Saturday, September 30, 2006

G1 Transformers Attacktix at Botcon 2006

All you G1 fans out there can start drooling now! There is nothing left to stop you from playing Attacktix! G1 Megatron and Optimus Prime were spotted at Botcon (pictures from

Stephen, one of our Joe Attacktix reporters, has informed us that Galvatron, Arcee and Strongarm are also on display and more pictures will be coming!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Starter Set Scheduled for Winter 2006 Release Date

Hasbro phone support has found Marvel Attacktix Starter Sets in the system! The support representative gave a broad release date of "Winter 2006."

This would confirm earlier reports of Marvel Attacktix being available in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. So keep your eyes peeled in November, and be sure to check back here for in-store sightings!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Star Wars and Transformers Starter Sets with Exclusive Figures Now at Walmart

Walmarts across the US are starting to carry the Star Wars Series 4 and Transformers Series 1 Starter Sets with the Promo Figures!

Look for endcaps covered with Attacktix Starter sets at a Walmart near you!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Attacktix Poll: Would You Play Fantasy Attacktix?

The response to the Moster Attacktix have been incredible. I put together a simple poll to see who would be interested in play a Fantasy-based Attacktix game. I also added a few choices that have come up in discussion, so please choose the one you are most interested in.

Please click here to take the poll!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Attacktix Archives Part II - The Attacktix That Never Were

When the patent for Attacktix was submitted, Hasbro added some illustrations to give an example of exactly how the figures would look, move and attack. Those illustrations included one striker and one shooter. These were not simple examples of what could be, these were images or what Hasbro was already playing with! That's right, the first incarnation of Attacktix may very well have been MONSTER ATTACKTIX!

Taking a quick peek at the patent illustration from the last Archive article, and you will see that they are the Werewolf, shown above, and a Pharaoh. The Pharaoh in the illustration has a missile that is very close to the basic Star Wars missiles, but the prototype figure actually has a projectile with a very detailed Snakes' Head!

Other figures in the line includes a pair of Ogres, both Striker and Shooter. The Ogre was the only figure to have a Special Power in this assortment. He has the Ogre Anger, which is like the Series 2 Rescue power, returning him to start if the window is red.

The projectiles from this series looks like they would have been a lot of fun. The Vampire figure is holding a Bat in his hand, and it would seem the missile would have looked like a Bat Head! We can also see the roots of the "Bending Boba" in the Garden Gnomes. I have no idea what they may have had for bullets!

There were plenty of Strikers in this Monster line! There was a Mummy that would hit you with a large Stone Tablet, complete with hieroglyphics. The Werewolf, shown above, and the Yeti, below, look like the Grandfathers of the infamous "Wookiee Slap!" The Demon Knight has a Shield and only the hilt of his Sword, the physics of the spring suggest he would attack with the Shield hand, but without seeing the complete Sword we will never know.

That is all that could be found on this initial series of Attacktix! Hasbro owns the the rights to both the Dungeons & Dragons and the Magic: The Gathering cast, so maybe we may see these figures resurface down the road. Hasbro did mention a new line of figures in 2007, and didn't reject the possibilty of any theme, including Lord of the Rings!

The figures look like it would have been a fun set, so hopefully it is not the last we will see of them. Lucky for us, Hasbro did get get the big-wigs to green light the Star Wars figures and Attacktix WAS born. The product still had a few steps to go through before it found its way to the local toy aisle. Be sure to check back with Joe Attacktix for more info on the beginning of Attacktix!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Attacktix Archives Part I - The Attacktix That Started It All

Attacktix is still a rookie in the world of gaming. However rumor has it that it was one of the most successful collectible Star Wars game in its inaugural year, beating Star Wars minis and card games. I hope to get more detailed news in the Hasbro 2005 Annual Report, but my initial skimming of said report has no mention of Attacktix.

Attacktix is barely two years old, but the line has grown enormously. The patent for Attacktix was filed on February 8, 2005 and the figures were released in early April, 2005.

Joe Attacktix has become a very well known resource for Attacktix, so when the following figure made an appearance, I knew there was no better home for him. The Attacktix prototype figure that started the Star Wars line: the Stormtrooper!

The base is very similar to what we saw in the patent illustrations. It has a larger Tix window, and an unevenly spaced red and black disc.

This early Stormtrooper has a different style projectile, as well. You can see in the first illustration above, that the missile originally have a groove and notch on the side, and the trigger was a simple stub to catch the groove. It is similar to the current missiles, however these older missile could only be inserted in one specific way, due to the grooves. The current missiles allow us to reload our weapons, without worrying about orientation.

This original Stormtrooper is smaller than the version available now. The figure's name, and classes are printed on the top of the base, behind the figure. The current Tix window and speed remain in the same location, with the Tix window getting a bit smaller.

If this really IS the figure that "sold" the idea of Star Wars Attacktix, it makes you wonder where he has been. Whose desk has he been on? Who has rolled him along the table? Are there any more out there like him?

I can not answer all those questions, but I can leave you with something else to think about... he very well may not be THE figure that started it all. Take a look at those illustrations in the patent and check back with Joe Attacktix to find out about the Attacktix that never were.

Star Wars and Transformers Attacktix Spotted in Australia

The first wave Transformers Attacktix and the fourth wave of Star Wars Attacktix figures have been spotted in Australia. It also appears that only Toys R Us and Kmart stores are stocking them at this point. The starter packs are priced at AU$20 and the boosters are AU$10 a pack.

September 23rd Master Attacktix Tournament - Maryville, MO

Date: September 23
Time: 4pm
Location: Baptist Student Union @ Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO
Cost: Free!

We'll probably provide some snacks.

There will be two tournaments, one of 100 points and the other of 200 points. Here are the team-building stipulations:

200 Point Tournament: we decided to go ahead and use the same format that Superfly used for the Ohio Tournament. That means no more than five of any one figure. Gold figures are still allowed, so anyone is welcome to try and copy or improve upon Notacomputer's winning team. This will be single elimination and the seeding will be set randomly. Adults and kids will play together. (I know of a seven-year-old and a five-year-old who are going to be there - but I expect everyone to play them just like anyone else.)

100 Point Tournament: here the rule is that you're not allowed to use more than one of the same figure, and that includes backups. This will also be single elimination.

Participants will use the same team throughout either tournament, and backups must be declared before the start of the tournaments.

Prizes: There will be silver tournament figures for prizes which will be distributed between the top finishers. The exact breakdown of that is still to be determined, but it will likely be as follows:

Top Prize: 1st Place in 200 Point Tournament
- your pick from all five silver figures (T6-T10)
Second Prize: 1st Place in 100 Point Tournament
- your pick from four remaining figures
Third Prize: 2nd Place in 200 Point Tournament
- your pick from three remaining figures
Fourth Prize: 2nd Place in 100 Point Tournament
- your pick from two remaining figures
Fifth Prize: 3rd Place in 200 Point Tournament
- last remaining silver figure (there will be a third place game to determine this spot)

There will also be door prizes/consolation prizes:
1 S4 SW Starter Set w/Bonus Figure
1 TF Starter Set w/Bonus Figure
2 S4 SW Booster Packs
2 TF Booster Packs

We have a home football game that starts at 1pm, so the tournament will start as close to 4pm as possible.
Here's a map on how to get here.

CLICK HERE for more information, and be sure to check the EVENTS page for Attacktix Tournament in your area!