Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Series 3 ATTACKTIX Coming in January 2006


New Series 3 ATTACKTIX Coming in January 2006 - Awesome new battle figures with amazing new powers!

Introducing Series 3 ATTACKTIX, the awesome battle figure game!

Series 3 includes a brand-new Starter Set, containing two exclusive figures with powers you won’t find anywhere else, plus a hidden common figure from the Booster Packs. The Series 3 Starter Set includes:

  • Luke Skywalker with Force Blast attack and Rescue ability
  • Darth Vader with Lightsaber attack and Sacrifice ability
  • Captain Antilles with Launcher attack and Rally ability
  • Imperial Officer with Launcher attack and Charge ability

New Series 3 Booster Packs are coming as well, with a cool new look! Be on the lookout for three different packaging versions. Series 3 features 30 new, classic Star Wars trilogy ATTACKTIX battle figures with new powers. Each Booster Pack includes three randomly-selected figures – one common, one rare and one super rare figure. And keep your eyes out for those ultra rare silver bases!

Download the ATTACKTIX play guide and see all 30 ATTACKTIX Wave 3 booster pack figures and rarity checklist!

The new ATTACKTIX Series 3 Battle Master features awesome launching powers! Jabba the Hutt shoots marbles at your enemies and features a Recruit ability when defeated – if the ATTACKTIX window is white, put a Bounty Hunter into play from your back-ups!

ATTACKTIX Starter Sets, Booster Packs and Battle Masters are available where action figures are sold.

7 comments: said...

I think star wars attacktix series 3 will be awesome I think the ewoks, and binxes from jar-jars people ,and the ice monster that attacks Luke as a battle master that you pull up its arms then they smash down 8 moves beat by hitting 1 button on each arm ,and Quigon with lightsaber and force from the 1st movie both 30 point worth, and the 4 leg big things in episode 5or6 as a battle master with silver greivous missles on the sides8 moves 70 point worth ,and the fake Queen amidala gun 20poin worth 6 moves, and yoda with the force ,and darth Sidius with lightning force 6 moves 40 point worth, and c-3 p-o has a big base and arms sticking out with green goo from both hands good for blocking figures 10 moves30 point worth that you could use in series 4 if you did not put them in series 3 already.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be:
Asajj Ventress 20 point striker
Durge 30 point launcher
Ewok 10 point striker
Stormtrooper 10 point launcher
Snowtrooper 10 point launcher
Count Dooku 30 point force user
OOM-9 30 point Launcher
Quinlan Vos 30 point striker
Baris Offee 20 point striker
Luminara Unduli 20 point striker
Elderly Obi wan 20 point striker
Rebel Trooper 10 point launcher
Squad Commander* 20 point launcher
Jar Jar Binks 20 point ?
Jango Fett 30 point flame force
(this means that the force is a huge ball of fire)
Boba Fett 30 point flame force
Probe Droid (Hoth) 10 point launcher
Darth Maul (final battle) 30 point striker
Quigon Jiin 30 point striker
Gungan Trooper 10 point launcher
Darth Jerec 20 point striker
Kyle Katarn 20 point launcher
Mon Mothma 20 point extra attack (effect similiar to R2-D2)
C-3PO 20 point "self destruct"
(figure will explode ( dont worry it will be easy to put back together again) attackting all nearby figures)
Thanks hpoefully I will all their stats shortly :)\* Thats the guy on tattoine with orange shoulderpads

Anonymous said...

Asajj Ventress:
20 points
Medium sized base
Stand up if Durge is in play
12 ticks

Ventress is overall a good figure.
Shes a fast, two saber figure making her a great choice on any team. B+

Anonymous said...

30 points
Launcher ( medium missle)
Medium sized base
Remove one jedi from the opponet if Asajj Ventress is in play.
6 ticks
Durge is the standard launcher, bulbous missle, nedium base, and standard speed. But if Asajj Ventress is in play, the two make a deadly duo. B
P.S. If you have any questions ive posted the 2nd and 3rd comment i will now sign my comments with Mandalorian) if you have any questions plz ask :)

Anonymous said...

Check out series 3 figures

Anonymous said...

i think they should make a darth vader thats launcher that is the color of a force blast with a little clamper on end you put it around a figures neck and voila your choking and then the fun part you lift up his arm and launch it with your opponent on it ta da your opponent goes flying through the air

Anonymous said...

how about a Commander Cody and Wookiee sergent,
Commander Cody:
30 points
medium base
recruit 4 clone troopers
6 ticks

wookiee sergent:
20 points
medium base
stand up if Old Ben is in play
10 ticks