Monday, June 18, 2007

Top Tix Topics

Top Tix Topics

Every Monday news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see what all the buzz is in the attacktix online community.

This week's top 3:

#1: Ultimate Galactic Showdown Tournament in California next Monday, June 25 3pm-6pm. Check out the details in this thread or on the MySpace Page.

#2: Hulk Home Game - Spice up your Attacktix Hulk figure with some cool house rules from boardee Big Bace Mace. Let us know if you've tried these in a game out or what you think of 'em!

#3: Turbomagnus Custom Thread. This thread is 12 pages long, which attests to the cool figures Turbo makes. Featured this week is the Night-Camo Biker Scout.

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