Monday, July 11, 2005

Attacktix Gameplay Variation - Attacktix Golf

Attacktix Golf - Compliments of Hobbes2112

Have you grown tired of the usual 100 point battle? How about the 200 point battle? Tired of the Attacktix fighting? Then Attacktix Golf is for you. What is Attacktix Golf?
It’s a game played very similar to golf. It combines shooting skill, strategy, and fun all in a convenient way that will not cost you $30 bucks in greens fees.

Here’s how it works:

You take a Battledroid or Clone and set him up somewhere in your house. That is the "hole".

You are allowed to carry 4 figures as "clubs".

You just play just like golf. Pick a place to tee off and try to knock down the "hole" in the least amount of shots possible.

Each player takes a turn shooting from the tee. Where your shot lands is where you take your next shot from. Remember, play it where it lies!

The only time you can move the missile is if you are against a wall or other object that prevents you from being able to shoot the missile. If that happens, take four clicks straight out (not towards the hole) and shoot from there.

After each shot, the player furthest from the “hole” goes first for the next shot. Continue alternating shots until each player has KNOCKED DOWN the hole. This means that if one player knocks down the Battledroid, that player sets it back up in the same spot so the other players can knock it down.

Record your scores on a paper. (I’m working on a scorecard to download)

Play one hole or eighteen holes it doesn’t matter. You can either set up a series of Battledroids (or Clones, or both) around your house and play a course. It’s up to you.

Practice with each of your figures to find out which figures are best for long shots, chip shots, accurate shots. I’ve learned that my clone commanders are good “drivers”, meaning they can fire a LONG distance. Grievous is good for medium shots and accuracy. Force push figures are good for close chip shots. Strikers are good for super close hits. Be careful though, there are no “gimmes” in Attacktix Golf.

Now go and grab four of your favorite figures to use as your “clubs”, set up a Battledroid “hole” and yell “FORE!!” It’s time for Golf.

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