Monday, June 04, 2007

Top Tix Topics

We have so much news, pictures and discussion from CIV it's hard not to include those topics in this weeks top tix topics. The main threads remain stickied though, so I think I'll include other discussions not related to C4 this week.

Top three this week:

Definition of Defeated - an interesting clarification thread that has people in a lively discussion over the semantics of the word "defeated" as it relates to the game of Attacktix.

6-2-07 "more than meets the eye" - come discuss the latest release of Transformers movie figures and the lack of TF movie attacktix (bummer) in this thread by our mod Malform

Superfly's Tournament of Champions June 9 - Superfly will be having a nice, family-friendly tournament June 9 in Cincinnati. If you are live near there come check out this thread!

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