Saturday, September 30, 2006

G1 Transformers Attacktix at Botcon 2006

All you G1 fans out there can start drooling now! There is nothing left to stop you from playing Attacktix! G1 Megatron and Optimus Prime were spotted at Botcon (pictures from

Stephen, one of our Joe Attacktix reporters, has informed us that Galvatron, Arcee and Strongarm are also on display and more pictures will be coming!

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Ben Leach said...

If it's a G1-only set, I will be buying Series 2 in its entirety. I know the point of Attacktix is to "kind of" promote the other toys currently on shelves...but I think Star Wars has proved that the characters within an Attacktix set don't have to match the toys currently on shelves (for example: pretty much all of Series 3). Not only are they G1 characters, but the sculpting looks absolutely incredible. WAY TO GO, HASRBO!