Thursday, September 01, 2005

SFX's Toy Shop - AT-AT Mega

I know that at the end of the last Toy Shop I said that the BATTLE CASE ACCESSORY KIT: Death Star & Trash Compactor were up next. The construction on a Death Star, as you can imagine, is quite a task (darn Union labor). But, the guys in the Super-Huge-War Machine Garage finished their project first (and under budget), so I thought I'd share it with you.

With the impending release of the Republic Gunship a bigger and badder troop transport was a no brainer. I give you the...

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The AT-AT has 3 main features.
1. 2 large missile launchers. One on each side of the head.
2. 2 troop carriers (or "CHOMP"ers). One on each side of the body.
3. 4 targets. One on the outside of each knee.

The missile launchers work as you would imagine. It's head can pivot up, down and from side to side. The head can also rotate horizontally through 90 degrees. The neck is also articulated where it connects to the body giving the head a great range of movement.

The troop carriers can be detached from the main body. They are connected by retracting strings or tethers. They each have a 'toothed mouth' capable of opening and closing. They are used to pick up and move a figure anywhere within range of the tether. (All of these features are similar to the Republic Gunship).

Being that the AT-AT, or All Terrain Armored Transport, towers above the Republic Gunship I felt it had to surpass it in many ways. It would clock in anywhere from 80-100 points. On each turn you can move 2 figures and take 2 shots (one from each gun). This bad bear was near impossible to take down and since designing vehicles in Attacktix with tow-cables would be overly complex for this simple game I gave it 4 targets. The targets are somewhat small making it a challenge to take down, just like the 'real' thing.


eric said...

where can i buy these battlemasters from SFX toy shop? Are there other stores that I can purchase these from?

JoeAttacktix said...

These are concept figures. Not for sale anywhere!

penguinboy said...

Dont you think this figure might be a little to good?

Anonymous said...

do it

Anonymous said...

its awesome but i think the knees should be at striker height because i like to go all striker sometimes

Anonymous said...

this would be an awesome figure i'd buy it the day it comes out!!!

Anonymous said...

this should be 150 points and it should only have 2 targets

Anonymous said...