Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Designer Notes: When Wampas Attack(tix)

From Web of Webhead

The Battle Master for the forthcoming Star Wars Attacktix Series 5 is arriving now for those that pre-ordered it from certain e-tailers. This mighty figure is of course the Wampa…packed with the Hoth version of Luke…

Attacktix Wampa

Designed concurrently with Series 5, this mega pack is the first of the Star Wars figures I’ve worked on to arrive on the scene. The Wampa gets very little screen time in the original ESB, and gets slightly more play in the Special Edition. Either way you cut it (ouch) there’s not a lot of canon to work with. However…the sculptors did an AWESOME job yet again, creating a great figure that feels more like a statue. I struggled a bit with powering the mighty snow beast…but I finally settled on Battle Cry…it seemed oh so fitting for this creature of the snow - matching his thunderous roar. As we found, when attacked, a Wampa can call for aid from his fellow snow beasts. In a large enough point game, a pack of Wampas would be quite the threat to contend with.

Luke was another story…I took the specific storyline element from this scene, Luke’s rescue by Han, and expanded it. This is a pivotal character building moment for Han, where we see his true grit shine through and his determination to risk his own live to save a friend. I could have easily gone the Rescue - If Han Soloroute, but I felt instead the need to expand that condition out, to allow you to play what if. What if Luke was rescued by the X-Men’s Beast instead? What if he was rescued by Starscream? True to form, the Hoth version of Han is a Captain (you’ll find him and Chewie in the Starter), so Luke’s Rescue - If Captain will work just fine in a storyline game. However, if you’re crossing universes (and really, why aren’t you?), you’ll be sure to find plenty of solid Captain figures to support this strategy in game. Enjoy! - B

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