Saturday, July 30, 2005

Attacktix 102 Launcher Figures

Guest Reviewer: Stephen

In this tutorial, I will cover a number of shooting strategies. These range from the proper aiming and targeting of a gun or arm to techniques that can be use to stabilize your aim to which type of shooter to use in which situations.


The first step in successful shooting is establishing a solid base from which to shoot. If you can't stabilize your shooter, you can't hope to shoot consistently. Thus, below are some hand grips you can use on your figures to create a maximally stable base. Basically, you'll want to put your thumb on top of the button for the launcher, wrap your index finger underneath the launcher, and use the rest of your hand as a base that stands underneath the launcher to create a shooting surface from table to launcher.

This is how you'd do it with a right-handed figure.

Whereas this is how you'd do it with a left-handed figure.

This is a grip for a large missile launching figure.

And for a Force blast figure.

However, it may not always be practicable to create such a base if your figures are in formation. The most critical part of this is to put your thumb on the top of the launcher button and wrap your index finger around the launcher to provide a force to counteract that which you'll apply when you push down on the button. You'll also want to have some fingers of your other hand on the base of the figure to keep the figure from wobbling around when you shoot.

Like this, involving a 2x2 formation of Clone Troopers.

Alternatively, you can grasp the head of the figure to stabilize it, then put your thumb on the launcher button and wrap your fingers underneath the launcher to form a base.


Now, a bit about aiming your shots. Though you can just look down at your shooter and the figure you want to knock down, then draw an imaginary line between them to line 'em up, this doesn't take care of the elevation of the launcher. For maximum precision in aiming, you need to look down at the level of the back of the launcher to make sure you're not shooting above or below your target.

For launchers with only a button on top of the gun, you can just do your best to ensure that the surface of the button is level with the surface of the playing field to create a level shot.

When shooting from launchers with multiple protrusions, some of which line up along the top of the barrel, you should do your best to line up the button and the protrusion at the farthest edge of the barrel in an invisible line targeting a precise spot on the figure at which you're aiming. In this case, the missile is aligned to strike at the corner of the Super Battle Droid's snout.

With Force blasters, aiming can be a bit trickier on account of the weight of the projectile. You may find it useful to align the top of the Force blaster's hand with your desired target on the figure at which you're shooting.


The goal of shooting is hitting your opponent where he or she is weakest. For individual figures, this often means the head. However, the head is awfully hard to hit unless you're at point-blank range, so it's advisable to aim for the top half of the body of a figure. This will impart a maximum amount of angular momentum to the figure, giving it the best chance of toppling down. If you aim for the bottom half of the figure, you'll have to fight the friction of the base against the playing surface to start it rotating down.

You can also add to the angular momentum of your opponent's figure by shooting it from an angle, particularly if your shot is directed to your opponent's launcher. Not only will it send your opponent's figure toppling downward, it will also send it spinning around, subjecting it to the vagaries of uneven friction, which will hopefully help to spin it down.

Generally speaking, you should use the right projectile for the job at hand. Unless you're a really good shot (or really lucky), you should use a small missile for shooting only at 10 or 20 point figures. Large missiles can be used to shoot down 30 or 40 point figures with a surgical strike, unless the target has layers of molded robes (like Palpatine, Plo Koon, or Shaak Ti) that will distribute the energy of a missile shot diffusely. In these cases, or in the case when you want to blast away at a couple of figures at once, a Force blast or Grievous bolt are most appropriate.

However, if your opponents has bunched his or her figures into a formation, you have to make some choices. If your opponent has left some figures relatively unprotected (like those in the back line of a basic triplet), those should be the ones you try to pick off. However, if there are no easy targets (for example, if the figures are stacked in a defensive 2x2 formation), you'll likely have to use two attacks. The first attack should bust at least one figure out of the formation, then the second attack should target the outed figure for a knockdown. I prefer to use a Force blast or Grievous bolt for the first shot, then a small or large missile for the kill shot.

Here, a Republic Clone Trooper and Plo Koon face a mixed 2x2 formation at ~8 Tix away of Separatist Clone Troopers in the front and Clone Commanders in the back. Plo Koon takes aim at the launcher of the Clone Trooper on the left to use angular momentum to scoot it out of the formation.

Success! The left-hand Separatist Clone Trooper is peeled out of the formation, leaving the Republic Clone Trooper free to pick him off.

And with a good shot, the Republic Clone Trooper knocks down the Separatist Clone Trooper. Now, even if the formation reforms, it'll be a much weaker basic triplet instead of a solid 2x2, leaving plenty of points of attack.

This time, Shaak Ti aims for the space between the Separatist Clone Troopers, hoping to use the width of her Force blast to spread both troopers out of the formation.

Now, Commander Gree has a relatively clear shot at either of the Clone Commanders, either of which would be a staggering 30-point knockdown compared to the 10-point Clone Troopers. However, the Clone Commander on the right is not protected by a launcher behind him, so Commander Gree takes aim at the Clone Commander on the right.

And down goes the Clone Commander! Now the remaining figures in the formation may have to form a backwards triplet to have a prayer of staying stable.

Of course, the fantasied version of any two-attack combo on a formation is that the attackers somehow find a way to take down two figures at once. Here, Plo Koon and the Republic Clone Trooper face down the same formation as before. However, this time, Plo Koon prepares for a daring head shot to the Separatist Clone Trooper on the right.

Pop goes the weasel! Now, the Republic Clone Trooper has a shot at the Clone Commander on the right. Do you believe in miracles?

YES! The Republic Clone Trooper's shot was so good, it sent the Clone Commander flying right off the edge of the table, proving that a 10-point figure can still take out a 30-pointer with the right shot!

So, you now know how to steady your shooters to make them ready for an attack. You also know how to aim them to make sure your projectile has enough altitude to take out your target. You also know what missile to use for what type of target, and you also know how to shoot successfully, even at figures in formation. The main things that only experience can teach you now are the proper elevations to be used at the various distances from your opponent, the right spot to shoot on each target figure, and the best way for you to grip your shooters to make sure they're nice and stable, no matter how you're shooting.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Battle Droid #1 Tips and Tricks

Battle Droid #1
Guest Reviewer: Jason

SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (2 X Battle Droid)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Small Missile)

At first glance, you may be excited about the Battle Droid's special power. Adding two Battle Droids to your army sounds great. Forget about it! At 8%, it basically never happens. The Battle Droid has two primary uses: defense and late-round, close range knockouts. His slow speed will keep him from reaching the front lines, so he's a natural figure to back up your better launchers.

Tips for attacking with Battle Droid:
Don't plan on using the Battle Droid as an early fighter. Instead, position him behind your other figures with his gun flat against their backs. It's a cheap way to stabilize your more important figures. If he's in the front lines he's a sitting duck.

Let your other figures do the work while your Battle Droids wait for the enemy to come to them. From close range the 10 point Battle Droid can take out powerful figures like Yoda or Armored Vader.

If you have to fire from a long distance, be sure to stabilize the Battle Droid with your non-shooting hand and aim for any extended body parts.

Tips for attacking Battle Droid:
Even from over 25 tix away, the Battle Droid will fall with a decently placed shot. If you have a clear shot at him early on, take it. Better figures will be harder to hit from a distance, and even the lowly Battle Droid can keep powerful figures in the game, such as Armored Vader, Starter Vader and Starter Obi-Wan.

Alternative Strategies
Again, the Battle Droid is able to keep some powerful figures around longer, so he is good to team up with them.

Keep some Battle Droids in backups just in case the special power actually activates. It would be a bummer to finally get it and then have no one to bring in!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Attacktix Contest II - Results

Congratulations to warlordof mars for winning the second Attacktix Contest! His entry received the most votes in our user poll and earned him a Chrome Darth Vader! The popularity of this contest means we are sure to have more. Most likely when Series 2 comes out, but there may be a "Caption This" contest even sooner.

And now, here is our winner's entry along with ALL the great entries that we received.

The Winning Entry!

Now all the rest, in no particular order!
Click on the thumbnails to see the FULL IMAGE!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Attacktix Contest III - Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our third installment of Attacktix Contests! This time around you will have a lot more work ahead of you, but the reward is greater! You must collect as many of the following items below, and mail them to me. All submissions must be postmarked August 19th, 2005.

The list of items:


A Star Wars Joke*
An Original Drawing of YOU with an Attacktix
Origami of your choice
Mint Flavored Toothpick in Wrapper (I will taste
Individually Wrapped Lifesaver Candy


Canadian Dime
A Jedi Master Star Wars Point (any value)
Any Foil Trading Card
Business Magnet (the thin kind)
34 Cent Stamp (new or canceled/used)
Mini Golf Score Card (blank or completed)
DVD or CD Security Sticker (completely intact)
Star Wars Band-Aid (unused in wrapper)
Grocery Receipt for Kiwi Fruit (Kiwi circled please)
Matinee Movie Stub
An Attacktix Checklist (Blank)
Star Wars M&M Wrapper (Empty)
Page from TV Guide or Newspaper with Show Time for Star Wars on TV
An Emery Board
A Cartoon-Shaped Vitamin (Flintstones, Spider-Man,


Four-Leaf Clover
Fortune Cookie With OUT the Lucky Numbers
A UPC (Bar Code) with the numbers "1","1","3","8" (In any order)
Coupon with Star Wars Licensed Product (must have Star Wars on coupon)
Skywalker Ranch Wine Label

*Star Wars Joke is mandatory for tie-breaker. Read rules below.


You must be a member of the Attacktix Forum to participate. These items are sorted by what I feel are harder to find for the general public. The winner will be whomever finds the MOST items. The Rare items were selected to make it very hard for people to find ALL the items. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by the number of Super-Rares they have. Further ties will continue down to Rare, then Common. If the tie should remain, the winner will be determined by the funniest Star Wars joke. I reserve the right to edit or add to these rules in order to keep the contest fair. Only one enter per household address.

How to Enter:

I have chosen very light, thin, and small objects so that they can fit into a standard or padded envelope and be mailed out for about $1.00 postage. The object of the contest is to have fun, and not to make you spend money on the objects OR the postage. If you have a problem with the cost of mailing your items please let me know well in ADVANCE to see if I may have a solution. Please include your REAL NAME, BOARD SCREEN NAME, and MAILING ADDRESS on the paper with your Star Wars Joke!

Mailing Address available to Forum Members only - JOIN NOW!

Almost forgot, what will the prize be?

Why an Attacktix Tournament Edition ALL-SILVER Chewbacca Attacktix! Very valuable indeed. Now LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hasbro's Attacktix Only Q&A

1. Will they expand the line into He-Man, GI JOE, etc.?
Yes, Transformers will be first and the second will be G.I. Joe. Due to the fact that Hasbro is releasing a new G.I. Joe line Sigma Six (Marvel Legends type figures) no date is set for them. All other lines can interact with other Attacktix. In other words, Optimus Prime will be able to attack Darth Vader.

Since Hasbro already has major brands under it's control it is unlikely that He-Man would be an Attacktix since Mattel owns it.
2. Any plans for any mail-in Attacktix exclusives?
Unlikely for any mail-in Attacktix excluives because it would require a third party to mail out the figures. The one possible option is having an exclusive from That is the most probable way you will see an exclusive.

3. Is the rumor of a new team power for Bounty Hunters true? What is the new power (if any)?
Bossk will have Capture: Gain control of attacking figure for remainder of game if you have another figure in play.

4. Has the line been as successful as we think? Is Hasbro happy with it?
The line has beaten expectations. I believe the line was timed for a shelf life of a year and sold out in a few months. Most retailers have been sold out for a while and small amounts of remaining boosters and Megas froms series 1 should hit stores soon. After the remaing stock sells out, series 2 will be the only way to get your Attacktix fix.
5. What role will Hasbro's sister company Wizards of the Coasts play in the world of Attacktix?
Starting with series 2, Wizards of the Coast will distribute to hobby/game shops. This is great news because this will allow other gamers to get into Attacktix. I already know that most of you are wondering if the major retailers will still sell attacktix and the answer is YES.
Thanks cereal!

Attacktix Republic Gunship and the Future of Attacktix

Republic Gunship:
  • There are two attack points on the ship the two target black flaps.
  • You have to attack it twice, it's design is such that one attack should not be able to trigger both targets.
  • A white button pops out from the bottom to defeat the figure.
  • The ship is tethered to limit is flying move
  • There are two actions for this figure.
  • It's action consists of either firing a projectile, and/or transporting a character. You can do one of these or both. It is a transport ship. If done right this will allow you to move one of your backline guys up, you can drop a melee guy right next to an opponent's figure and use your second attack action to ATTACK!
  • The MSRP is $9.99.
The Future:

The Attacktix line will see at least three more waves beyond the current series based on Revenge of the Sith.

We've already seen some of the figures from the second line making appearances at conventions like Celebration III and Comic-Con, and we've known the majority of Series 2 for awhile now, but what's next?

First of all, the Battle Case for Series 1 (which includes the exclusive Clone Trooper Sergeant) is due to arrive any day now. Good news for those who have been looking to complete their collection, and also have a nifty storage/stage for their figures.

Series 2 will follow the strategy of the first series, with a Starter Pack, Booster Sets, and Battle Masters. Featuring 30 characters from all 6 movies, this series is expected to debut this fall. The Starter Set figures will be repainted with new statistics.

Series 3 will include 30 characters from A New Hope, with a brand-new Starter Set, Booster Packs, and a new Battle Case. Should be out early 2006.

Series 4 will include 30 characters from Return of the Jedi, and the Starter Set figures will be repainted with new statistics, and a Jabba the Hutt Battle Master figure. Expected mid-2006.

And joining the Attacktix family with a Starter Pack, Booster Sets, and a new Battle Case is the Transformers, with characters from Cybertron and from the movie.

Thanks to cereal and Curto

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sneak Peek: Exclusive Attacktix News from SDCC

Tomorrow we will have a full report on some Exclusive Attacktix News, but for now here are some glimpses of things to come!
  • Series 2 will have a NEW Starter Set, complete with a repackaged Mace Windu with a smaller base.
  • Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast will unveil their plans for Tournament Rules and Kits. Attacktix retailers can purchase these kits.
  • Series 1 Attacktix far exceeded Hasbro's expectations!
  • Boba Fett does need to bend over to Attacktix (?)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hasbro Slideshow at San Diego Comic Con


One of the things we always look forward to at any convention is Hasbro's slideshow and Q&A session. This year is no exception, as Hasbro shows off their remaining 2005 products and what's in store for 2006.

Attacktix will see a second wave of 30 figures released this fall (many of which are on display), and another 30 in January. The plan is to release a new set every 3-4 months.

Series 2 will follow the strategy of the first series, with a Starter Pack, Booster Sets, and Battle Masters. Featuring 30 characters from all 6 movies, this series is expected to debut this fall. The Starter Set figures will be repainted with new statistics.

Series 3 will include 30 characters from A New Hope, with a brand-new Starter Set, Booster Packs, and a new Battle Case. Should be out early 2006.

Series 4 will include 30 characters from Return of the Jedi, and the Starter Set figures will be repainted with new statistics, and a Jabba the Hutt Battle Master figure. Expected mid-2006.

And joining the Attacktix family with a Starter Pack, Booster Sets, and a new Battle Case is the Transformers, with characters from Cybertron and from the movie.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Attacktix Answers from Rebelscum's Question Mark

Some Attacktix related questions were asked and answered in San Diego. Here's the scoop!

Q: Attacktix, at least in my area, appear to be doing very well. Series 2 is due out in September, what’s lined up after that?

A: The line is doing extremely well, and there is every intention to continue beyond Series 2, but it’s a little soon to talk about all that just yet…

Q: We’ve heard the 12” line is finished, the Unleashed line is undergoing some significant changes; are there any other lines that will not be making a return next year?

A: At this point it looks like all the other lines (with the exception of the Micro Vehicles) will return in 2006. Attacktix, Force Battlers, and Jedi Force (most likely) will be back.

See the whole interview at

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Attacktix Republic Gunship - First Look

The most talked about piece in Attacktix Series 2 might just be the newtest Mega, the Republic Gunship. Worth 70 points, this might be the most unique figure yet. The Gunship is tethered to its base and can be lifted, "flown", and moved into any position you like, where you can make your attack. Then it is assumed that it is returned to its base.

(Pictures from and

The figure has two large, flat panels, that jut out from the front of the base. These "ear" panels are most likely the two targets you need to hit to bring the ship down. However, thinking about the figure's movement and attack, one wonders if you can't leave the base facing away from the enemy when you make your attack. This could prove to be a very valuable figure, even at a high cost value!

As the late August/early September release date draws closer, we can do nothing but wait. Or we can wait AND strategize about how this Gunship will destroy my wife's chances of ever beating me in Attacktix again. (Because I sure do lose alot!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attacktix Tournament Prize Figures

The San Diego Comic Con will be kicking off in about 12 hours, and here is a first look at the prizes that can be won if you are skilled enough to clean up in the Attacktix Tournaments.

Winners of the SDCC Attacktix Tournaments will receive one sealed mini-Attacktix box. Inside will be one all silver-painted figure with silver-painted base (not chrome). The figures and powers are listed below. Bonus Stats listed in BOLD.

NumberNamePoint ValueSpeed
T3General Grievous
T5Clone Trooper (Sep.)

Monday, July 11, 2005

San Diego Comic Con Official Attacktix Tournament Info

Hasbro has communicated that there will be an Attacktix Tournament at the San Diego Comic Con.

It will be a 100 point game, with 50 points in back-ups. No Megas. There will be five (5) age categories, with a silver tournament figure for the winners. Age categories NOT yet specified but you must stop by the booth to sign up. It will be first come - first serve with only 16 spots in each age category.

Also, Hasbro has absolutely NO PLANS to stop this line. The product, a culmination of two years worth of work, took off much faster than they could predict. Series 2 will come out in late August/early Septmeber (my God, that's SOON! Start saving!) It has been play tested and is officially "lots of fun"!

Also, do to the added skills and figures of Series II, the Offical Attacktix Tournament Rules WILL be released following the second line!

Hasbro is very excited about this line and its future. So stay pumped, because there is more to come so don't let your skills get rusty!

Attacktix Gameplay Variation - Attacktix Golf

Attacktix Golf - Compliments of Hobbes2112

Have you grown tired of the usual 100 point battle? How about the 200 point battle? Tired of the Attacktix fighting? Then Attacktix Golf is for you. What is Attacktix Golf?
It’s a game played very similar to golf. It combines shooting skill, strategy, and fun all in a convenient way that will not cost you $30 bucks in greens fees.

Here’s how it works:

You take a Battledroid or Clone and set him up somewhere in your house. That is the "hole".

You are allowed to carry 4 figures as "clubs".

You just play just like golf. Pick a place to tee off and try to knock down the "hole" in the least amount of shots possible.

Each player takes a turn shooting from the tee. Where your shot lands is where you take your next shot from. Remember, play it where it lies!

The only time you can move the missile is if you are against a wall or other object that prevents you from being able to shoot the missile. If that happens, take four clicks straight out (not towards the hole) and shoot from there.

After each shot, the player furthest from the “hole” goes first for the next shot. Continue alternating shots until each player has KNOCKED DOWN the hole. This means that if one player knocks down the Battledroid, that player sets it back up in the same spot so the other players can knock it down.

Record your scores on a paper. (I’m working on a scorecard to download)

Play one hole or eighteen holes it doesn’t matter. You can either set up a series of Battledroids (or Clones, or both) around your house and play a course. It’s up to you.

Practice with each of your figures to find out which figures are best for long shots, chip shots, accurate shots. I’ve learned that my clone commanders are good “drivers”, meaning they can fire a LONG distance. Grievous is good for medium shots and accuracy. Force push figures are good for close chip shots. Strikers are good for super close hits. Be careful though, there are no “gimmes” in Attacktix Golf.

Now go and grab four of your favorite figures to use as your “clubs”, set up a Battledroid “hole” and yell “FORE!!” It’s time for Golf.

SFX's Toy Shop - Force Jump Concept FIgures

Another installment of SFX's Toy Shop

One thing that really stands out for me when watching the prequel trilogy is, 'Darn, those Jedi are spry buggers!' They're jumping, hopping and flipping all over the place. The Jedi and Sith are know for using the Force to propel themselves in super human ways. When looking at your Attacktix collection you may ask yourself, "Why can't my Attacktix jump around?" Well, now they can (in an imaginary kind of way). I give you...

(original photos via

This FORCE JUMP FIGURE (Yoda) has 3 main parts.

A. STRIKER FIGURE (functions exactly like a striker)
C. BASE (functions exactly like attacktix base)

The LAUNCHER (B) has 2 buttons (more on this later).

How does he work?

1. The LAUNCHER, which is attached to the base, has a small post.
2. The STRIKER FIGURE has a small cavity running the length of it's leg. Inside this cavity is a spring.
3. When the STRIKER FIGURE is attached to the LAUNCHER the post compresses the spring. The STRIKER FIGURE locks on to the LAUNCHER.

1. When both buttons on the launcher are pressed the figure is released and flies off of the base under the power of the compressed spring. The launcher has 2 buttons that must be pressed at the same time for the figure to launch. This is to avoid any accidental launches when your opponent hits one of the buttons (although this would be funny and could show a Jedi jumping away from the blast).
2. After the buttons are pressed your figure will fly thru the air. Force Jump Figures can jump anywhere from 8-12 ticks.
3. Your figure will come crashing down upon your opponents figures. This is especially helpful for any bunched figures or can just be used to advance forward on the battlefield. The figure will be slightly heavier on the non-lightsaber side. Hopefully this will cause your figure to land lightsaber up and avoid any breakage.
4. Wherever your Force Jump Figure lands he is reattached to his base and can continue the battle on your next turn. Your Force Jump Figure is also a striker giving you the choice of jumping or striking on any given turn.

Well, there you have 'em. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should've called these 'Launcher Figures'. The concept would work well on the Fett's, Jetpack Clones and Geonosians.

That's all for this Toy Shop. Join us next time for the...
Imperial Probe Droid