Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mr. Attacktix Speaks: A Quick (and Much Needed) Interview with Brian Wilk

by: JayDouble

I was finally able to run down Brian today and talk to him for a few minutes. I didn't get to everyone's question because I went straight to point. (I'm paraphrasing the conversation so don't take it as the final word.)

JD: Where's the newest series of Attacktix?

BW: The date for their release is to be determined, but they should be coming out.

JD: What does the future hold for Attacktix?

BW: After the the latest series is released, Attacktix will go on hiatus. The reason being is we want to retool how the product is communicated to the public. Wizards of the Coast along with Hasbro will be involved with this.

The game play will stay, they just want to work on how to market the game properly. It's a game that is for kids. So does it belong in the game aisle like Heroscape, with the cards like Magic, or in the aisle with the action figures? The niche they're aiming for is getting the parents or players of Magic, D&D etc. to play with the younger crowd.

They realize other companies are looking to get into it also, i.e. Mattel with DC. They look at this as being good. Competition creates great products and if DC's game has similar rules to Attacktix even better.

Another note:

As far as a "Master Rulebook" of rules goes he likes the idea of it. He also likes the idea of what the community as a whole is doing. First there were the rules from Hasbro, but the community took it a step further. Brian compared it to a source code for the computer, they put out the code and we're just tweaking it.

If you are not sure what "the community is doing" be sure to check out the fan created and edited, Wiki!

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