Friday, July 15, 2005

Attacktix Answers from Rebelscum's Question Mark

Some Attacktix related questions were asked and answered in San Diego. Here's the scoop!

Q: Attacktix, at least in my area, appear to be doing very well. Series 2 is due out in September, what’s lined up after that?

A: The line is doing extremely well, and there is every intention to continue beyond Series 2, but it’s a little soon to talk about all that just yet…

Q: We’ve heard the 12” line is finished, the Unleashed line is undergoing some significant changes; are there any other lines that will not be making a return next year?

A: At this point it looks like all the other lines (with the exception of the Micro Vehicles) will return in 2006. Attacktix, Force Battlers, and Jedi Force (most likely) will be back.

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