Friday, June 22, 2007

Two Tix Forward: Now Playing

Now Playing

Man cannot live on 'Tix alone. Or, at least, I know I can't. I've been hooked on games for almost 14 years now, and I don't see any end in site. Here's a quick look at the other games causing diversions in my life right now...

Star Wars PocketModel TCG - WizKids Games

Take a credit card, cut out little pieces, build classic Star Wars ships, battle. This game probably is even a little more complicated than it needs to be...I'm kind of winging my own rules for it to keep it nice and easy. But hey, the ships DO look kind of cool. And the price point is actually pretty good on this one...two sheets of ships (with from 1 to 4 ships on each sheet), rules and some of the cards, not bad at all. Oh, and the super mini micro dice...just in case. The best part is that the price is right, and the models look good. The downside...the cards seem like a needless complication.

Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game - Wizards of the Coast

Take a credit card, cut out little pieces, build a Transformer, battle. Deja Vu all over again. This game is very straight forward, and plays a little bit like advanced Rock/Paper/Scissors. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun, and it does feature the movie style characters, which is very nice. The vehicle modes tend to look better than the robot modes, but that may be neither here than there. Tip of the day...collect two of each character so you can "hot swap" them when they transform...makes it go a LOT faster. Pros: Cool vehicle modes Cons: some robot modes hard to "see" correctly.

Star Wars Miniatures - Wizards of the Coast

Smaller and a little more tactical than 'tix, this minis game has been growing on me. Ba da bing! Out today are the two packs for 5 bucks...a much better price point in my mind. It's interesting that a booster of this game (two minis and two cards) costs the same as a booster of 'Tix, which has two action figures. Best Part: Great variety of figure sizes, tactics Worst Part: price point on standard boosters a bit too high for my taste.

Magic the Gathering - Wizards of the Coast

The original, the grand-daddy collectible game. I collect the paper cards, but play online, so I get to double dip on this one. The current "block" has been a lot of fun, with a Past/Present/Future theme and interesting takes on alternate cards in each of the three newest sets. The upcoming 10th edition looks to be a great jumping on point for new players..the first black bordered base set since the first Alpha/Beta releases. Yay to being the first and probably still the best CCG, Nay to having to split my resources between virtual and paper cards.

HeroScape - Milton Bradley

I've been lazily collecting the main game, and playing occasionally, but I'm really stoked for the soon to be coming Marvel release. The real strength of the game lies in the excellent hex terrain, which lends itself to a lot of creativity. The core set of the main game is about to reboot as well, another good jumping on point. Props to the hex style character cards with built in beginner and advanced stats, Slops to some of the odd price points.

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