Monday, October 30, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Venom

Marvel Attacktix: Venom #M1-14

Marvel Attacktix Venom

MARVEL CLASS: Sinister Syndicate
DEFENSE: Large Base
SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Sinister Syndicate)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Claw Uppercut)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

Brett's Notes:
Venom is now a classic Spider-Man villain, but I remember well his first appearance back around Amazing Spider-Man #300. However, I worked on this version with a more current storyline in mind...Eddie Brock, Venom's human host, had cancer, and he raffled off the costume to the highest bidder. After a short stint possessing a mobster's son, the suit ended up in the Scorpion's hands, making him the new Venom. I wanted to tie this to one of the games foundation powers, Recruit, allowing Venom to either summon in a "new" version of himself, or possibly represent the symbiote being defeated, but the underlying villain being revealed in his stead. Being a bigger and stronger (though probably not smarter) version of Spidey, Venom gets a solid defense with a large base, and average speed of 10, and the Warrior class which allows him to interact strongly with existing figures.

Joe's Notes:
Venom is definitely a classic Spidey villain, and with Spider-Man 3 around the corner, he will be a very popular figure. The Uppercut attack is one of my favorites, and Venom has a lot of power. Star Wars fans will be familiar with this attack from the Series 3 Chewbacca. Venom's larger base and massive size makes him very difficult to defeat with ranged attacks, as bullets deflect off his chest and back. Venom's Recruit ability limits him to working only with Marvel figures, however it will become more dangerous and new series are released. He is a bit slower than Spider-Man, but more than makes up for that with his sheer power and size.

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