Thursday, September 01, 2005

SFX's Toy Shop - Sebulba

"He's a Dug. An especially dangerous Dug named..."

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With the introduction of 'Kicking Obi-Wan' in Series 2 I got to thinking about other hand-to-hand combat figures. Since I like to throw you a curve ball with these Toy Shop's who better than Sebulba. He takes hand-to-hand to the next level... or would that be foot-to-foot? Who can tell with a guy that walks on his hands!

I wasn't sure what team to give Sebulba, none of the current ones work. An 'alien' team has been suggested here before. I feel that is a bit too vague. Heck, everyone in Star Wars is an alien if you think about it. Luke could even consider Han an alien because they come from different planets.

The Star Wars Miniatures game has a good team for those that fall outside the other teams- 'Fringe'. This one might be cool for Attacktix and since the company that makes the mini game is owned by Hasbro it might just work.

Or how about team 'Denizen'? A denizen is a person that lives somewhere. These odd non affiliated characters all have one thing in common, they live in the Star Wars universe. What team would you make up to encompass the odd-balls of the Star Wars Universe?


Anonymous said...

I think there should be a podracer class with other racers such as mahawnic

Anonymous said...

good idea