Monday, November 27, 2006

Marvel Attacktix Spoilers: Spider-Man

Marvel Attacktix: Spider-Man #M1-1

Marvel Attacktix Spider-Man

DEFENSE: Small Base
SPECIAL POWER: Evade (Avengers)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Webbing)
RARITY: Booster - Rare

Brett's Notes:
"Uh, guys..." - Spider-Man to his fellow New Avengers, just before being attacked by a dinosaur, evil mutants, a pack of ninjas, rogue SHIELD agents...
Spider-Man has had an off and on relationship with the Avengers over the years, mostly off, but recently he joined the New Avengers team with other Marvel Favorites like Wolverine and Captain America. As a team player, in theory Spider-Man's role is largely to take advantage of his scientific smarts, but more often than not, it's his Spider-Sense that saves the team from danger. This is a perfect place to give him Evade - Avengers, and a smaller point cost than his own team-centric versions, where he will tend to play a larger roll. As a 10 pointer, Spidey can (and undoubtedly will) find his way onto most Avengers teams.

Joe's Notes:
10 Point, Striker AND a Rare... Marvel has its Jedi Knight. With a reach comparable to a lightsaber, and a base Speed of 12, Avengers Spidey is going to be a phenomenal team filler, or swarm army. Compared to the Jedi Knight team, he will NOT trigger a free attack for his team but he will ultimately eliminate ANY attacks from your opponent, similar to an all-Wicket team. The sculpt is wonderful, with very little deformity (although I don't mind that deformations.) There is not much more to say about this figure, except that you will want MANY, and because he is a rare you should find yourself getting as many as you need!

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