Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tournament of Attacktix October 28th in Michigan

Full details can be found here

Please visit this tournament sponsor: CCG Armory

October 28th, 2006 @ 2:00pm


AmeriSuite of Utica 45400 Utica Park Blvd, Utica, MI 48317
Tel: (586) 803-0100
Fax: (586) 803-0102
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How Much:
$2 to get in... additional fees may apply per event.


CCG Armory has provided Attacktix Boosters for Prizes!
17 limited edition tournament figures up for grabs.
Prizes also available if you beat Webhead!

Brett (Webhead) will be showing off the new Marvel Attacktix.He will be Gunslinging! Beat Webhead and win a Super Rare, Chrome or Tournament Figure!)

All entrants will have access to the following:
100 pt single elimination tournament (Prize: T6 Boba Fett)
5 mega tournament (Prize: Custom superflytnt turret)
Door prizes (T6 Boba Fett , T8 Han Solo & Boosters from CCG)

We will be holding 2 single elimination tournaments and giving away 2 tournament sets (T6 - T10). Prizes for these tournaments will be: 1st place T6-T10. 2nd place T7 Luke. 3rd place T10 Stormtrooper. A $10 entry fee will get you into both of these tournaments.

We will still be having the pink slip tourney and the booster showdown. To enter the booster showdown, due to the lack of interest, please bring two unopened boosters from series 4.

Thanks to Hasbro, Webhead and CCG Armory for providing prizes!

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