Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attacktix Tournament Prize Figures

The San Diego Comic Con will be kicking off in about 12 hours, and here is a first look at the prizes that can be won if you are skilled enough to clean up in the Attacktix Tournaments.

Winners of the SDCC Attacktix Tournaments will receive one sealed mini-Attacktix box. Inside will be one all silver-painted figure with silver-painted base (not chrome). The figures and powers are listed below. Bonus Stats listed in BOLD.

NumberNamePoint ValueSpeed
T3General Grievous
T5Clone Trooper (Sep.)

1 comment:

malform said...

Those are so friggin cool, I want one!

Im assuming that they will be displaying the attacktix series 2 at the show? I would really like to see a more complete set of pics of them.