Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Attacktix Archives Part I - The Attacktix That Started It All

Attacktix is still a rookie in the world of gaming. However rumor has it that it was one of the most successful collectible Star Wars game in its inaugural year, beating Star Wars minis and card games. I hope to get more detailed news in the Hasbro 2005 Annual Report, but my initial skimming of said report has no mention of Attacktix.

Attacktix is barely two years old, but the line has grown enormously. The patent for Attacktix was filed on February 8, 2005 and the figures were released in early April, 2005.

Joe Attacktix has become a very well known resource for Attacktix, so when the following figure made an appearance, I knew there was no better home for him. The Attacktix prototype figure that started the Star Wars line: the Stormtrooper!

The base is very similar to what we saw in the patent illustrations. It has a larger Tix window, and an unevenly spaced red and black disc.

This early Stormtrooper has a different style projectile, as well. You can see in the first illustration above, that the missile originally have a groove and notch on the side, and the trigger was a simple stub to catch the groove. It is similar to the current missiles, however these older missile could only be inserted in one specific way, due to the grooves. The current missiles allow us to reload our weapons, without worrying about orientation.

This original Stormtrooper is smaller than the version available now. The figure's name, and classes are printed on the top of the base, behind the figure. The current Tix window and speed remain in the same location, with the Tix window getting a bit smaller.

If this really IS the figure that "sold" the idea of Star Wars Attacktix, it makes you wonder where he has been. Whose desk has he been on? Who has rolled him along the table? Are there any more out there like him?

I can not answer all those questions, but I can leave you with something else to think about... he very well may not be THE figure that started it all. Take a look at those illustrations in the patent and check back with Joe Attacktix to find out about the Attacktix that never were.

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Radar said...

That's really cool. Quite the collectable.

As far as the patent figures never having come to be...I'm not so sure. Attacktix is an amazing product with limitless potential. To say that we wont see that mold of were-wolf arise as some form of Magic:the Gathering, D+D, Wolf Man from SW Cantina, Wolf Man Jedi from Star Wars Clone Wars, or Marvel Figure might be a little short sighted.

I believe we have only just started to see how widespread this game will become.