Friday, November 24, 2006

Master Attacktix's Scorponok Review and Strategy

by: Yaggleberry Finn of Master Attacktix

Attacktix Class: Captain
Transformers Class: Decepticon
Point value: 30
Base Speed: 10
Special Power: Recruit (x2 Insecticon)
Special Power Ratio: 10/26 (38%)
Attack Type: Striker (Scoop Arm)

I'll admit that I know very little about the current band of Transformers. I've done a little bit of research on Scorponok and there are a few different versions of him to be found. Regardless of which Scorponok you refer to, he's always a terrifying sight on the battlefield. This Scorponok is from the Energon Series, in which Scorponok is the leader of the Terrorcons - a group that includes Insecticon. That helps make a connection with his Recruit Special Power.

As an Attacktix figure, Scorponok is pretty powerful. His main limitation is his 10 speed - that's not too much of a problem against the current group of Autobots, but that may keep him from ever engaging a 12 speed Striker from the Star Wars or Marvel lines. The Captain designation doesn't lend itself to alot of support, but it does protect him from any Leader or Warrior specific Vengeance powers.

Scorponok is a very unique figure in that his Strike is not powered by a spring. His attack power is derived solely on how hard you strike with him. That was an interesting possibility to me, but I was skeptical until I got my hands on one. The first time I used Scorponok I sounded just like the kid at the end of The Incredibles: "That was totally wicked!" I simply couldn't believe the destructive potential of this figure! My friends think he should be illegal.

Tips for attacking with Scorponok

There are two main considerations in attacking with Scorponok. The first is that he's really best suited to be a second-wave Striker. As I said before, his 10 speed may limit him from ever getting in attack range. Teaming him up with one or two Crumplezones (or a faster Striker from another Attacktix line) would be very helpful. If you don't have two Insecticons available for your backups then Scorponok's Special Power is rendered useless.

Once you're able to get Scorponok in attack range, the key is to hold his Striking arm in such a way that you're really able to get maximum Striking power. In fact, it's almost as if you're knocking the figures down with your own finger. I've embedded a video below that shows how I attack with Scorponok. Rather than try to explain further, I'll just let you watch that.

Tips for attacking Scorponok

While Scorponok has a large base, he has a weakness in the area of defense. Even a small missle Launcher can knock him out if it hits the right spot: his head or high on his chest just below the head. I had no trouble dropping him from 18 inches away with a Decepticlone. You may want to use Vector Prime against Scorponok, as his Special will likely remove any Insecticons that Scorponok brings into the game.

Alternative strategies

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Chandler said...

That guy is cool! How many tries did it take you to knock one Jedi knight accross the table and hit the other? My brother wants to now if they're coming out with any Star Wars battle figures like that.