Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Transformers Attacktix in Japan

I found an interesting Japanese website about Attacktix. I figured I would post it here, I like to see the Japanese names for the figures.

From Infoseek Japan



 The series of the action game which [atatsukuteikusu] (Attacktix), [hazuburo] sells from 2005, uses the action figure. Plural characters such as Star Wars are merchandised.

 When [atatsukuteikusu] designates “the booster pack” of the blind package where the figure of the single item is enclosed to random as the basic commodity, after the purchasing in order to be able to begin the game directly, the figure and the rule book of number field was set “starter set” and, M (Mega) large-sized figure “battle masters” of class and develops, also the collection case “battle case” which becomes play field and so on is sold.

 With this corner, it was sold from 2006, you handle in regard to the transformer-related product, but in regard to the data on the game you do not detail, basically you introduce as one kind of collection figure.

 Size of the figure itself differs depending upon the thing, but size of approximately 6~7 centimeter. The lower half body is locked by the base and it is not possible to remove, but the head, the waist and the both arms mobility do the upper body. Modelling every one is exaggerated partly because of the gimmick, but detail and the like seems that is inserted the original toy in reference.

* Feature of [atatsukuteikusu] game *

Transformer series 1

 In transformer series 1, the character of [enerugon] and the rhinoceros baht remaining overnight focusing on line-up was united, the product which is sold set the figure 4 body, “starter set” and the figure 2 body were enclosed to figure converted “booster pack” and [enerugon] edition [omegasupurimu] to random the “battle masters”, to that crossover gift set 4 kinds of “[intagiyarakuteitsuku] showdown” of the Star Wars.
 [garubatoron] it is attached to the catalog and the like, and the “battle case”, are some which are stated as TF-23, but we are not sold really and have become defect turn.


* [busutapatsuku] TF-01~06, 07~12 and 13~18
TF-01 MINI-CON (mini computer)
TF-02 OMNICON ([omunikon])
TF-03 DECEPTICLONE ([deiseputeikuron])
TF-04 INSECTICON ([insekuteikon])
TF-05 RODIMUS ([rodeimasu])
TF-06 BATTLE RAVAGE ([batorurabetsuji])
TF-07 SCOURGE ([sukaji])
TF-08 STARSCREAM ([sutasukurimu])
TF-09 HOT SHOT (hot shot)
TF-10 EXCELLION ([ekuserion])
TF-11 VECTOR PRIME (vector prime)
TF-12 LANDMINE ([randomain])
TF-13 SUPER OPTIMUS PRIME ([supaoputeimasu] prime)
TF-14 SUPER OPTIMUS PRIME ([supaoputeimasu] prime) Vehicle form
TF-15 SCORPONOK ([sukoruponotsuku])
TF-16 MEGATRON (Mega tron)
TF-17 MEGATRON (Mega tron) Vehicle form
TF-18 RANSACK (run sack)

* Starter set
TF-19 OVERHAUL (overhaul)
TF-20 DIRTBOSS (dirt boss)
TF-21 SKYBLAST (sky blast)
TF-22 SKYBLAST (sky blast) Vehicle form

* Battle masters
TF-24 OMEGA SUPREME ([omegasupurimu])
TF-25 CRUMPLEZONE (clan pulling zone)

* [intagiyarakuteitsuku] showdown
SVT-01 OMEGA SENTINEL (Omega sentinel)
SVT-02 AT-RT Star Wars
SVT-03 LUKE SKYWALKER ([ruku] [sukaiuoka]) Star Wars
SVT-04 DARTH VADER (dozen [vueida]) Star Wars
SVT-05 SUPER OPTIMUS PRIME ([supaoputeimasu] prime)
SVT-06 MEGATRON (Mega tron)

As for *TF-23 defect turn. 

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