Thursday, July 21, 2005

Attacktix Contest III - Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our third installment of Attacktix Contests! This time around you will have a lot more work ahead of you, but the reward is greater! You must collect as many of the following items below, and mail them to me. All submissions must be postmarked August 19th, 2005.

The list of items:


A Star Wars Joke*
An Original Drawing of YOU with an Attacktix
Origami of your choice
Mint Flavored Toothpick in Wrapper (I will taste
Individually Wrapped Lifesaver Candy


Canadian Dime
A Jedi Master Star Wars Point (any value)
Any Foil Trading Card
Business Magnet (the thin kind)
34 Cent Stamp (new or canceled/used)
Mini Golf Score Card (blank or completed)
DVD or CD Security Sticker (completely intact)
Star Wars Band-Aid (unused in wrapper)
Grocery Receipt for Kiwi Fruit (Kiwi circled please)
Matinee Movie Stub
An Attacktix Checklist (Blank)
Star Wars M&M Wrapper (Empty)
Page from TV Guide or Newspaper with Show Time for Star Wars on TV
An Emery Board
A Cartoon-Shaped Vitamin (Flintstones, Spider-Man,


Four-Leaf Clover
Fortune Cookie With OUT the Lucky Numbers
A UPC (Bar Code) with the numbers "1","1","3","8" (In any order)
Coupon with Star Wars Licensed Product (must have Star Wars on coupon)
Skywalker Ranch Wine Label

*Star Wars Joke is mandatory for tie-breaker. Read rules below.


You must be a member of the Attacktix Forum to participate. These items are sorted by what I feel are harder to find for the general public. The winner will be whomever finds the MOST items. The Rare items were selected to make it very hard for people to find ALL the items. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by the number of Super-Rares they have. Further ties will continue down to Rare, then Common. If the tie should remain, the winner will be determined by the funniest Star Wars joke. I reserve the right to edit or add to these rules in order to keep the contest fair. Only one enter per household address.

How to Enter:

I have chosen very light, thin, and small objects so that they can fit into a standard or padded envelope and be mailed out for about $1.00 postage. The object of the contest is to have fun, and not to make you spend money on the objects OR the postage. If you have a problem with the cost of mailing your items please let me know well in ADVANCE to see if I may have a solution. Please include your REAL NAME, BOARD SCREEN NAME, and MAILING ADDRESS on the paper with your Star Wars Joke!

Mailing Address available to Forum Members only - JOIN NOW!

Almost forgot, what will the prize be?

Why an Attacktix Tournament Edition ALL-SILVER Chewbacca Attacktix! Very valuable indeed. Now LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

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