Friday, September 23, 2005

Attacktix Contest V - Attacktix Republic Gunship

Attacktix Contest V is another creative contest! It's a contest that involves drawing - BUT NOT A DRAWING CONTEST.

Basically, I like to see your creations, and I am already backed up, trying to get Contest III to a scanner. So I found a neat trick to have everyone create a drawing ONLINE. Then you just save it. No need to upload/download. No imageshack or photobucket. NOTHING, but drawing and saving.

Which brings me to the contest. If you want to win a Gunship, draw me a picture of why you want a Gunship. You playing with it, you holding it. What you will look like if you had it. It can include a Gunship, or not. Doesn't matter. Be creative.

Then we will go to board voting again! All drawings must be done and saved by the End of September!

I hope we all have fun, and I can't wait to see your "drawings."


You will have to SAVE and SEND when you are finished and be sure that my email :jojomanzo[@]

Is included... (drop the brackets, and the ".nospam" that's just to prevent SPAM crawlers from seeing my address)

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