Each exclusive action game piece is modeled after a TRANSFORMERS character. Stand up your figures and play anywhere... no game board is needed! And a quick-start guide gets you playing fast! So set up, load up, and start battling, because THE LAST ONE STANDING WINS!Includes 4 exclusive figures only available in this pack: OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, BUMBLEBEE and BONECRUSHER figures.

    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Spider-Man III Attacktix Out Now

    From Web of Webhead

    Apparently the Spider-Man III Attacktix set is already starting to pop at retailers, with initial reports coming in of Toys R Us purchases. Start looking now at your favorite Attacktix outlet.

    Spider-Man III Attacktix Set

    This set represents the final pieces of the initial Marvel offerings, filling in the "missing" Spider-Man (SM) series figures first found in the Origins starter. This is also the second Marvel movie themed series following the Ghost Rider products from earlier this year. Designing figs for the movies... Read the rest of this entry »

    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Attacktix UK Tour is Coming to a Toys R Us Near You!

    From Toy Talk: We have learned that Hasbro is staging a UK tour to demonstrate the new action figures.

    Held at Toys R Us shops around the country from March 17 until April 14, The Attacktix UK Tour should be great fun. Click below for a full list of participating stores and dates.

    Attacktix Launch Store List (visit the Toys R Us website for directions to your nearest store)

    17 March
    Bedford, Cardiff, Enfield, Hull, Leeds, Medway, Merry Hill, Peterborough, Reading, Stockport

    24 March
    Bolton, Bristol, Coventry, Doncaster, Ipswich, Livingston, Luton, Old Kent Road, Southampton, Swindon

    31 March
    Brent Cross, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Solihull, Teeside, Warrington, Woking

    7 April
    Brislington, Edinburgh, Harlow, Hayes, Liverpool, Northampton, Nottingham, Oldbury, Portsmouth, York

    14 April
    Croydon, Derby, Glasgow, Lincoln, Metro, Oxford, Poole, Preston, Stevenage, Stoke

    Win a Spider-Man Origins Starter Set

    If you are one of the large number of Attacktix fans who have yet to find the Origins Starter Set then this contest is for you.

    All you need to do is draw a picture of Spider-Man and post it in the Forum! If you are already a member, click here!

    If you are not yet a member you can register now. It's free and easy.

    Click the Forum button at the top of the page and enter to win!

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Custom Marvel Attacktix

    Here are some of my latest Marvel customs.

    Click on the images to see them larger!

    Han Solo (soon to be Indiana Jones) holding Iceman's custom frosty Ice Blast

    Some different angles of my favorite Marvel hero, Iceman

    The Black Widow

    Secret Wars Spider-Man

    I was mostly interested in just the customization of the figures, soon I will assign powers, change bases and create some powers for these guys. Until then, enjoy!

    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Marvel Series 2 Mega: Colossus with Wolverine Throwing Action

    ATTACKTIX Battle Figure Game: X-Men BATTLE MASTERS - Wolverine and Colossus

    click to enlarge image
    A powerful addition to your squad, awesome Colossus and Storm figures can help bring exciting action to your next ATTACKTIX battle! Obliterate your opponent’s ranks with Colossus’ Wolverine-throwing action, and Storm’s launching blizzard-blasting missile!

    You’ll want these figures to be a part of your strategy, because in ATTACKTIX, THE LAST ONE STANDING WINS!

    Includes Colossus with Wolverine, and Storm figures.
    Item #: 68277
    Approx. Retail: $ 12.99
    Ages: 6 & Up