Sunday, November 27, 2005

Custom Attacktix


Darklighter, Biggs [Joe Manzo]
Durge [Joe Manzo]
Gree, Commander [punisherad]
Jinn, Qui-Gon [warlordofmars]
Kenobi, Obi-Wan (Old Ben) [Joe Manzo]
R2-Q5 [Joe Manzo]
Secura, Aayla [Joe Manzo]


Hey gang, welcome to the Toy Shop!

As you can tell by the great threads about game play variations and future figures, Attacktix lends itself to creativity. I've had a few ideas rattling around for awhile and I thought I'd share them with you. Think of them as figure mods, but instead of paint & clay I'll use ones & zeros.

For those of you that like to see some awesome conceptual figures, just follow the links below for a good time!

All figures from the imagination of SFX5000

If you have any suggestions for a custom or concept figure you would like to see, or if you would like to submit one of your own please email me or leave a comment! For those of you that have expressed interest in purchasing a custom, they are generally not for sale, but you can email with your price and hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

You can take a toy car (or any vehicle) and make it into an attacktix. follow these easy steps.

1. pry of an attacktix (prefebly gen. greivous series 1 if you have an extra) from there base (save the base youll be needing it)

2.Take the figure and insert it in your vehicle( if figure dos'ent fit rip your figures gun off and tape it to any wehre on vehicle)

3. Next take your base and tape it to bottom of vehicle

4.Insert your figure in vehicle.

5. Choose amount of tix (12 normally)


Attacks May Vary

Rules: To destroy shoot the figure out of vehicle attack by shooting wiwith figures gun. If you taped the gun instead destrou by hitting 10 times

Anonymous said...

by painting the Jedi Knight's face from Series 2 you can make QUINLAN VOS very easily:
paint yellow strip below the eyes and the arrow over the left eye.
Then use a brush with very less paint for the 3-days bear and the thick eyebrow or it's even works with a pencil. Done...

JoeAttacktix said...

Excellent. If you have one, take a picture and send it to jojomanzo[AT]

Anonymous said...

yo my homies, i wanna submit a pic of my helmetless vader!

Anonymous said...

Some of your links do not work/

Anonymous said...

With a Hammerhead figure you can easily glue another gun into his other hand.

Anonymous said...

by painting a Jawas body black and the x shape on his body silver it creates a stunning effect:]

Anonymous said...

the last 3 comments have been by me someone else SAY SOMETHING

Anonymous said...

A Commander Cody Attacktix would be cool. All you have to do is paint a gree or 501st troper all white and paint some yellow stripes on him, and then add a visor, and viola!! A Comm. Cody. Hmm, i should actually try that...

Anonymous said...

you should make a sarlaac or "the thing in the pit of carcoon" and give it lightsabers or strikers for tentacles!

Anonymous said...

you should make a rancor or "the thing in jabbas palace" and give it a arm like chewbacca series 3 or 4 i am not sure!

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