Thursday, September 01, 2005

SFX's Toy Shop - Imperial Probe Droid

In Episodes I-III we got droids up the wazoo, but none of them could hold a candle (or, would that be electric torch) to one of the most bad-ass droids around. I give you the...


How does he work?

The PROBE DROID has 2 different attacks. You have the choice of preforming one of these attacks each turn.

#1 is a basic gun mounted in his 'head'. It is fired by pressing the button (A) on top of his head. This attack is a traditional launcher attack intended to knock your opponent's figures over. The head has the same range of motion as the AT-RT.

#2 is his special attack and is preformed by launching both missiles housed in his 'torso'. These missiles are launched by pressing the buttons (B) on top of each launcher.


These two missiles are slightly longer than a traditional missile and are connected by a string. When the missiles are in their launchers the string fits snugly into a groove running along the droids torso.

It is with these special missiles you attempt to preform this droids primary function- LOCATING THE ENEMY

Think of it as a 'scanning attack'. To pull this off you fire both missiles at your opponents figure. Your goal is to hang the missiles on the figure. The missiles can hang in any number of ways: around the neck, around the gun/saber/arm, around the legs, even on top of the base. This is a 'non-lethal' attack. If you knock over the figure you are attempting to 'detect' simply pick it back up, your 'scanning attack' is still successful.

After the successful completion of your 'scanning attack' you can then move up to four TROOPERS into base contact with the PROBE DROID.

In other words, the probe has discovered the location of the enemy and has transmitted their location to it's troops. They then use the probe's intel to move into position.


To defeat this nasty bugger you must strike both of the arms extending below the torso. When both of these arm targets are hit the head will 'pop' off. But if the head goes flying off on it's own it may leave the rest of the droid with that puzzled feeling as it stands around headless. And we all know that in Attacktix some part of the base must leave the table. To accomplish this the head will be attached to the torso with small, retracting strings. When the head 'pops' off it will drag the rest of the body down with it.

Well, there you have it. The Probe Droid gives a speed boost to those poor 4 movement troops of yours and does it with a big red string smile on its face ;D !

That's all for todays Toy Shop kids. Join us next time for a special two-parter...

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gag said...

the scaning attack is cool

Anonymous said...

Hey this is really cool I wish I could get one :)

Anonymous said...

The whole scanning attack is cool but if the scanner got stuck on a strikers saber it could act as a flail.