Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Attacktix's "Ask the Expert"

Attacktix Tactics is back from vacation, and ready to update you with the latest Attacktix news.

I've gotten some new responses from Hasbro, on some rule questions that have come up in the forum. If you have any questions, please post them in the forum, or leave me a comment!

Q: Must you move all of your figures before you start attacking (i.e., does a player's turn consist of strict Movement and Attack phases)? Or can you move some or all of your figures after your first attack?

A. Yes, it is a strict Move all then Attack phase. The Gunship has made this tricky when you are actually moving it on the Attack phase, so you have to drop off a Melee guy right next to the target. But traditionally it is move all, then you have your two attack actions.

Q: Can the Emperor "UN-possess" a figure at will?

A: No, you can not unpossess/repossess anyone unless the Emperor is shot off the target and manages to still stand. This is the only exception. There is no unpossession rule stated in the rulebook. Note: If you DID possess your own figure it would be during the Attack phase, and you would have to wait until the next turn to move. So there is a NO Hitchhiking rule! Put your Emperor on the Gunship, instead.

Q: Must you always knock down both targets for a valid kill of a Mega figure?

A: This will come down to House Rules, as Megas are not tournament legal, anyway. However, Team Hasbro plays "a kill is a kill" and though the most effective way to take down a Mega is to use the intended targets, sometimes those clever and magically shots are not only funny, they work.

Q: If a figure is half on/half off the table, or the "out of bounds", is he dead?

A: Officially, If he can still roll a Tix he is alive. If any part of the base is lifted up or the wheel is hanging over the edge, he is defeated. Leaners are dead as they can not roll. But a good rule of thumb is that if his wheel is still fully functional he can still fight the good fight.


Anonymous said...

Personally I'd forget the rules, so
KILL THE BUGGER and just win already dumb a$$!

Anonymous said...

What are the rules governing capture the flag?