Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Starters Showing Up at Walmarts and Toys R Us

The Attacktix Website has informed the public that the Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Origins Set is now in stores.

Marvel Starters and Ghost Rider Starter Sets have also been spotted at Toys R Us. For a complete listing of sightings, or to add your own sighting, check out the forum.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Attacktix Shows Up in David Willis' Shortpacked & Attacktix BGG Contest

I emailed David a few times to see some Attacktix in his strips. Finally, we have our first Attacktix strip. I encourage all the Attacktix fans to send him an email, and ask for more!

You can check out his site here.

Also, of note, Attacktix is also advertising on BoardGameGeek. They are running a contest on there as well, so head over and check it out!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Wolverine

Marvel Attacktix: Wolverine #M1-9

Marvel Attacktix: Wolverine

DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Recover (X-Men)
ATTACK TYPE: Prodder (Claws)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare
EFFECT: Rage (X-Men)

"Rage" - If you have another X-Men in play, once per turn after defeating a Leader this figure may move six Tix and make additional attack.

Joe's Notes:
Wolverine is the only Prodder in the new Marvel Series. We have seen Tusken Raiders and Skyblast with a Prod Attack and they usually have the same stats as a Striker, but without the possibility of a multi-kill. This figure corrects that by giving you the chance to make an extra kill if you defeat a Leader. Wolverine and his Feral Rage can charge ahead 6 Tix and kill again.

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Marvel Release Party at USF

This past weekend, we hosted a Marvel Attacktix Release Party at USF in Tampa, Florida, unfortunately the figures have only been spotted in Iowa and Missouri. We had a small turn out after advertising locally at the Tampa Comic Con and the Demolition Comic retail chain.

The feedback was excellent, and once Marvel Attacktix are in stores they will definitely catch the eye of anyone in the toy aisle. Joe Allard, from Design Devil did wonderful work on the booster cover art, and we should have an interview with him on this site very soon.

The event location was also a great one, we have three projectors going at once. On the main screen we showed the Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2, and on the two side screens we ran the Attacktix Demo DVD, so that we could explain the rules to newer players. We gave out a few prizes, and once Marvel Attacktix are in the stores, we will run the event again in order to give out some long awaited Marvel Attacktix awards!

Setting up the tables and projectors! Ultimate Avengers makes an excellent background for Marvel Attacktix.

We sorted out the teams, and even had some Star Wars and Transformers teams to choose from. Mystique made it a habit of stealing the 40 Point Optimus Prime whenever she died.

Some of us stayed around at the end for a large three-way battle.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and I hope to see you again next time!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Civil War Scenario


In the Marvel Universe a Civil War is being waged, and heroes are forced to take sides. As the heroes clash, villains are drafted to the cause, and the lines between "good guys" and "bad guys" have never been grayer...

In this scenario, players control one of the two factions in the Marvel Civil War, those under the command of SHIELD, or those loyal to the Secret Avengers.

Choosing Sides: Players can decide randomly which side they will take, or take turns playing each side. The special rules for each side are found below.

Draft: (optional) Players open two boosters and put those four figures in a draft pile. The first player would pick a figure, then the second player would pick two figures, leaving the fourth figure to the player who picked first. Reverse the pick order each round of drafting. Starters can be drafted in the same manner as the four figures from two boosters.

Setup: If played as a Draft, players should agree on a squad limit that will allow both players to field similar sized squads. Otherwise, players should use 200-point squads with 100-point back-ups. As always, multiples of the same characters are permitted. (You never know who might have been cloned, or who might be impersonating whom!)

Special Rules: The normal rules of play are in effect, except where noted below.

First Blood...the Fall of Goliath - Players may use 3 attack actions per turn until there is at least one figure in either defeated area.

New Thunderbolts - The Sinister Syndicate and Avengers Classes are interchangeable. (For example, Rally – Sinister Syndicate could be used to Rally an Avenger instead.)

Negative Zone Prison - The Secret Avengers player cannot Rally unless they also have a Leader figure in play.

Choice of Registration - The SHIELD player cannot Recruit unless they also have a Leader figure in play.

Soul of the Spider - At the beginning of each players turn, they may choose any of their figures in play and place them in the Defeated Area, then choose a character named Spider-Man from any Defeated Area and put him into play in their starting area.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Ghost Rider

Marvel Attacktix: Ghost Rider #GR-1

Marvel Attacktix Wallow

DEFENSE: Mega Base
SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Ghost Rider)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter/Striker (Large Missile/Chains)
RARITY: Mega - Rare

Brett's Notes:
Here we have a kind of unique Mega, it's fast, has both types of attacks, Launcher and Striker, and has a rather cool and unique sculpt. The power for this mean machine is rather straight forward...Recruit - Ghost Rider. The idea is, even if you trash his bike, you might still have to face the rider himself.

Joe's Notes:
Another customized missile: fireball! This Mega is going to be very popular, and with two attacks, a Striker and a Launcher, Ghost Rider may see a lot of action. The chains are coiled in his right hand and ready to strike, while the gun has a nice height advantage over his opponents! With a speed of 10 AND a shooting Fireball Ghost rider will be a serious threat. Similar to the Boga, his targets are in the center of his rear wheel, meaning you will have to get close to take this guy down!

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Attacktix Banner on CartoonNetwork.com

Attacktix is advertising on the Cartoon Network website, as well during the daily programming. Look for the banner below on CartoonNetwork.com. The link to Attacktix.com has been disabled in the banner below.

Look for the one below on Board Game Geek If you check out the real one, you will see the drop down options for WATCH and BATTLE. It is really awesome!

Skyscraper banners also have been spotted on Board Game Geek. Click here to check it out in a new window.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Wallow

Marvel Attacktix: Wallow #GR-1

Marvel Attacktix Wallow

DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Attacktback (Hidden)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Large Missile)
RARITY: Starter - Rare

Brett's Notes:
Wallow rounds out the Hidden faction in the Ghost Rider sub-set. Nearly identical play wise to Abigor, Wallow brings redundancy to the Hidden faction. As a second trooper in the faction, there is plenty of room to add Hidden characters to a Trooper based squad. His unique water blast projectile is also a great asset, carrying the weight of a medium missile with the smaller tip of a small missile.

Joe's Notes:
Wallow is another Trooper for the Hidden. The basic theme through the hidden would be the elements, of which Wallow represents water. I know very little about this character, and far less about his role in the movie. However, it would be no surprise that Blackheart would be surrounded by Troopers, as he would not consider any ally his equal. Wallow's bullet is most interesting, as it is molded like a water stream... I will be excited to see how the bullet fares in battle!

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Star Wars Lando Attacktix Spotted on eBay

A prototype of Lando Calrissian appeared on eBay. This follows the recent sightings of Dengar, Kit Fisto and others.


Lando! Plus tons of Marvel Protos...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Doctor Octopus

Marvel Attacktix: Doctor Octopus #M1-15

Marvel Attacktix Doctor Octopus

MARVEL CLASS: Sinister Syndicate
DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Stun (Spider-Man & Marvel Knights)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Tentacle)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

Brett's Notes:
The leadership of the Sinister Synidcate is always up in the air, sometimes it's Green Goblin and sometimes it's Doc Ock. Aside from his role as a Leader, Doc Ock also bring an impressive Striker attack to the table, his curved tentacle making for a perfect striking surface. Speaking of his tentacles, we've seen both in the movies and in the comics the way in which they almost have a life of their own...to try and capture this, Doc Ock has Stun...even when he's knocked out, his robotic limbs can continue to flail away and fend off the heroes. Being able to target both Spider-Man and Marvel Knights figures helps expand the range of this power.

Joe's Notes:
Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin have found their way into the first series of Marvel Attacktix and they deserve it. Not only are the long-time foes of Spider-Man, but they are very powerful and out for blood. Doc Ock's figure falls right in line with the comic, stunning Spidey and his usual group of allies should he fall in battle. Doc Ock often uses his tentacles to move around in battle, making his speed is a bit slower, but a sturdy method to hold his ground. With a speed of 10, and a medium base, Doc Ock will certainly square off against many costumed vigilantes.

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Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Gambit

Marvel Attacktix: Gambit #M1-17

Marvel Attacktix Gambit

DEFENSE: Medium Base
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Charged Card Blast)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

Brett's Notes:
Raised a master thief, kindred spirit to Storm, on again off again with Rogue. Even though Gambit still seems like one of the "new" X-Men, he's been around for a while now. He definitely has the "bad boy" motif going on...Specialist seems to be a good class for him...making him similar to the Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars Universe. Rescue in his case represents his ability to get out of sticky situations and end up on top. As a launcher with a 52 pick-up attack, Rescue works well to take him out of harms way, but still allow him to attack from range.

Joe's Notes:
Gambit is represented well in his first Attacktix incarnation (will we see a Striker version?). His card tossing is captured in the standard Force Blast projectile, with small cards embedded inside. As long as he is played with other X-Men, his power is strong, which could be said for his role in the comics. The figure is designed in a leaping pose, which gives him tiny legs, but other than that he is well detailed holding his staff. His Blast is very powerful, and at only 30 points he should see a lot of playing time on any X-Men team.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Spider-Man

Marvel Attacktix: Spider-Man #M1-1

Marvel Attacktix Spider-Man

DEFENSE: Small Base
SPECIAL POWER: Evade (Avengers)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Webbing)
RARITY: Booster - Rare

Brett's Notes:
"Uh, guys..." - Spider-Man to his fellow New Avengers, just before being attacked by a dinosaur, evil mutants, a pack of ninjas, rogue SHIELD agents...
Spider-Man has had an off and on relationship with the Avengers over the years, mostly off, but recently he joined the New Avengers team with other Marvel Favorites like Wolverine and Captain America. As a team player, in theory Spider-Man's role is largely to take advantage of his scientific smarts, but more often than not, it's his Spider-Sense that saves the team from danger. This is a perfect place to give him Evade - Avengers, and a smaller point cost than his own team-centric versions, where he will tend to play a larger roll. As a 10 pointer, Spidey can (and undoubtedly will) find his way onto most Avengers teams.

Joe's Notes:
10 Point, Striker AND a Rare... Marvel has its Jedi Knight. With a reach comparable to a lightsaber, and a base Speed of 12, Avengers Spidey is going to be a phenomenal team filler, or swarm army. Compared to the Jedi Knight team, he will NOT trigger a free attack for his team but he will ultimately eliminate ANY attacks from your opponent, similar to an all-Wicket team. The sculpt is wonderful, with very little deformity (although I don't mind that deformations.) There is not much more to say about this figure, except that you will want MANY, and because he is a rare you should find yourself getting as many as you need!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sneak Peek of Star Wars Attacktix Series 5

Check out eBay for a chance to own unreleased Attacktix Protos on Ebay



KIT FISTO (Force Blast)




This seller also has some awesome images of the Ghost Rider Mega!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Pyro

Marvel Attacktix: Pyro #M1-5

Marvel Attacktix Pyro

MARVEL CLASS: Brotherhood
DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Shootback (Brotherhood)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Small Missile)
RARITY: Booster - Rare

Brett's Notes:
Pyro is an interesting choice for the set, and he lends himself well the the Attacktix Universe. Pyro has always kind of been a "grunt" for the team...go and set stuff on fire, whatever, pretty straight forward. I chose the Trooper Class to represent this basic fighter in the Brotherhood stable. His Shootback power is pure foundation for a Brotherhood team, ideally giving your Magneto, the biggest gun in the Brotherhood arsenal, an extra attack.

Joe's Notes:
Pyro is an excellent choice for the first well-known named Marvel character to be a Trooper. While Wicket drew some attention in the Star Wars line, Pyro seems to have more of a fan base after a few big screen appearances. The Classes are assigned based on their roles within their own team. So while Pyro may be more powerful than a Stormtrooper or a Wicket with a pointy stick, he is no more valuable to Magneto than a foot soldier. The over-sized flame thrower packs quite a punch, and his death will allow for more ranged attacks. As a 20-point small missile shooter, he makes up for his cost with a medium base. Even after more Marvel series are released, I think Pyro will be a staple in every Brotherhood team.

Be sure to check out Web of Webhead and Master Attacktix for more Marvel Attacktix Spoilers, including The Thing.

Master Attacktix's Scorponok Review and Strategy

by: Yaggleberry Finn of Master Attacktix

Attacktix Class: Captain
Transformers Class: Decepticon
Point value: 30
Base Speed: 10
Special Power: Recruit (x2 Insecticon)
Special Power Ratio: 10/26 (38%)
Attack Type: Striker (Scoop Arm)

I'll admit that I know very little about the current band of Transformers. I've done a little bit of research on Scorponok and there are a few different versions of him to be found. Regardless of which Scorponok you refer to, he's always a terrifying sight on the battlefield. This Scorponok is from the Energon Series, in which Scorponok is the leader of the Terrorcons - a group that includes Insecticon. That helps make a connection with his Recruit Special Power.

As an Attacktix figure, Scorponok is pretty powerful. His main limitation is his 10 speed - that's not too much of a problem against the current group of Autobots, but that may keep him from ever engaging a 12 speed Striker from the Star Wars or Marvel lines. The Captain designation doesn't lend itself to alot of support, but it does protect him from any Leader or Warrior specific Vengeance powers.

Scorponok is a very unique figure in that his Strike is not powered by a spring. His attack power is derived solely on how hard you strike with him. That was an interesting possibility to me, but I was skeptical until I got my hands on one. The first time I used Scorponok I sounded just like the kid at the end of The Incredibles: "That was totally wicked!" I simply couldn't believe the destructive potential of this figure! My friends think he should be illegal.

Tips for attacking with Scorponok

There are two main considerations in attacking with Scorponok. The first is that he's really best suited to be a second-wave Striker. As I said before, his 10 speed may limit him from ever getting in attack range. Teaming him up with one or two Crumplezones (or a faster Striker from another Attacktix line) would be very helpful. If you don't have two Insecticons available for your backups then Scorponok's Special Power is rendered useless.

Once you're able to get Scorponok in attack range, the key is to hold his Striking arm in such a way that you're really able to get maximum Striking power. In fact, it's almost as if you're knocking the figures down with your own finger. I've embedded a video below that shows how I attack with Scorponok. Rather than try to explain further, I'll just let you watch that.

Tips for attacking Scorponok

While Scorponok has a large base, he has a weakness in the area of defense. Even a small missle Launcher can knock him out if it hits the right spot: his head or high on his chest just below the head. I had no trouble dropping him from 18 inches away with a Decepticlone. You may want to use Vector Prime against Scorponok, as his Special will likely remove any Insecticons that Scorponok brings into the game.

Alternative strategies

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Taxonomy of Attacktix Special Powers

By: YodaBreaker

I thought it would be good to publish something I've been kicking around for a while: a breakdown of special powers in a taxonomic tree format, using functional similarity of the special powers as clustering rules. I've included some additional thoughts about how to choose between versions of the same special power (using dependence on other figures for special power activation as a tiebreaker of sorts). I know this is a dangerous thing to do before all of the Marvel figures have been revealed, but I can update this, if there are new special powers revealed in this series. I hope it helps people figure out what sorts of special powers they'd most like to use, and to understand how they might work together.


If you want to know why I classed things the way I did, read the RATIONALE section. If you'd like to read some additional analysis about how to think about special powers based on the figures on which they depend for their activation, read the DEPENDENCIES section. If you're interested in what this makes me think about special powers past, present, and future, skip to the MUSINGS section. If you think I've wasted far too much digital ink already, then stop reading, because this is a long one.


At the top level of the taxonomy is the offensive/defensive dichotomy. In my mind, this is the most basic level of division among the special powers, as it determines whether each special power will help you press the attack or defend against your opponent's onslaught. If you prefer a game that lets you whittle down your opponent's figures as much as possible, I'd recommend that you choose figures with powers from the Offensive cluster. If you prefer to keep your own figures standing for as long as possible, I'd recommend choosing figures with powers from the Defensive cluster.

In each cluster, there are also two fundamental ways to achieve your offensive or defensive aims: you can either affect the "out of play" status of figures targeted by special powers directly (by taking them away, in the Offensive case, or bringing them into play, in the Defensive case) or indirectly (by granting your figures additional move or attack actions, in the Offensive case, or by impairing the position or attacks of your opponent's figures, in the Defensive case).

Within the Offensive cluster, there are two major ways to reduce the number of figures standing on your opponent's team with special powers: either take them away or affect your figures in such a way as to grant them more advantageous attacks on your opponent's figures. To take away an opponent's figures, you can either take control of them (and make them part of your own team!), or remove an opponent's figures from play altogether (by wreaking Vengeance on a figure). Most frequently, when you take control of a figure, you take over one that's already on the playing field with Capture. However, Mystique's Swap instead takes a figure from your opponent's backups and puts it in play for you. At this level of classification, things are a bit more nebulous; I once had Vengeance and Swap paired (as ways to remove figures from your opponent's active figures, either on the playing field or from his or her backups), with Capture hanging out on its own. Thus, you can see how these decisions can seem arbitrary; that's why I'm writing this section to let people at least see my thinking about how I've grouped special powers.

There are three major ways to offensively affect your figures indirectly: giving them additional moves, attacks, or moves and attacks. Additional moves alone are granted by the Charge power, and free moves and attacks are granted by Attackback. However, if you're given a free attack immediately, you're basically given a Shootback; if the next attack comes on your next turn, it's a Battle Cry.

Within the Defensive cluster, there are also two main ways of keeping your figures standing as long as possible: either bring them into play, or indirectly affect your opponent's figures so that they cannot attack as effectively. You can see that there are a lot of different ways to bring your figures back into play. If you're bringing figures into play from your backups, you'll use the Recruit or Transform powers (which are basically the same power, given the way Hasbro decided to treat Transform). However, if you're bringing them in from Backups, you'll use Recruit. I chose not to put Swap here because it deals with your opponent's figures directly, which I view as a hallmark of Offensive, rather than Defensive powers.

The deepest special power tree involves standing up a figure that's been knocked down. If you have to replace another figure on your team with the one that's been knocked down (and in that replaced figure's position, rather than where the original figure was knocked down), you'll be using Sacrifice. If you stand up the figure on the starting line, you'll use Rescue. If you stand the figure up where it was knocked down, you'll use Recover if the special power depends on your team having some additional figures standing, whereas Last Stand depends on your having no figures remaining on your team. A case can be made that Recover and Last Stand should be collapsed into a single power, based on their mechanics (that is, Last Stand is just the inverse of Recover in terms of the figures on which they depend); however, I've kept them separate because the spirit of the powers seems very different.


Given the functions of each of these special powers, it's also important to consider how any special power you want to use depends on other figures. In essence, you want to use figures that have special powers that depend on you having the fewest number of specific figures. This procedure maximizes your flexibility in team composition, and it prevents you from having specific single figures that you either must have in your possession to make them work or must have standing on the playing field to take advantage of the special powers.

I propose three levels of the dependence of special powers on particular other figures:

  • Weak: The special power does not depend on any specific figure or class of figures; can work with or against nearly any other figure in the game [e.g., Vengeance (Attacker), Recover (Any)].
  • Medium: The special power depends on a specific class being available on your team or your opponent's team [e.g., Evade (Ewok), Rally (Specialist), Battle Cry].
  • Strong: The special power depends on a specific figure being available on your team or your opponent's [e.g., Recruit (Boba Fett), Rally (Battle Ravage)].

  • If all other things are equal, I'd tend to prefer the special power with the weakest dependency on other figures. That way, if much of your team is knocked down, you'll still have a good chance of having a special power activation mean something. For example, if S4 Darth Vader gets knocked down with only one other figure remaining on his team, he'll still stand back up if his special power window is white. Similarly, S1 Yoda's Vengeance on an attacking figure is a pretty weak one, as you'd have to have a figure attack Yoda for his special power to activate in the first place, by definition! However, S1 Yoda's special power activation also depends on your team also having another figure in play on your team, so his special power's dependence on other figures is stronger than S4 Darth Vader's.

    Similarly, if all other things are equal, I would suggest choosing special powers that depend on your own figures than on your opponent's figures, as you have much more control of what figures are on your team than on your opponent's team. Many of the Attacktix special powers have this level of dependence, as it creates a strong motivation to have thematically coherent teams (if the powers depends on a particular brand class). It also prevents any special power from being a killer; for example, Tarkin's Vengeance (Leader) makes him a fearful figure indeed - but only if you have a Leader on your team! I put Battle Cry on this list because it will always need at least three figures remaining in play to be useful (that is, to grant an extra attack to your team, as you already get two free ones for each turn), which is hardly a weak dependence.

    Finally, if all other things are equal, I would suggest that you choose figures with special powers that affect the same figure name or class as the figure having the special power, as it allows you to build teams of figures that will have a greater likelihood of special power activations being useful for your team. Put another way, a team of all Jedi Warriors whose special powers all affect either Jedi or Warriors will likely be able to make use of a special power activation, no matter who goes down. In contrast, a team comprising an Autobot Warrior, a Marvel Knights Specialist, an X-Men leader, an Ewok Trooper, and an Imperial Captain would have relatively few figures to choose from if any one special power activates. Furthermore, the one figure that's able to make use of the special power may not be in a good position to take advantage of that power.


    Hopefully, seeing these special powers broken down like this helps you think of what other special powers might be fun to have. The most obvious example is the "X" power I have in the Defensive powers cluster. Currently, there's is no special power that completely freezes an opponent's figres from either moving or attacking. The Stun power approximates that for strikers (a loss of movement also usually translates into a loss of attack for strikers), but there's nothing that prevents a chosen figure from not moving or attacking. I'd propose a special power titled something like Freeze for this sort of power; the text might read something like "Your opponent may not move or attack with one {S} Specialist of your choosing."

    You can also use this tree to understand why certain special powers should probably have different effects, instead of how they act now. The primary case of this is Recruit/Transform. As we've talked about extensively on here, it seems like Transform should read something like "Replace this figure with [Transformer] robot/vehicle mode from your backups where this figure was knocked down" to differentiate it from Recruit. However, as it sits now, it's just a brand-specific relabeling of Recruit. Not that brand relabeling is a bad idea; note how Force Push/Thunderclap are brand-specific names for the same special power. It would be rather ridiculous for a non-Star Wars figure to have a "Force Push" power, even though the same special power mechanic could be applied to other Attacktix universes just as well.

    You can even see how new special powers might fit into and complement the existing ones, even if there aren't explicit holes in the power tree. Capture is a permanent power; what if there were a Jedi Mind Trick or Hypnotize power that granted you an Attackback using one of your opponent's figures against him or her? The text for this power might read: "You may move and attack with one of your opponent's {T} Troopers." It would require making a branch where Capture is right now, making you choose whether you want the temporary (Jedi Mind Trick/Hypnotize) or permanent (Capture) version of the power. Nevertheless, this could be a fun special power to have - it would certainly change the way you use formations! - and it fits well within the established framework of existing special powers.

    Likewise, what if you could poach a figure from your opponent's defeated area, as a reverse of Rally? Such a Graverobber special power would create a branch where Vengeance is: if you're taking your opponent's figure from the playing field, it'd be Vengeance; if from (the opponent's) backups, it'd be Graverobber. You could imagine a similar branch where Swap is now: if you can just steal a figure from your opponent's backups, you might have a Defect power; if you have to replace the figure you stole with your defeated figure, it'd be Swap.

    You can finally see how many of the effects can fit within the special powers scheme. R2-D2's effect is basically like a Battle Cry that can grant negative as well as positive numbers of attacks, and the Medic Droid is like a delayed Rally (as we've discussed a great deal already). R2-Q5's is sort of like a Charge for a Trooper, and Han and Luke as Stormtrooper's effects are a figure-specific Battle Cry that depends on another figure being in play. Pole Dancing Spidey's effect is likewise a Battle Cry-like effect that depends on having multiple different types of figures in play. Mystique's effect is like the Emperor's Possession attack, so it's like a combination of Battle Cry with a -1 "attack grant", Sacrifice (Mystique for your opponent's figure), and Capture (your opponent's figure).

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Daredevil

    Marvel Attacktix: Daredevil #M1-16

    Marvel Attacktix Daredevil

    ATTACKTIX CLASS: Specialist
    MARVEL CLASS: Marvel Knights
    BASE SPEED: 12
    DEFENSE: Small Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Evade (Marvel Knights)
    ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Club Uppercut)
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare
    Fearless (Warrior)

    "Fearless" - If [this figure] defeats a Warrior figure with a higher point cost than [this figure] that attack does not count as one of your attack actions.

    Brett's Notes:
    So how do you capture the "Man Without Fear" in Attacktix form? You start with a great sculpt and a powerful billy club attack. But to take it a step further and try to get to the essence of the figure, I came up with the "Fearless" effect. Fearless was the first Marvel effect I designed, and it stayed very close to my original concept throughout development. Daredevil rewards your team by taking on opposing Warriors that have a greater point cost...proving that Daredevil is fearless in the face of ostensibly more powerful foes. Note that the attack is "free" only if it successful, so if you have an appropriate target, make sure to use one of your first two attacks with Daredevil. If the attack succeeds, then the attack action costs you nothing and you can spend that action on another figure. (If it fails, it uses your attack action like normal.) Finally... Daredevil's Evade Special Power allows him to share his danger sensing Rader-Sense with the rest of his Marvel Knights teammates, allowing them to be free from attacks on the turn following Daredevil's demise.

    Joe's Notes:
    Daredevil's has an uppercut attack, using one of his billy clubs. We have seen the uppercut used with Series 3 Chewie, and more recently with Venom, who both have large hands/striking areas. Daredevil's billy clubs are like using a lightsaber to attack upwards... so it is a little awkward at first, but if you attack the appropriate limbs and extremities, you can flip most figures. The new effect Brett designed is useful in all lines of Attacktix, since it targets Attacktix Classes and not the Marvel class. Daredevil can get you a free attack by defeating Vader, or the slew of other Star Wars Warriors. His Special Power is great for building a Marvel Knights team, including some characters we have already reviewed like Electra, Punisher and Ghost Rider.

    Be sure to check out Web of Webhead and Master Attacktix for more Marvel Attacktix Spoilers, including Western Ghost Rider.

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Hulk

    Marvel Attacktix: Hulk #M1-7

    Marvel Attacktix Hulk

    MARVEL CLASS: Avengers
    DEFENSE: Large Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Avengers)
    ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Barrel Toss)
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

    Brett's Notes:
    Did you know the Hulk has a healing factor, much like Wolverine? His tremendous powers of recovery allow him to heal almost instantly from any damage he actually does sustain, assuming you can damage him in the first place. Giving him the Recover power to represent this was a very direct representation of that ability. If you can master the barrel toss, the Hulk is a formidable opponent to face down.

    Joe's Notes:
    The Hulk is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and this figure does not disappoint. Initially, i was concerned that he was another object throwing figure (dare I say, "Tosser") like Chief Chirpa, however he is much more functional. Though tossing figures may not be as accurate as the traditional launcher, the Hulk lifts the Barrel high, over his head and can make contact with enemies on his first turn. The Recover power for the Hulk is excellent, the more he gets pounded, the stronger he becomes. Just because you may knock him down, it does not mean you have knocked him out. He is a bit costly at 40 Points, but still a very sturdy figure and can withstand a few direct hits.

    Be sure to check out Web of Webhead and Master Attacktix for more Marvel Attacktix Spoilers, including Beast.

    Transformers Attacktix in Japan

    I found an interesting Japanese website about Attacktix. I figured I would post it here, I like to see the Japanese names for the figures.

    From Infoseek Japan



     The series of the action game which [atatsukuteikusu] (Attacktix), [hazuburo] sells from 2005, uses the action figure. Plural characters such as Star Wars are merchandised.

     When [atatsukuteikusu] designates “the booster pack” of the blind package where the figure of the single item is enclosed to random as the basic commodity, after the purchasing in order to be able to begin the game directly, the figure and the rule book of number field was set “starter set” and, M (Mega) large-sized figure “battle masters” of class and develops, also the collection case “battle case” which becomes play field and so on is sold.

     With this corner, it was sold from 2006, you handle in regard to the transformer-related product, but in regard to the data on the game you do not detail, basically you introduce as one kind of collection figure.

     Size of the figure itself differs depending upon the thing, but size of approximately 6~7 centimeter. The lower half body is locked by the base and it is not possible to remove, but the head, the waist and the both arms mobility do the upper body. Modelling every one is exaggerated partly because of the gimmick, but detail and the like seems that is inserted the original toy in reference.

    * Feature of [atatsukuteikusu] game *

    Transformer series 1

     In transformer series 1, the character of [enerugon] and the rhinoceros baht remaining overnight focusing on line-up was united, the product which is sold set the figure 4 body, “starter set” and the figure 2 body were enclosed to figure converted “booster pack” and [enerugon] edition [omegasupurimu] to random the “battle masters”, to that crossover gift set 4 kinds of “[intagiyarakuteitsuku] showdown” of the Star Wars.
     [garubatoron] it is attached to the catalog and the like, and the “battle case”, are some which are stated as TF-23, but we are not sold really and have become defect turn.


    * [busutapatsuku] TF-01~06, 07~12 and 13~18
    TF-01 MINI-CON (mini computer)
    TF-02 OMNICON ([omunikon])
    TF-03 DECEPTICLONE ([deiseputeikuron])
    TF-04 INSECTICON ([insekuteikon])
    TF-05 RODIMUS ([rodeimasu])
    TF-06 BATTLE RAVAGE ([batorurabetsuji])
    TF-07 SCOURGE ([sukaji])
    TF-08 STARSCREAM ([sutasukurimu])
    TF-09 HOT SHOT (hot shot)
    TF-10 EXCELLION ([ekuserion])
    TF-11 VECTOR PRIME (vector prime)
    TF-12 LANDMINE ([randomain])
    TF-13 SUPER OPTIMUS PRIME ([supaoputeimasu] prime)
    TF-14 SUPER OPTIMUS PRIME ([supaoputeimasu] prime) Vehicle form
    TF-15 SCORPONOK ([sukoruponotsuku])
    TF-16 MEGATRON (Mega tron)
    TF-17 MEGATRON (Mega tron) Vehicle form
    TF-18 RANSACK (run sack)

    * Starter set
    TF-19 OVERHAUL (overhaul)
    TF-20 DIRTBOSS (dirt boss)
    TF-21 SKYBLAST (sky blast)
    TF-22 SKYBLAST (sky blast) Vehicle form

    * Battle masters
    TF-24 OMEGA SUPREME ([omegasupurimu])
    TF-25 CRUMPLEZONE (clan pulling zone)

    * [intagiyarakuteitsuku] showdown
    SVT-01 OMEGA SENTINEL (Omega sentinel)
    SVT-02 AT-RT Star Wars
    SVT-03 LUKE SKYWALKER ([ruku] [sukaiuoka]) Star Wars
    SVT-04 DARTH VADER (dozen [vueida]) Star Wars
    SVT-05 SUPER OPTIMUS PRIME ([supaoputeimasu] prime)
    SVT-06 MEGATRON (Mega tron)

    As for *TF-23 defect turn. 

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Magneto

    Marvel Attacktix: Magneto #M1-13

    Marvel Attacktix Magneto

    MARVEL CLASS: Brotherhood
    DEFENSE: Medium Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Sacrifice (Brotherhood)
    ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Metal Blast)
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

    Brett's Notes:
    Usually, the best way to protect a 40 point investment is to have some sort of power that gives the figure longevity. Magneto's stems from his Sacrifice power. Sacrifice can represent different ideas...on the one hand it can represent a leader whose followers are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect them, such as might be the case with a Jedi and his Clone Troopers. On the other hand, you have some leaders who hold themselves in a much higher esteem than they do their follower's, and is willing to sacrifice them to further their goals, or just to keep themselves going along a little longer. This second principle applies to Magneto. As we saw in the House of M storyline, Magneto was willing to sacrifice everything, even his own children, in his war against the humans. And so...now the Attacktix version of Magneto also can Sacrifice his followers to further his struggles.

    Joe's Notes:
    Magneto is a much needed figure for any Brotherhood themed team. His huge projectile is has a lot of potential, for close and long range attacks. Although he can only aim from side to side, the bulky lump of metal he shoots can take out a pair of small based figures, if they are unlucky enough to be standing close to each other. As a Leader, he will be a big target for Wolverine, but we will learn more about that later.

    The sculpt on the figure is mighty impressive as well. He has a flowing cape and very detailed helmet. He has some rocks at his feet, because he is positioned very close to the front edge of his base, although his cape fully covers the rear of his base making him a very balanced figure.

    Be sure to check out Web of Webhead and Master Attacktix for more Marvel Attacktix Spoilers, including Electro.

    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    Attacktix Demonstration and Tampa Comic Con - Featuring Marvel Attacktix

    Check out all the great events at the Tampa Comic Con

    SUNDAY, November 12, 2006

    At The Fabulous 10,000 Square Foot
    4500 West Cypress St.

    Tournament of Attacktix Video Released

    Be sure to check out another exciting video from NotaComputer.

    Be sure to check out more great videos in our Media Section

    Web of Webhead's Ordering Attacks Strategy.

    Attacktix Strategy Guide: The Evolution of Bait - Ordering Attacks
    By: Web of Webead

    One of the most important in-game strategies for Attacktix is a concept I call Ordering Attacks. This theory has evolved from my HeroClix theory on Bait, which I'll recap in a moment.

    Today I'm going to try and define the concept of Ordering Attacks and give you some of the fundamentals of using it during the game. Chances are, some of you are doing this already, but might not have an overriding philosophy guiding those choices.

    Read the complete article at Web of Webhead

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Mystique

    Marvel Attacktix: Mystique #M1-12

    Marvel Attacktix Thor

    ATTACKTIX CLASS: Specialist
    MARVEL CLASS: Brotherhood
    DEFENSE: Small Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Swap (Opponent's Backups)
    ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Small Missile)
    EFFECT: Possess - If you have another Brotherhood figure in play, as an attack you may take control of an opponent's figure Mystique is touching, then remove Mystique from the game.
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

    Swap: Replace this figure with a figure from your opponent's Back-Ups, and put that figure into play at your starting area.

    Brett's Notes:
    Mystique was an interesting case...I think the only figure where I was handed off an idea of what was wanted...a new take on the Emperor effect. Mystique ended up with a unique combination of power and effect that allows her to have a similar roll on the front end (while she is in play) and on the back end (when she is defeated), taking over an opponent's figure. I think both abilities are a great match for her thematically...is that really Wolverine, or Mystique in disguise?

    Joe's Notes:
    Mystique is a small based Specialist with a small missile, but that is not why you will be playing her. Her Effect is like the Emperor's, but a little more user-friendly. Once Mystique Possesses her opponent, she is removed from play, and you gain control of the opponent's figure. She is not required to grasp onto the figure, like the Emperor, thereby allowing you full control of that figure's attack. The Emperor used to make Possessing a Striker a lost cause, but Mystique fixes all that.

    Plus, she is another female figure to add to your growing All-Girl Attacktix Team!

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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Thor

    Marvel Attacktix: Thor #M1-11

    Marvel Attacktix Thor

    MARVEL CLASS: Avengers
    BASE SPEED: 12
    DEFENSE: Large Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Thunderclap
    ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Smashing Hammer)
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

    Thunderclap: Move up to three of your opponents figures 4 Tix, they cannot leave the playing area.

    Brett's Notes:
    Thor showcases another new special power, Thunderclap. While Force Push is good at repositioning a single enemy figure, Thunderclap is the ultimate formation buster, spreading out an enemy formation just enough to pick off a couple of figs on your following turn. Certainly a fitting power for the god of thunder. Thor is also a Warrior through and through, making his Attacktix class an easy choice. Finally, his hammer strike makes for a formidable weapon with good range in a frontal attack.

    Joe's Notes:
    Thor is another one of my favorite Marvel figures so far. His overhead Hammer Strike gives us a different style to take out enemies. The large, blunt Mjolnor can make short work of any figure with an extended limb or weapon. A 30 point Warrior, with a speed of 12 makes him a big target if he is approaching your team. If you can bring down the God of Thunder, he can scatter up to three of your opponents OR move them closer to his teammates! His Thunderclap power will activate anytime it is white, it does not require any other figures or classes in play, making him another option for the Teamwork Spider-Man team.

    Be sure to check out Web of Webhead and Master Attacktix for more Marvel Attacktix Spoilers, including Ghost Rider, Elektra and Punisher

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    Interview with Wizard of the Coast's Loren Greenwood

    ICV2.com recently interviewed Greenwood for the upcoming "Future of Games" issue of our magazine

    ICV2: There's been demand in the hobby channel for a couple of Hasbro products that seem to be a good fit for hobbyists--Attacktix and Heroscape. I was hearing at the summer shows that there might be a possibility that Wizards would distribute those titles to the hobby. Is there any progress in that direction?

    Greenwood: Yes. Wizards of the Coast will be distributing Attacktix and HeroScape. I don't have the timeline for it, but that is going to happen. It's something that we will make available to all of our customers.

    Read the complete interview here

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Spider-Man

    Marvel Attacktix: Spider-Man #M1-10

    Marvel Attacktix Spider-Man

    ATTACKTIX CLASS: Specialist
    MARVEL CLASS: Spider-Man
    BASE SPEED: 12
    DEFENSE: Medium Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Rescue (Any)
    ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Swinging Pole Kick)
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare
    EFFECT: Teamwork (If you have at least four figures with different Marvel Classes in play you may make an additional attack on your turn.)

    Brett's Notes:
    Here we have the first of the many faces of Spider-Man in Attacktix. Spider-Man is far and away the most iconic of the Marvel Heroes, and as such, he deservedly shows up in many places in this set. So the challenge is, how to make each one unique? Obviously the first step is a variety of attacks, sculpts and stats. The second step is in his power set. When tackling his power set, there is a great advantage with a character with so much depth, there are a lot of different facets to draw upon. This version of Spider-Man is the "Marvel Team-Up version... he works very well with others.

    His Rescue Special Power, which in this case represents his ability to use his reflexes and Spider-Sense to dodge attacks and jump out of the line of fire, triggers universally as long as you have another figure in play... a consummate team player. But his real strength lies in his Effect - Teamwork. This Spider-Man gives you a bonus as long as you are mixing and matching different Marvel Classes on your squad. Normally this would be a disadvantage, as you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the synergies that usually exist within teams of the same faction. Spider-Man fills the gap by giving your team an overall bonus that can shore up any weaknesses that arise from the variety of team members you choose. And don't forget to count his own Spider-Man Class as one of the four you need to trigger the Effect!

    Phoenix's Notes:
    Spider-Man sports an eye-catching sculpt and unique foot-striking ability that I believe will be very popular with Marvel fans. His unique "Teamwork" effect is apt for the character and encourages a varied group of figures to battle foes with, instead of, let's say, an entire army of Spider-Mans. In addition, his Rescue special ability makes him one of the premier figures of the set for 30 points. He is definitely a figure you can build a strong team around.

    I also like how his effect explanation is placed on the figure, incorporated into the base of the pole, instead of a back piece like past figures. This makes him more display friendly.

    I'd say this is a must-have piece for Marvel Attacktix collectors.

    Be sure to check out Web of Webhead and Master Attacktix for more Marvel Attacktix Spoilers, including Green Goblin

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Venom

    Marvel Attacktix: Venom #M1-14

    Marvel Attacktix Venom

    MARVEL CLASS: Sinister Syndicate
    BASE SPEED: 10
    DEFENSE: Large Base
    SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Sinister Syndicate)
    ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Claw Uppercut)
    RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

    Brett's Notes:
    Venom is now a classic Spider-Man villain, but I remember well his first appearance back around Amazing Spider-Man #300. However, I worked on this version with a more current storyline in mind...Eddie Brock, Venom's human host, had cancer, and he raffled off the costume to the highest bidder. After a short stint possessing a mobster's son, the suit ended up in the Scorpion's hands, making him the new Venom. I wanted to tie this to one of the games foundation powers, Recruit, allowing Venom to either summon in a "new" version of himself, or possibly represent the symbiote being defeated, but the underlying villain being revealed in his stead. Being a bigger and stronger (though probably not smarter) version of Spidey, Venom gets a solid defense with a large base, and average speed of 10, and the Warrior class which allows him to interact strongly with existing figures.

    Joe's Notes:
    Venom is definitely a classic Spidey villain, and with Spider-Man 3 around the corner, he will be a very popular figure. The Uppercut attack is one of my favorites, and Venom has a lot of power. Star Wars fans will be familiar with this attack from the Series 3 Chewbacca. Venom's larger base and massive size makes him very difficult to defeat with ranged attacks, as bullets deflect off his chest and back. Venom's Recruit ability limits him to working only with Marvel figures, however it will become more dangerous and new series are released. He is a bit slower than Spider-Man, but more than makes up for that with his sheer power and size.

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Attacktix Storage Solutions

    If you're a collector/player of Attacktix you may have a major problem: storing them. As more series came out, with new licenses, I found that Attacktix were slowly taking over my home. I have tried several forms of storage to get them in some sort of order. In this article I'm going to discuss various methods of organizing, transporting, and storing your attacktix. Each method has pros/cons that I will delve into at length. I have referenced ways other people have stored their Attacktix, as discussed on the JoeAttacktix Message board. Feel free to comment on your own storage solutions and I can revisit the issue in the future, as there is no 100 percent perfect system to store these figures yet.

    Method #1: The Ziploc Bag -
    stuff as many as you can into bags and label with a sharpie!

    Pros: Cheap. Clear plastic and easy labeling makes it easy to organize your figures and find them. They're small, stretchable, and easy to stack into a larger container.

    Cons: Ziploc bags will break down plastic figures over time. You will recognize this by a greasy film on your figures.
    Evidence: I emailed Ziploc asking them if this was true. Their response: Items can be stored in ZIPLOC(r) Bags for one to two years; but for longer storage or storage of collectibles, we recommend to use a storage case meant for this purpose.

    Conclusion: For short term storage Ziploc is a good option but you can't keep your figures in them forever. Bags made of Mylar (i.e. comic bags) can be used but they aren't resealable. I did an extensive Google search to find large, sealable, Mylar bags with little success.

    Method #2: The Duffel/Gym/Tote Bag

    Pros: Convenient for travel, usually have handles. Cloth, won't break down figures. No one will know what you got in the bag if you're a bit shy about your addiction to the game.

    Cons: Figures get jumbled up in the bag (especially at the bottom or corners). It probably will feel like you're going fishing when you try to find that figure you really want. Organization is out the door unless you have multiple bags INSIDE the duffel.

    Conclusion: This method is best for smaller army transport or if you have a smaller amount of figures. Best used in combination with another method (plastic bag or mesh bag).

    Method #3: The Star Wars Battle Case by Hasbro -
    holds 12 figures, retails for $15-$20.

    Pros: The battle case is sturdy, stacks well with other cases, and is great for display. The inner compartment that holds the figures pulls out like drawers. Can be easily organized.

    Cons: Each case only holds 12 figures. Who really only has 12 figures? At $15+ each, that can get expensive to hold all your armies. Certain figures, especially Transformers, don't fit very well and the drawers won't close without some manipulation. While the battle case is still available at many retailers it is no longer in production and no plans for future battle cases for other series is planned.

    Conclusion: A good way to store smaller groups of figures. I use the battle cases to hold my favorite, most frequently used Attacktix. Others use them for display purposes.

    Method #4: Trash Bag/ Smaller Grocery Store Bag - take all your Attacktix and throw them in a giant bag! Or use smaller plastic bags you get from buying groceries. I am ashamed to say my husband used this method quite a bit in his early Attacktix collecting days.

    Pros: Cheap (free if you use small grocery bags)! Easy to carry.

    Cons: No organization whatsoever and it will be hard to find the figures you want. You look ridiculous carrying a trash bag over your friends' house. Someone may throw out your Attacktix by accident. Plastic can puncture and Attacktix may fall out.

    Conclusion: A temporary solution to a house overrun by Attacktix. Not recommended for long-term use. I began cringing when I heard all the figures grinding together in the bag and worried some were going to get broken.

    Method #5: Small, Homemade Cloth Bags -
    this was suggested and done by Malform & Yodabreaker on the Attacktix message board.
    Easy to make with fabric glue, yards of fabric, and a drawstring.

    Pros: Customizable and great for organization. Your figures will experience no breakdown, as fabric is breathable. Look very cool and are extremely unique.

    Cons: Requires a time commitment to make. Some home economics skills are going to be needed. Since the bags aren't transparent you will have to "dig" to find the figure you want or have to empty out the bag completely.

    Conclusion: If you are good at crafts and don't mind buying some materials, this is a great method to store your Attacktix. Still, if you have every Attacktix ever made you're going to need a lot of them and that adds up to a bigger commitment than I was willing to give.

    Method #6: The Mini-Mesh Laundry "Delicates"Bag.
    This is my current extra Attacktix storage method.

    Pros: Bags are small and great for organizing different factions and armies. You can see through them so you can find the figures you want quickly. Won't break down figures. Very inexpensive at approximately $1/bag. Don't have the ugly stigma of a grocery plastic bag, plus they have a zipper for closure.

    Cons: They are hard to travel with if you bring more than 1 or 2. Plus, everyone will know what you got in the bag if you're shy. They don't have any sort of handle on them so you will have to put them in another bag (method #2). Depending on the mesh, light sabers or other parts may protrude out the holes.

    Conclusion: If you're lazy and don't want to make your own bags this is an excellent cheap method of organizing your Attacktix. Great if you travel a lot with your armies and want to just throw them in a duffel and go.

    Method #7: A Tackle Box or Plastic Container
    any kind of box actually, be it a cardboard one, a plastic one with a lid, or the kind with the drawers that come out.

    Pros: Great organization depending on the container. Tackle boxes are great for travel but you will need to customize the inside to keep figures organized.

    Cons: Finding the perfect container can be a pain. It can't be too deep or the Attacktix on the bottom will be neglected. The plastic containers with drawers are great but are moderately expensive and not the easiest to travel with long distances (you may have to tape up the drawers). Stackable drawer types change frequently so when you go back to buy another you may not be able to find it.

    Conclusion: This is a great way to store Attacktix in your home. If you primarily play in your own house, drawers may be the storage solution for you. If you prefer to travel, tackle boxes are great but you will have to do some work to keep things organized.

    Method #8: Display Them All!
    Put all your Attacktix on shelves.

    Pros: Great organization, snazzy presentation.

    Cons: Expensive, takes up a lot of space, no way to travel with your displayed collection (all battles will have to be at your house). You will frequently have to dust and clean your Attacktix, which is quite a lot of work.

    Conclusion: If you're primarily a collector and you have a maid, this is the storage solution for you.

    Figures from the collections of Yodabreaker, Yaggleberry Finn, hbking, and Joe Manzo