Thursday, September 01, 2005

SFX's Toy Shop - Han Solo in Carbonite

It's been a while since the last Toy Shop, and being that this is the big #10, I thought I'd come back with some style. I'll keep the intro short and sweet. I give you...

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How does he work?

The carbonite case is a 2 part, spring loaded, shell (front and back) that snaps together around the Han Solo figure. By striking or shooting the two targets on either side the carbonite case will 'pop' open, revealing a very dazed Solo. Han in the case has no movement, attack or special powers (for obvious reasons). You'd might want to house rule him thusly: If he is turned or falls when being attacked (rescued) return him to his original position. There is no bottom to the case itself, so perhaps there could be some soft rubber under the target area to prevent slipping & movement. He's pretty straight forward... but the best things in 'tix are.

This would be a pretty fun piece. You could use it to play a one sided game of capture the flag. Place Block-Head Han at one end of the field, guarded by Jabba and some bounty hunters, and have your Rebel team rescue him and bring him back to their side safely. Plus the carbonite case would be rather 'deep' to accommodate the large 'tix guns, so you could carbon-freeze anybody you like. On top of all that, you have a 'Tatooine Han' figure to play whenever you want.

Now, I know what you're saying, "But, SFX that carbonite case is way too big to fit into a booster!" And you'd be right. This guy could be packed in with the Jabba the Hut Mega. It could be sold in a special mini-pack with Leia in Bounty Hunter Disguise (I heard talk of wanting this figure on the Bounty Hunter Team... come on now! She never did any REAL bounty hunting!). Or (are you reading this Hasbro?) he could be offered as an exclusive mail away. That's right kids, collect those proof-of-purchases from you boosters and send away for your very own Han Solo in Carbonite figure. I have such fond memories of checking the mail box every day after school to see if my mail away Emperor had arrived... funny... it seems like I'm doing that now with Series 2, and the mailbox has become retail stores, and it's not so much fun anymore!

Well gang, that's it for today's Toy Shop. I hope you enjoyed. Join us next time for more fun.

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Anonymous said...

How many proof of purches do yoy have to have befor you get a han solo in carbonite?