Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hasbro's Attacktix Only Q&A

1. Will they expand the line into He-Man, GI JOE, etc.?
Yes, Transformers will be first and the second will be G.I. Joe. Due to the fact that Hasbro is releasing a new G.I. Joe line Sigma Six (Marvel Legends type figures) no date is set for them. All other lines can interact with other Attacktix. In other words, Optimus Prime will be able to attack Darth Vader.

Since Hasbro already has major brands under it's control it is unlikely that He-Man would be an Attacktix since Mattel owns it.
2. Any plans for any mail-in Attacktix exclusives?
Unlikely for any mail-in Attacktix excluives because it would require a third party to mail out the figures. The one possible option is having an exclusive from That is the most probable way you will see an exclusive.

3. Is the rumor of a new team power for Bounty Hunters true? What is the new power (if any)?
Bossk will have Capture: Gain control of attacking figure for remainder of game if you have another figure in play.

4. Has the line been as successful as we think? Is Hasbro happy with it?
The line has beaten expectations. I believe the line was timed for a shelf life of a year and sold out in a few months. Most retailers have been sold out for a while and small amounts of remaining boosters and Megas froms series 1 should hit stores soon. After the remaing stock sells out, series 2 will be the only way to get your Attacktix fix.
5. What role will Hasbro's sister company Wizards of the Coasts play in the world of Attacktix?
Starting with series 2, Wizards of the Coast will distribute to hobby/game shops. This is great news because this will allow other gamers to get into Attacktix. I already know that most of you are wondering if the major retailers will still sell attacktix and the answer is YES.
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