Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 23rd Master Attacktix Tournament - Maryville, MO

Date: September 23
Time: 4pm
Location: Baptist Student Union @ Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO
Cost: Free!

We'll probably provide some snacks.

There will be two tournaments, one of 100 points and the other of 200 points. Here are the team-building stipulations:

200 Point Tournament: we decided to go ahead and use the same format that Superfly used for the Ohio Tournament. That means no more than five of any one figure. Gold figures are still allowed, so anyone is welcome to try and copy or improve upon Notacomputer's winning team. This will be single elimination and the seeding will be set randomly. Adults and kids will play together. (I know of a seven-year-old and a five-year-old who are going to be there - but I expect everyone to play them just like anyone else.)

100 Point Tournament: here the rule is that you're not allowed to use more than one of the same figure, and that includes backups. This will also be single elimination.

Participants will use the same team throughout either tournament, and backups must be declared before the start of the tournaments.

Prizes: There will be silver tournament figures for prizes which will be distributed between the top finishers. The exact breakdown of that is still to be determined, but it will likely be as follows:

Top Prize: 1st Place in 200 Point Tournament
- your pick from all five silver figures (T6-T10)
Second Prize: 1st Place in 100 Point Tournament
- your pick from four remaining figures
Third Prize: 2nd Place in 200 Point Tournament
- your pick from three remaining figures
Fourth Prize: 2nd Place in 100 Point Tournament
- your pick from two remaining figures
Fifth Prize: 3rd Place in 200 Point Tournament
- last remaining silver figure (there will be a third place game to determine this spot)

There will also be door prizes/consolation prizes:
1 S4 SW Starter Set w/Bonus Figure
1 TF Starter Set w/Bonus Figure
2 S4 SW Booster Packs
2 TF Booster Packs

We have a home football game that starts at 1pm, so the tournament will start as close to 4pm as possible.
Here's a map on how to get here.

CLICK HERE for more information, and be sure to check the EVENTS page for Attacktix Tournament in your area!

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