Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Spider-Man

Marvel Attacktix: Spider-Man #M1-10

Marvel Attacktix Spider-Man

DEFENSE: Medium Base
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Swinging Pole Kick)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare
EFFECT: Teamwork (If you have at least four figures with different Marvel Classes in play you may make an additional attack on your turn.)

Brett's Notes:
Here we have the first of the many faces of Spider-Man in Attacktix. Spider-Man is far and away the most iconic of the Marvel Heroes, and as such, he deservedly shows up in many places in this set. So the challenge is, how to make each one unique? Obviously the first step is a variety of attacks, sculpts and stats. The second step is in his power set. When tackling his power set, there is a great advantage with a character with so much depth, there are a lot of different facets to draw upon. This version of Spider-Man is the "Marvel Team-Up version... he works very well with others.

His Rescue Special Power, which in this case represents his ability to use his reflexes and Spider-Sense to dodge attacks and jump out of the line of fire, triggers universally as long as you have another figure in play... a consummate team player. But his real strength lies in his Effect - Teamwork. This Spider-Man gives you a bonus as long as you are mixing and matching different Marvel Classes on your squad. Normally this would be a disadvantage, as you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the synergies that usually exist within teams of the same faction. Spider-Man fills the gap by giving your team an overall bonus that can shore up any weaknesses that arise from the variety of team members you choose. And don't forget to count his own Spider-Man Class as one of the four you need to trigger the Effect!

Phoenix's Notes:
Spider-Man sports an eye-catching sculpt and unique foot-striking ability that I believe will be very popular with Marvel fans. His unique "Teamwork" effect is apt for the character and encourages a varied group of figures to battle foes with, instead of, let's say, an entire army of Spider-Mans. In addition, his Rescue special ability makes him one of the premier figures of the set for 30 points. He is definitely a figure you can build a strong team around.

I also like how his effect explanation is placed on the figure, incorporated into the base of the pole, instead of a back piece like past figures. This makes him more display friendly.

I'd say this is a must-have piece for Marvel Attacktix collectors.

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Anonymous said...

Can you in more detail elaborate on the Effect - Teamwork? I don't understand it as I can't see the text in the photo.

Pete - SuperflyTNT