Thursday, November 09, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Mystique

Marvel Attacktix: Mystique #M1-12

Marvel Attacktix Thor

MARVEL CLASS: Brotherhood
DEFENSE: Small Base
SPECIAL POWER: Swap (Opponent's Backups)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Small Missile)
EFFECT: Possess - If you have another Brotherhood figure in play, as an attack you may take control of an opponent's figure Mystique is touching, then remove Mystique from the game.
RARITY: Booster - Super-Rare

Swap: Replace this figure with a figure from your opponent's Back-Ups, and put that figure into play at your starting area.

Brett's Notes:
Mystique was an interesting case...I think the only figure where I was handed off an idea of what was wanted...a new take on the Emperor effect. Mystique ended up with a unique combination of power and effect that allows her to have a similar roll on the front end (while she is in play) and on the back end (when she is defeated), taking over an opponent's figure. I think both abilities are a great match for her that really Wolverine, or Mystique in disguise?

Joe's Notes:
Mystique is a small based Specialist with a small missile, but that is not why you will be playing her. Her Effect is like the Emperor's, but a little more user-friendly. Once Mystique Possesses her opponent, she is removed from play, and you gain control of the opponent's figure. She is not required to grasp onto the figure, like the Emperor, thereby allowing you full control of that figure's attack. The Emperor used to make Possessing a Striker a lost cause, but Mystique fixes all that.

Plus, she is another female figure to add to your growing All-Girl Attacktix Team!

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