Thursday, September 01, 2005

SFX's Toy Shop - Taun We & Wat Tambor

Sean from the Attacktix Forum has a few ideas for some new non-combat figures.

Today I have another quickie for ya. I had an idea for some army building non-combat figures. I tought I'd even things out by giving one to each side engaged in the Clone Wars (hey!... weren't they actually the same side?). I give you...

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As I said, these 2 are non-combat figures. They will function similar to Jar Jar...
or will have a push button spinner like R2-D2.

Their internal number spinner will look something like this

How do they work?

When their wheels are spun and a number appears you can then pull that number of figures from your back-ups.

TAUN WE will allow you to pull CLONE TROOPERS
WAT TAMBOR will allow you to pull BATTLE DROIDS

There you have it. Pretty simple when it comes down to it. I love the idea of non-combat figures. They allow you to bring in characters that might not be 'fighters' and they also throw in a little bit of that randomness that makes Attacktix a fun and unpredictable game.

Well, that's it for todays Toy Shop. Join us next time for the...



Anonymous said...

they look cool but Pdont think I would use them in battel.

Anonymous said...

wat does pull mean

Anonymous said...

Good idea but it would kinda be unfair unless it's droids with tambour vs clones and tuan otherwise you could have an army of clones/droids in backups and an army of them on field.