Monday, July 11, 2005

San Diego Comic Con Official Attacktix Tournament Info

Hasbro has communicated that there will be an Attacktix Tournament at the San Diego Comic Con.

It will be a 100 point game, with 50 points in back-ups. No Megas. There will be five (5) age categories, with a silver tournament figure for the winners. Age categories NOT yet specified but you must stop by the booth to sign up. It will be first come - first serve with only 16 spots in each age category.

Also, Hasbro has absolutely NO PLANS to stop this line. The product, a culmination of two years worth of work, took off much faster than they could predict. Series 2 will come out in late August/early Septmeber (my God, that's SOON! Start saving!) It has been play tested and is officially "lots of fun"!

Also, do to the added skills and figures of Series II, the Offical Attacktix Tournament Rules WILL be released following the second line!

Hasbro is very excited about this line and its future. So stay pumped, because there is more to come so don't let your skills get rusty!

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