Monday, November 13, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Magneto

Marvel Attacktix: Magneto #M1-13

Marvel Attacktix Magneto

MARVEL CLASS: Brotherhood
DEFENSE: Medium Base
SPECIAL POWER: Sacrifice (Brotherhood)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Metal Blast)
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

Brett's Notes:
Usually, the best way to protect a 40 point investment is to have some sort of power that gives the figure longevity. Magneto's stems from his Sacrifice power. Sacrifice can represent different ideas...on the one hand it can represent a leader whose followers are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect them, such as might be the case with a Jedi and his Clone Troopers. On the other hand, you have some leaders who hold themselves in a much higher esteem than they do their follower's, and is willing to sacrifice them to further their goals, or just to keep themselves going along a little longer. This second principle applies to Magneto. As we saw in the House of M storyline, Magneto was willing to sacrifice everything, even his own children, in his war against the humans. And the Attacktix version of Magneto also can Sacrifice his followers to further his struggles.

Joe's Notes:
Magneto is a much needed figure for any Brotherhood themed team. His huge projectile is has a lot of potential, for close and long range attacks. Although he can only aim from side to side, the bulky lump of metal he shoots can take out a pair of small based figures, if they are unlucky enough to be standing close to each other. As a Leader, he will be a big target for Wolverine, but we will learn more about that later.

The sculpt on the figure is mighty impressive as well. He has a flowing cape and very detailed helmet. He has some rocks at his feet, because he is positioned very close to the front edge of his base, although his cape fully covers the rear of his base making him a very balanced figure.

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