Friday, April 28, 2006

Attacktix Tactics Has Changed Its Look

All-New Look! Same Great Taste!

Attacktix Tactics has merged with to bring you one one AWESOME SITE! I have been running Attacktix Tactics for over a year, and also running the forum, with lots of great help.

The forum is a free board, run by proboards, and this blog is run on blogspot. Neither of those options allowed me to organize a site very well... and with Transformers coming out it will be more difficult to organize things. I decided I needed a change.

I am sorry if you find the new format confusing, but I assure you NOTHING but the look has changed! You can still get to the blog from OR from, it has just been merged with the LOOK of JoeAttacktix. I hope this will make YOUR viewing easier once Transformers comes out, BUT I have left all the great Blogger features available to those of you who like the ARCHIVES and RECENT posts. They are on the left, below the figure guide.

Please email me if you have any comments of suggestions, or if you want anything back! I want to make everyone happy, so just shoot me an email at the link above!

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