Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Attacktix Pictures: Intergalactic Showdown, Transformers Series 1 and Star Wars Series 4

Hasbro released some promotional pictures of the latest waves of Attacktix, slated for June.

The Star Wars Starter Set featured here has reissues of Han (now with brown pants), Chewie, Boba Fett (with silver trimmed backpack) and Greedo (with darker vest)... where is the variation on Chewie? Looks like the Darth, Luke, Ben and Tusken set was dropped, or this is a second Starter Set. The Transformers Starter looks like it now has both versions of Skyblast, Overhaul and Dirtboss. Scorponok, Demolishor and Omnicon seem to have been dropped from the Starters.

The Intergalactic Showdown Pack now lets us see that they will have GOLD bases, like those from the exclusive Wal-Mart Battle Pack. These should be some phenomenal powers if they follow suit from Ki, Shaak and Nute.

The Transformers Megas look just like we expected after seeing Toy Fair, but the Star Wars Mega is a different story. We knew we would be getting a figure packed with the Gunship, and the repaint is nice, but we had NO idea Hasbro would repaint the Gunship in the style of the Clone Wars animated series. Very nice job.

The Boosters are pilfer-proof and should help keep out booster bandits! But what is officially inside is still the BIGGEST mystery of all!


Anonymous said...

Dude, that sucks. Why does it show Han Solo blasting Boba Fett on the intergalactic showdown box. That is stupid. I know (and hopefully other people know) that Boba Fett is
a) stronger
b) cooler
c) better
than Han Solo.
The series 2 showed Han blasting Bossk.
The series 3 pack showed Han blasting a stormtrooper.

Anonymous said...

youre right. Han sux!

Anonymous said...

whats bad is it comes with 2 figures

Anonymous said...

your right