Monday, November 28, 2005

More Attacktix Series 3 - Starters and JABBA Mega always get the hottest news! Today they have some images of the latest Attacktix. Series 3 will feature a Jabba the Hutt Mega, with Ball Firing Action. I wonder if he will come with blue, like in the box, or green, like in the product picture.

Also, a Series 2 Starter will include Force Blast Luke, Captain Antilles, Imperial Officer, and more Darth goodness - two-handed lightsaber! I can not wait!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Custom Attacktix


Darklighter, Biggs [Joe Manzo]
Durge [Joe Manzo]
Gree, Commander [punisherad]
Jinn, Qui-Gon [warlordofmars]
Kenobi, Obi-Wan (Old Ben) [Joe Manzo]
R2-Q5 [Joe Manzo]
Secura, Aayla [Joe Manzo]


Hey gang, welcome to the Toy Shop!

As you can tell by the great threads about game play variations and future figures, Attacktix lends itself to creativity. I've had a few ideas rattling around for awhile and I thought I'd share them with you. Think of them as figure mods, but instead of paint & clay I'll use ones & zeros.

For those of you that like to see some awesome conceptual figures, just follow the links below for a good time!

All figures from the imagination of SFX5000

If you have any suggestions for a custom or concept figure you would like to see, or if you would like to submit one of your own please email me or leave a comment! For those of you that have expressed interest in purchasing a custom, they are generally not for sale, but you can email with your price and hope for the best.

Custom Attacktix - Durge







STAR WARS CLASS: Bounty Hunter
SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Dooku)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Large Missile)

Durge is a repainted Jango Fett, with a carved Utapau Warrior head. I sliced off the jet pack, and removed the rocket. Then I glued it back on, upside down so it looks a little more like what you see on Durge (in the Star Wars Databank pictures). I'd like to get two more Clone Troopers and equip him with two guns. I'll probably raise his value to 50 at that point. Also, if I get a second Striker Greivous, I will remove his shoulder bells and add them to Durge, so I can add a little more detail to his paint job.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Custom Attacktix - R2-Q5






SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Empire)
EFFECT TYPE: Free Move (Variable)

R2-Q5 is a repainted Yoda. Ok, he is a repainted R2-D2, but that's no shocker. My first R2-D2's spinner stopped working, so I decided to pop him open, and see what made him tick, or spin. So I did that, and I am still not sure exactly why he wouldn't spin, but I did fix up the springs and get him to spin about 80% of the time. I pasted over the old number strip that R2 had inside, and put a strip of all the Attacktix Classes. So on a balanced team, you may get a move almost every turn. But I rarely play a team that has one of each class, so I left his value at 20. Just for fun, I cut away the two pieces of plastic that held the legs in place, leaving them only attached at the shoulder. This R2-Q5 can now spin at the shoulder, but it does little for his defense. I was hoping it would help absorb some of the blow, but it still goes down like R2-D2.

Custom Attacktix - Biggs Darklighter

Biggs Darklighter





SPECIAL POWER: Attackback (Rebel)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Small Missile)

Biggs is a repainted ARC Trooper. I used a face from my Jedi Knight (ala Face-Off) and carved it down until it fit into the helmet. Not much else was altered, besides the paint job, but the facial reconstruction surgery is pretty time consuming. I bumped him up to a 20 point figure for no specific reason. An Attackback for ANY Rebel can be very valuable, plus the Rebel roster is pretty slim, so I just wanted to make the Rebel community a little stronger.

Custom Attacktix - Obi-Wan Kenobi "Old Ben"

Obi-Wan Kenobi




SPECIAL POWER: Sacrifice (Trooper)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Old Ben is a repainted Dooku face glued into a Jedi Knights hollowed-out hood. I also secured him onto a Starter Kenobi's base, keeping all stats intact. Since he is a striker of equal size, he works well in game, I don't see anything unfair. I may change his SW Class to Rebel, just to have some more depth in that class.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Attacktix Battle Pack - Stats Revealed

The Battle Packs are now showing up at Walmarts (the ONLY place you will find them). Thanks to Jay, for getting us the info on the Special Gold Base Stats.

Ki-Adi Mundi:
Speed - 12
Cost - 20
Attackback if white: Free move and attack for up three of your Jedi

Nute Gunray:
Speed - 6
Cost - 30
Droid Army
Rally if white: Return up to two of your defeated Droid Army figures to play

Plo Koon:
Speed - 4
Cost - 40
Recruit if white: Put Kit Fisto into play from your back-ups

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Attacktix Series 3 Sneak Peek

While I was away on my Honeymoon (which was fantastic) posted some early pictures of Attacktix Series 3 figures and the new Booster Box design. The three figures shown here are; Luke in Rebel Disguise, Rebel Trooper and Tusken Warrior with (possible?) combo striker/launcher Gaffe Stick!

I have included them here for you to see. Now that I am back, look forward to my reviews of Han and Chewie, from Series 2, along with a few more from our guest reviewers! Also, a new contest will be heading your way via the Attacktix Forum and I will be posting a few of my customs.

It's been a busy week for me AND the Attacktix World, but I am going to try to get all of us caught up.

Click for full size

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Darth Vader #17-2 Tips and Tricks

Darth Vader #17-2
Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Force Push (Warrior)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Because of this figure's thick, black robes, I like to call him “Grim Vader” or “Darth Reaper,” as he reminds me a lot of the Grim Reaper. With his arms rotated above his head, he can make for a very scary striker, indeed.

Vader's special power can also be used to disrupt a formation that your opponent has carefully built...or draw one of your opponent's Warriors closer to one of your remaining strikers or shooters to make the kill that much easier.

Tip for attacking with Darth Vader:
Darth Vader is a spooky dude. His thick robes must slow him down, as he can only move 10 Tix in this incarnation. However, he's also got a wonderfully long saber, and it can be used to strike in two different ways. If you keep the point of his sleeve pointed straight down, you'll have a standard strike that can take out 4 well-packed 30- and 40-point figures. However, if you put the point of his sleeve straight up, he'll deliver a powerful overhand strike that can take out 5-6 packed 30- and 40-point figures! It can be a bit difficult to keep his hand up in this position, but if you do, the initial impact will send a single figure topping up onto its head, causing it to then bounce up between 6 and 12 inches off the playing field as it flies. If nothing else, this generates some interesting trick shot possibilities. To complete the ghoulish look (and to make it a bit easier to strike with him), point his left sleeve straight up, too.

Vader's special power can be used to disrupt an opponent's Warriors in a major way. You might want to push a threatening striker away so that your opponent's next attack attempt is thwarted. However, if your opponent is out of attacks for this turn, you may want to bring an opponent's figure closer to you (and/or out of formation) to make your next attack that much easier and deadly.

Tips for attacking Darth Vader:
The solidity of Darth Vader's robes help to keep him up in the face of launcher attacks. At 10 Tix, a small missile or Force blast to the upper chest or head will take him down. However, at 15 Tix, a Force blast can't knock him down, though it will knock him back a couple of Tix. Nevertheless, a well-aimed large missile to the chest can knock him over nicely. It'll take a half-power swing from a striker to knock him down, though a quarter-power swing will scoot him across the table around 10 Tix.

You'll likely want to attack Vader with the last attack of your turn. This will prevent any other attacks you might want to make on your turn from being thwarted. This can take some discipline, as Vader's considerable striking power can be awfully threatening. Because he's a slower striker, you might also be able to get the jump on him with a faster striker group (which might include his S1 alter ego, with 14 Tix of movement per turn).

Alternative Strategies
Let Vader hang back for a bit if your opponent advances toward you somewhat heedlessly. That way, you can surprise them with a Vader-sized chomp out of their forces when they get in range of his saber (the length of which s/he may not anticipate).

Or be bold and charge Vader into the thick of battle! Even if he falls, his special power can set your opponent's figures into a disarrayed mess, ripe for the picking off. And if he doesn't fall, your opponent will have to contend with an incredibly powerful strike that has some funky spin to it, if it's done properly.

Attacktix Battle Packs - Wal-Mart Exclusive

Awesome ATTACKTIX Battle Packs - Available exclusively at Wal-Mart!

Introducing ATTACKTIX Battle Packs, featuring exclusive figures and fierce Battle Masters! This awesome pack includes a Booster Pack with one common, one rare and one super rare figure; three exclusive gold series figures with new powers you won’t find anywhere else; and the massive Republic Gunship. A total of 6 figures and one Battle Master, all in one amazing Battle Pack! Available only at Wal-Mart this fall.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Series 2 General Grievous Starter Set

Grievous Starters are hitting Walmart shelves (and probably others) this week. Here are the stats for the four figures inside.

Clone Trooper (Yellow)
Speed 4
Cost 10
Attackback (Jedi)
4/26 (15%)

Super Battle Droid
Droid Army
Speed 4
Cost 30
Attackback (Warrior)
6/26 (23%)

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Speed 12
Cost 30
Recover (Trooper)
18/26 (69%)

General Grievous
Droid Army
Speed 6
Cost 30
Rescue (if OPPONENT has Jedi Play)
10/26 (38%)

Attacktix Exclusive Gold Based Figures

Breaking news at

Star Wars Attacktix Battle Pack will probably be released for Christmas, with this new breaking weeks before Black Friday. No word on price yet, but the images suggest it will contain one Series 2 Booster Pack (three figures) and three re-released Series 1 figures with Metallic Gold bases. The Gold based figures will also have powers different than their black or chrome counterpart. Oh, and let's not forget the Gunship stuffed in there, too!

Figures in the images released from Hasbro feature: Nute Gunray, Plo Koon, and Ki-Adi Mundi. No word if these three figures will vary by set, but the molded plastic behind Plo Koon fits very tightly.